Thursday, September 29, 2005

Corruption and Deceit at American Universities

Victor D. Hansen (VDH) has an article on his website today University presidents have lost their dignity. While VDH does a thorough job of proving that diversity and multiculturalism has created a corrupt empire of deceit and fraud in our university administrations, he did not discuss the sellout of the Middle East studies programs across the country. And who were the buyers? Why the sheiks, princes and kings of course. For their goal to confuse and mislead the Infidels about Islam while steadily infiltrating our government, it has been a bargain. It is sickening to believe that Islamists and their Dhimwit apologists like John Esposito, to name one of hundreds, to be in control of these critical departments when our government gravely needs the truth about Islam, not deception and lies. Anyone who has studied Islam is appalled to hear that Esposito and his ilk have repeatedly told our government, the DoD, the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security that Islam is NOT a threat and that the Islamic terrorists are misquided and that there is no basis for criticizing Islam as an aggressive enemy..well, you get the idea. History, if the infidels win, will hopefully be cruel and truthful in their assessment of these Benedict Arnolds.

Ivory Cower
University presidents have lost their dignity.
by Victor Davis Hanson
WSJ Opinion Journal

Whether or not you agreed with them, university presidents used to be dignified figures on the American scene. They often were distinguished scholars, capable of bringing their own brand of independent thinking to bear on the operation and reform of their institutions. Above all, they took seriously the university's mission to seek and transmit the Truth, and thereby to strengthen the free society that made such inquiry possible.......