Monday, August 29, 2005

Book Review: The Trouble With Islam by Irshad Manji

Who hasn't heard of Irshad Manji? The 'Muslim refusenik' making the speaker circuit and has her own website. One very positive on her website are free urdu and Arabic versions of her book. And her book is available in many languages now. Those are very good things. I got to admit, I like Irshad's writing style, a wise matriach scolding her children, in this case the ummah. Still it is hard to believe she remains a Muslim, after all, lesbians deserve a damn good stoning. And that is the thinking of the highest Muslim institutes today, not a 100 years ago. Still she slogs along, criticizing literal interpretations of the Quran, and the Muslims obsession with the Arabs, and hatred of the Infidels, especially the Jews.

In fact, she is highly critical of the Arabization of Islam. She has a point. The oil money has allowed Saudi Arabia to wahhabisize Islam all over the Western and Muslim world, especially the US. Regardless of the Wahhabis, it's still a violent religion and spells doom for the Infidels, but she does try to give the ummah a wake up call that this 'us vs them' mentality is a losing proposition. I hope so, but lately my opinion of the West and its response to jihad makes a victory by us much less a sure thing.

Maybe it'll go somewhere in the Muslim world, but I have my doubts. She, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, are both marked for death, and Irshad isn't an apostate yet. Not sure why? If you study Islam, you can only think 'this sucks' but yet she clings. Maybe it's best to try to work from the inside and that is why she has not declared apostasy.

Good luck Irshad. Maybe you can change things. Miracles do happen don't they?


american_infidel said...

How can any kind of decent, moral faith be built on the example of a man who murdered, raped, plundered, enslaved, and said it was all in the name of Allah? How can a faith be built on the idea that to question the faith's beliefs is to earn one's self a death sentence? That it is ok, if not a heroic act, to murder anyone who resists this faith's supremacy? How can an ideology that promotes Jihad be reformed? Perhaps more importantly, should it be reformed or be eliminated altogether?

If Islam was totally clensed of all this, there would be nothing left to speak of, let alone any sort of recognizable faith. This author, while noble and with the best of intentions, is trying to in essence singlehandedly patch up a ship that's rusting away everyone at once. Better, I say, to leave the decrepit ship to sink.

After all, you can't build a house on rotten foundations.

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