Monday, August 08, 2005

Political Correctness When Invaded

The Iowahawk, a recently discovered blog I drove by, had a royal send up of political correctness when invaded. In the form of a 'have a great summer' letter, "See You In September", from the District school Superintendent, the invasion gets a PC paintjob. Fantasy articles are always intriquing and thought provoking. Hugh Fitzgerald's "Douce France" is another fine article about the changing culture of France as told through a fantasy (or is it?) seen through an upperclass Parisian.


Nilk said...

Jan, Iowahawk is a staple for a lot of conservative bloggers. I don't have time to read him, but check him out every now and then.

For seriously light relief and the detonation of sacred cows, I like The Spin Starts Here.

It cracks me up everytime. I don't know if it will appeal to you, but when the politicking and research get too much for me, I check out the spin.

Nilk said...


Sorry, John :)