Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bat Ye'or Eurabia - Why Europe is Lost to Islam

I have just completed reading Bat Ye'or's Eurabia. This book goes into incredible detail how European leaders in 1974 entered into a pact and dialogue with Arab Islamic countries. These exchanges and agreements have broadened and become even more lopsided for Islam over the 30 years since the intial EAD. In exchange for allowing mass Muslim immigration and establishing Islam in Europe with EU funding for Islamic culture and education in Europe, these leaders sold out Europe. Plain and simple. Now look what they got in return - large, malevolent Islamic immigrant communities with no loyalty to their host country, public fear of offending Islam, in all practicality, complete dhimmitude.

The only hope is the European indigenous population. Will they slouch into complete dhimmitude without protest? Will new leaders rise to reverse these terrible decisions and actions by the Euro elite over the past 30 years? One can only hope, but the prognosis does not look good. In fact, the indigenous populations of Europe are fleeing, to Canada, to Australia, and ironically, even to America, the archenemy Europe has created with their Arab allies.

I love Europe and it saddens me to see Islam consume it, revise it, Islamise its history, and enslave its non Muslim citizens.


dag said...

Looks good here.Happy to see you're up and running.

Olivia said...

It is a shame about Europe. I hope you're wrong, but I know that may be wishful thinking. My own heritage is European and I've been back several times over my life. It is a wonderful place and has given the world so much, unlike Islam.

The thing about many Europeans fleeing, to other countries like Australia (where I live now), is that we hope they're not ones eager to create the same political climate here that caused their mess over there. It seems some may not be capable of learning from their mistakes. Dyed-in-the-wool, die-hard multiculturalists may sneer at or be shocked by our lower level of PC here. At least that's what other Aussies have told me about some of the new Dutch migrants they've met.

John Sobieski said...

That's interesting Olivia that they bring their PC/MC with them when they emigrate. Flee islamization, yet still not understand. Will they ever learn?

Joshua said...

Olivia: I'd give the migrants time to get acclimated to the culture of their new land, and to have some sense talked into them by their new compatriots such as yourself. Given the experience of my London-born brother-in-law here in the USA, my guess is that many if not most of them will eventually come around, and even if some of them don't, that doesn't mean their children and grandchildren won't.

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