Monday, August 15, 2005

Praise Allah We're Chattel Now!

Today, Aceh signed an agreement with Indonesia. Aceh will become an almost independent sharia state with oil revenue (they get 70% of rev.) There was a photo showing Aceh women having 'celebration prayers'. This shows how Islam turns the brain into mush. Women celebrating sharia is nuts. Anyway I touched up the photo on the left, couldn't resist. Look at how they are dressed. Give me a break. It's almost as bad as this.
Good bye 21st century! Hello 7th Century where we never had it so good.

I have to be facetious, it is so ludicrous. It's like one-fourth of the world has lost its mind.

From JW/DW, here's an excerpt of the terms from the Jakarta Post which I found disturbing. Who wouldn't?

The Jakarta Post
Monday, July 25, 2005

Nani Afrida, The Jakarta Post, Banda Aceh

Sharia police said on Sunday they had rounded up at least 36 unmarried women and men for dating in secluded, poorly-lit areas in Bireuen regency, Aceh province, where 15 men convicted of gambling were publicly caned last month.
The couples were accused of violating Article 11 and 14 of the local government regulation on sharia that has been implemented in Aceh since 2003.
"All the violators were arrested on Saturday night because by 10 p.m., they were still going out together in quiet places," a sharia police officer said.
The 36 people, comprising 16 unmarried couples and four other single women suspected of being prostitutes, were caught at a number of locations across the districts of Kota Juang and Peusangan.
However, all the detainees were later released after they made written statements vowing that they would not commit the same violations in the future.
The police said the raid on unmarried couples that were seen together beyond 10 p.m. was aimed
at enforcing sharia in Bireuen.
In the first implementation of corporal punishment in Aceh, the Bireuen regental administration had 15 men convicted of gambling publicly caned on June 24.
The public canings were carried out in front of the Bireuen Grand Mosque and witnessed by some 3,000 rowdy spectators. The move also attracted wide attention from domestic and foreign media. A television station in Jakarta even broadcast it live.
So far, Aceh's Islamic law only regulates punishment for gamblers, those drinking alcoholic drinks, men failing to attend Friday prayers three consecutive times and men or women eating and selling food during the Ramadhan fasting month.
Muslim women who do not wear jilbab or the Muslim head scarf in the devoutly Muslim province are also subject to punishment under the law.
However, regulations stipulating punishment for killers, corrupters and thieves have yet to be implemented.
Ironically, soldiers violating sharia are not affected by the law as the military has its own special law to deal with crimes committed by its members.
A law on corporal punishment was passed in Bireuen last March. Other regencies have not adopted this punishment.
Before the canings took place in Bireuen, Aceh regional governments had already enforced the Muslim dress code, mandatory prayers five times a day and the giving of alms.
The sharia system was implemented in Aceh in 2003, two years after the central government granted special autonomy to the province in order to curb an independence campaign that Free Aceh Movement (GAM) rebels have been fighting for since 1976.

GOVERNMENT: Aceh will be self-governed, except in the fields of "foreign affairs, external defense, national security, monetary and fiscal matters, justice, and freedom of religion." The Indonesian government commits itself to consult and work with the Aceh government when making decisions or entering into international agreements that affect the region. Aceh has the right to regional symbols, including a flag, crest and an anthem.

POLITICS: Indonesia will change existing legislation to allow for Aceh-based political parties within 18 months. Elections in Aceh will be held in April 2006. Outside observers will be invited to monitor the elections in Aceh. The Acehnese population can participate fully in local and national elections.

ECONOMY: Aceh has the right to raise funds with external loans, set its own taxes and adjust interest rates beyond the Central Bank of the Republic of Indonesia. The region is entitled to keep 70 percent of its oil revenue, and holds jurisdiction over natural resources. Tariffs or taxes will not be levied when trading with Indonesia.

AMNESTY: All Free Aceh Movement (GAM) members and political prisoners will receive amnesty within 15 days. Use of weapons by GAM personnel will disqualify the person from amnesty.

HUMAN RIGHTS: A Human Rights Court will be established for Aceh. All persons having been granted amnesty or released from prison or detention will have all political, economic and social rights as well as the right to participate freely in the political process both in Aceh and on the national level. Indonesia and Aceh will give economic support to former combatants, pardoned political prisoners and civilians affected by the conflict. All civilian crimes committed by military personnel in Aceh will be tried in civil courts in Aceh.

SECURITY: All hostilities must end immediately. The number of Indonesian troops in the province will be cut to 14,700, and police to 9,100. The troops are to be used only for external defense purposes under normal peacetime circumstances, and the police force only to uphold "internal law and order in Aceh." GAM will demobilize all of its 3,000 troops, and decommission its arms.

Aceh-based political parties will endeavor to implement full sharia law,as this has been one of the main causes of the conflict.As sharia law is not in the best interest of the status quo in Jakarta


Olivia said...

Oil revenues but they still beg when disaster strikes, and whine when the aid doesn't come fast enough. Next tsunami hits, they'll be there with their hands out, demanding we help them. And it won't be their Saudi masters who give them the bulk of the aid either. That money's only for "hate & kill the infidel" lessons and battle headquarters (mosques).

Yech! Those hijabs, or whatever the hell they're called, make me want to puke. They look like ghosts or banshees, or some other frightening things that inhabit one's nightmares. They're obviously suffering from some sort of Stockholm Syndrome. I used to think women would be what hacks down the rigid strictures of Islam and it'll drag itself into the current century, but no longer. I've heard enough women speak in defense of their "choice" to wear the veil, and make excuses for Islam, and lie for it, that I view them as equal enemies as the feral male species of that cult. Afterall, Charles Manson had some pretty scary women do some horrendous things in the name of his belief system.

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