Thursday, September 15, 2005

CAIR Wreck: Stalin Syndrome Quiz

Oh that CAIR. If they aren't out busy deceiving the Infidels, they've got to deceive the Muslims, or is it that Arab thing? You know, Arabs are superior to all other Muslims. Anyway, photoshop guys across the web are having a blast helping CAIR improve their Stalin photo doctoring. Here's today's pop quiz.

Here is the photo as originally untouched on their website.


Now, CAIR doctored the photo and had it posted on their website today, well, this morning. But which one?

A. Pineapple 'Carmen'

B. Pointed Head Burqa

C. Viking

D. Piney Fresh

E. Hijab Crayon Doodle

If you chose E, Hijab Crayon Doodle, you chose right.

Here's an upclose of this amateur work. It looks like using the crayon tool in MS's lowcost or free paintshop, not Adobe Photoshop. Strictly amateur.

Anyway, CAIR has yanked the photos, even the original untouched.

Catch the whole laugh-a-thon at Jihad Watch.

CAIR, those superior Arab Muslims, spitting on their own people and guests by making the past more to their grotesque liking by crayola. What a pathetic group of liars and taqiyyamasters. Pull your panties up, CAIR, your ass is showing.


Always On Watch said...

A Muslim Carmen Miranda? Too funny!

Voiceoffreedom said...

woooohoooo try a nice cowgirl hat on that chick, and don't forgit the boots.

Redneck cowgirl

dag said...

Carmen Miranda Muslimah, gotta bow down and laugh. Good show.

Anonymous said...

You state Islam is hate? Yet, your posts, this blog is filled with it. You are the further cause and justification of the extremist activity. You are the initiator of the destruction and hatred which continues to occur.