Thursday, August 04, 2005

Battlestar Galactica, don't bother coming here

Transmission to Battlestar Galactica, Commander Adama
From The Pedestrian Infidel, Infidel Alliance, Earth

I am in receipt of your last transmission. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. We got our own Cylons to worry about.

You see, Commander Adama, these creeps have their own religion, Islam and their own God, Allah, and he is one mean bastard. His number one man was Mohammed. He's been dead a long time now, but the terror he brought to the world thrives to this day. Allah and Mohammed declared everyone who doesn't believe in them Infidels, and to them and their followers, the Infidels are the scum of the Earth, not worthy of existence. They don't like anyone who is not one of them, and that's us, the Infidels. They plan to get rid of us, no matter what it takes, or how long. This war has no end as long as one of us exists. Surely it's not that bad in your part of the Galaxy.

We still don't know what to call them. We have gotten so perfect, so guilt ridden by our success, so concerned with not recognizing ourselves, the Infidels, as superior to them, we can't even call them by their name, our governments call them 'extreme ideologists.' Others say call them Muslims,Mohammedans, Musselmans, Islamists, Islamonazis or Islamofascists. Just pick one. I'm calling them Islamists for now, but don't hold me to it. Do you have a similar problem understanding your enemy?

They have their own scriptures too, the Qur'an, and it is a timeless war manual. Mohammed thought it up. Every trick in the book, it's in there. Amazingly, none of our Generals want to read it and understand it. Right now, they are terrorizing Earth by killing large groups of people, at random, up to 5,000 a day, and the attackers want to die with them. Doesn't matter who they are either. Women, children, some of their own. The Islamists understand, they ALL do. This is war. Any Islamist taken down along with us, they are just soldiers. A statistic, nothing more. But they do call them martyrs. Are the Cylons like that?

Global domination, a world for Islam and only Islam, is the goal by whatever means possible. They even have spies and agents among us that look just like us, act just like us. Some of our own have allied with them. And the deceit. Well, it is so bad, that they can pretend to be something more to our liking and their spokesmen will always tell us what we want to hear. It's our own fault. We didn't make them, but we invited them in.

At this time, given the ineptitude of our Infidels' governments, it's just not a good time to drop in. Sorry to give you the bad news, but do get back to me in a few years, and I'll let you know how things are going. If I don't respond, I'm either no longer around, or I had my implant, and am now a Cylon...uhh, Islamist.

Good luck Commander Adama in finding a better place to rest.

The Pedestrian Infidel
The Infidel Alliance


Razdan said...

Calling Pedestrian Infidel, calling Pedestrian Infidel... do you hear me. We are in receipt of your distress call. We are facing the same monsters on Planet Earth quadrant E60-E90 and N5-N36 (also known as the Indian Subcontinent). The enemy has already snatched away more than half the land (Pakistan and Bangladesh) by hoodwinking the British colonials that they 'deserve' a separate Islamic land. The enemy is not satisfied with this easy conquest and has set eyes on snatching the lovely territory of Kashmir from India as well. While the jehadi monster has its eventual sight on conquering the whole of Planet Earth; it makes use of the complete disunity amongst the Kafir nations to further its goals. Thus the US and British forces, for example, have provided aid to the enemy in the past in Afghanistan and Pakistan with the aim of dismantling the Soviet empire. Even now the Kafir nations refuse to recognize that whether it be Israel, or Kashmir or Chechnya or USA or Londonistan.. the enemy considers all these nations as Kafir nations. The Islamic nations have issued their proclamation of Al-Jihad... all resistance is futile. There is ONLY one hope in combatting this formidable enemy; i.e. for all the Kafir nations to shed their Political Correctness, realize once and for all the nature of the enemy they face, and to forge a complete UNITY. This means that the kafir nations need to forget their mundane petty quibbles; and concentrate on combatting this menace of Islam together. This is a tall order. Hoping we can send our troops to help you out and vice-versa. Meanwhile keep your frequencies open and keep transmitting your distress signal. Hopefully the other Kafir nations will get your messsage as well. Good Luck! Signing out for now!

jimgoism said... states

Not too bad but the real fact is the following

What the left and the liberals are hoping for is America's defeat.

In order for the new world socialist order headed by the antichrist to come about the one remaining super power in the world must be destroyed...

Unfortunatly thats the USA.
But i think one good thing though
That the leftist communists didnt expect...

Americans (real ones who still love their country) are absolutly pissed off at all of islam..

The first time they hit us on our soil we bent over backwards for them

The next time ... The muslims better pray because we arent bending over any more to be screwed by the muslims..

We are going to WAR...

John Sobieski said...

Razdan, India's subsidizing of Hajj for Muslims is insane. What do you think they hear in the sermons in Mecca? Kill the infidels, kill the pagans, return to Dar al-Harb and lie in wait, pretend to be their friends. Only Allah knows when it is time to strike and on and on. Really pathetic.

At least the US doesn't do that but we actually sussidize Muslim immigration to America. How insane is that?

Anonymous said...

When you see brown people, do you run and hide?

Princess Kimberley said...

The Cylons can nuke mecca! Three cheers for the cylons!