Thursday, September 08, 2005

Annan the Weasel: "I'm not going!"

Annan the Weasel has no morality. A Japanese Secretary would have bowed out in disgrace. An American or Western Secretary would resign. But not Kofi. Let me help you fix it. That's the best thing I can do. Spare me. Here is a crook, an incompetent and immoral disimmulator.

Annan vows not to resign after damming report
"The report is critical of me personally, and I accept its criticism," Annan told the Security Council on Wednesday.

Annan Wednesday described the findings as "deeply embarrassing".
"The inquiry committee has ripped away the curtain, and shone a harsh light into the most unsightly corners of the organization," Annan said.
"None of us -- member states, secretariat, agencies, funds and programmes -- can be proud of what it has found." [That's right, Kofi, spread it around, thin it out. I was just a pitiful cog in the machine of corruption.]

Annan also admitted that he was "not diligent or effective enough" in pursuing a probe after he became aware that the Swiss company Cotecna that employed his son Kojo had won a large contract under the oil-for-food programme.
"I deeply regret that," he said.
However Annan ruled out resigning over the findings.
"I don't anticipate anyone to resign," said Annan, whose second term as secretary general runs until the end of next year. "We are carrying on with our work."

Truly, the UN is a broken hag, down on her luck and in the gutter. Keep in mind that 57 of the members are members also of the Islamic "world domination is our destiny" club, OIC, the Organization of Islamic States. And they have plenty of friends, like Chavez, Castro, Zimbabwe and numerous other despots and basket case countries.

It's like the war on Islamic jihad, you can't use those 2 words. We can't demand that Kofi go because we couldn't get enough votes! That is how corrupt the UN is. Screw the UN. Why should we fund this infidel hating organization?

Next week, Iran's President will come to the UN and bash the US and demand 'justice'. It's a joke, and America is the butt of the joke.


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