Monday, August 08, 2005

Mufti Salute

I am always amazed how people are unaware that Islam was on the side of the Nazis in WWII. Yes, indeed. Hitler's hatred of Jews met his sweetheart Islam in a deadly embrace. Why, they were superbestfriends!

The caption below the Mufti reads " A photograph of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem reviewing the Nazi "Handzar" SS Division in Yugoslavia in 1944. In the address to the Muslim troops, the mufti put Islam and Nazism on the same level, claiming "there were considerable similarities between Islamic principles and National Socialism."

He got that right!

note: click on the photo for the full size image


Anonymous said...

Who cares what some boring guy did 60 years ago? Why not try to resolve some of today's problems instead of starting some lame blog that won't even exist in three months?

C_4 said...

Keep speaking the truth, Pedestrian Infidel . Those that don't learn from history...

John Sobieski said...

Anonymous, your ignorance is showing. The Mufti went on to bring the Muslim Brotherhood about, Qutb's Shadow of the Koran, and Al Queda. In case you haven't noticed in all those Hezbollah and Hamas terrorist training photos, the Nazi salute is used. Such ignorance.

Iqbal Khaldun said...

Well, um, it was the CIA which funded and trained Al Qaeda and the Taliban's founders in the lat 1970s, early 80s. We’re talking here not about vague affiliations to Islamic scholars of the 1800s or something, we’re talking about being armed to the teeth and trained to blow things up. Not to mention the fact that Israel helped set up Hamas to undermine the PLO during its occupation of Lebanon.

Did you know Israel support's Turkey's position on the Armenian genocide of, which is to refuse to acknowledge that it ever happened?

As for learning from history, what has the US learnt from Camp X-Ray or the invasion of Iraq? US planners openly compared the invasion of Iraq with Germany's invasion of Europe during WWII.

Of course there are extremists amongst Muslims. Something has to be done about it, and Muslims are and have been doing their best. But they're not the only ones with extremists in their midst or causing death and mayhem. Why the selective coverage?

American_Infidel said...

Mr Iqbal-

Yes, of course! All Islamic Terrorism is certainly not the fault of Islam. Why, it's all a massive conspiracy, right? It's those wily Jews, Zionists, Crusaders, and other sundry kafirs that are entirely to blame. Muslims are always innocent and completely blameless.

Never mind the fact that Muslims that strike terror into the heart of infidels everywhere are merely following the numerous, and violent examples from their own religion's prophet and religious teachings. Kill an infidel (civilian, woman, child, elderly, it does not matter) in the service of Jihad and you have a guaranteed trip straight to paradise. This is what is taught in the highest circles of Islam, the mosques, the universities of the Middle East, and endlessly repeated in the Muslim Media.

You see, Islam in its purest form is very "extremist" and is bent on domination of the global kind. But pay no attention to that, my fellow kafirs.

Extremists in other religions, he says. So the London bombings were carried out by Methodists, perhaps? The Bali massacre was perpetrated by Buddhist extremists?

Mr. Iqbal makes an awful lot of contentions about alleged conspiracies. I am certain you have proof of theories and claims, Mr Iqbal, yes?

Mr Iqbal forgot to mention some of the other popular and outlandish conspiracy theories that are extremely popular with his co-religionists. Like the Israelis (or perhaps the US Navy) were the ones that caused the Dec 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the Jews invented and disseminated the AIDS virus, and the CIA / Mossad / Freemasons really did the 9-11 attacks.

Truth is not often heard amongst Mr. Iqbal's people, if ever.