Thursday, September 15, 2005

Condi, can I go to the bathroom?

Today, Yahoo news had an AP slideshow of all the UN hot gas blowing on the podium yesterday. They have some new cameras that can target and zoom in on what people are doing. They captured this note George was writing. I guess he was writing this duing another gaseous speech about justice and how evil the US is. It says "I think I may need a bathroom break? Is this possible? GW" Is that not funny, or what?

I can't find the pic anymore, it was in a UN slideslow of photos but it is captured here for posterity. I blew it up to get the script right and that is what I think the last 3 words are.


sissyblue said...

That's great! I love your blog! Where do you get this stuff? I might have to replace Fjordman with your blog as my home page:>)

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