Friday, September 23, 2005

Day 10 in the Gaza Terrorist 'State'

Today, there was a 'work' accident in Gaza. It seems there was a car in the parade loaded with explosives and everybody was cheering and whooping it up, and then it blew up. Stupid is as stupid does, or is that evil is as evil does? There is raw vidoe footage at CBS. The crowd is huge, and chanting Allah kill everyone but us, and boom! but it is so huge and in a frenzy, most don't know and keep on screaming like the Islamists they all are.

But here's the 'good' part. Abbas and Hamas pretended today that there would be a disarmament, but not of Hamas and other 'resistance' groups. What is enligtening is the description of the Gaza anarchy by one of the 16 legislators, Hatem Abdel Kader, said the Palestinian scene was plagued with security and political anarchy. "The security anarchy has crossed all red lines and the Palestinian security forces are partly responsible," he said. "The political scene is also in disarray because of the cabinet's confusion and failure to speak with one voice."

I am sure Condi will come out with her standard dhimmi response like 'we believe we can work with Hamas if.. [add your own wishy washy qualifier], or she may say 'there have been some setbacks, but we believe we are on the right path..blah blah blah.

Sep. 23, 2005 0:02 | Updated Sep. 23, 2005 19:45
Abbas: No armed gunmen on Gaza streets after Saturday

As of Saturday night, there will be no armed militiamen in the streets of the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas announced on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters during a tour of the former settlement of Nitzarim in the Gaza Strip, he said that he has reached an agreement with leaders of all Palestinian factions to put an end to armed marches and rallies.


"We talked with the factions about everything," he said. "But the most important thing is that we have reached an agreement to end all armed appearances in the Gaza Strip."

Abbas said that it was high time the Palestinians unite their efforts to start the process of reconstruction in the aftermath of Israel's pullout. However, he stopped short of promising to disarm the militias.

Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad announced they would abide by the agreement and halt paramilitary marches and rallies in the Gaza Strip. The two groups have held a series of military performances in following the disengagement. Last week about 10,000 Hamas gunmen participated in a rally in Gaza City, to the dismay of Abbas and several PA officials.
Sources close to Hamas told The Jerusalem Post that the movement has called on its followers to stop the celebrations over the disengagement on Saturday night to avoid further embarrassment for the PA. The sources stressed that the decision did not mean that Hamas would lay down its weapons.

"We will continue to hold on to our weapons, but we won't display them in public," said one source. "We want to give Abbas a chance to show that the Palestinians are capable of assuming their responsibilities in the evacuated areas."

Hamas leader Said Siam, who attended the meeting with Abbas on Wednesday night, confirmed that an agreement had been reached to end the presence of gunmen on the streets. "Our celebrations and rallies will end by Saturday," he said. "We have agreed that there would be no negative phenomena that affect the security of the Palestinians."

Islamic Jihad leader Muhammad al-Hindi, who also attended the meeting, said that there was no need for the presence of militiamen on the streets after Israel's withdrawal. "The weapons that are displayed in public are no longer relevant because there is no occupation," he explained.

Nonetheless, he said that the agreement did not refer to the weapons of the armed groups, but to those carried by individuals. "We're not talking about the weapons of the resistance groups, because these are directed only against the Israeli occupation," he added.

The decision to end armed rallies and marches comes amid growing pressure on Abbas to end lawlessness and anarchy in PA-ruled areas. The Palestinian Legislative Council is scheduled to meet in Ramallah on Monday following demands by 16 lawmakers to form a temporary emergency cabinet. The legislators are threatening to vote in support of a no-confidence motion against the cabinet of Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei, accusing him of failing to end the anarchy.

One of the 16 legislators, Hatem Abdel Kader, said the Palestinian scene was plagued with security and political anarchy. "The security anarchy has crossed all red lines and the Palestinian security forces are partly responsible," he said. "The political scene is also in disarray because of the cabinet's confusion and failure to speak with one voice."


Too bad Condi won't even admit this, if she was bright enough to understand. This is good. Let anarchy rein. Let them fight each other. Cutoff the jizya. Let the refugees from the anarchy go to Egypt. Condi, this is a good thing.


Inheriting Syria said...

USA Lawmakers Start Muslim Fatwa

September 23, 2005

From: Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68 …..
PO Box 120707
38941 North Bay Drive
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-8944 …..Phone: (909) 866-9310

President George W. Bush

Subject: Corrupt USA lawmakers allow Roman Catholic archdiocese to protect child rapists. For that reason I say, “To hell with the USA.”

Please excuse me if I appear brain sick but the unstoppable raping of children by Catholic priests bothers me. This is something our lawmakers could correct. This is not Mother Nature’s unstoppable hurricanes.

From the Associated Press 9/21/05
“PHILADELPHIA: A three year grand jury investigation of the Philadelphia Archdiocese, the longest know inquiry in the national clergy sex abuse crisis, ended Wednesday with scathing allegations that cardinals and other churchmen had conspired to protect offenders. (In my opinion CA has longer inquiries and some still pending)
However, the grand jury said it could bring no indictments because of time limits on prosecuting the claims and because the Roman Catholic archdiocese is not a corporation under state law.”

This fucking corporate or unincorporated country of ours deserves to be destroyed in a Muslim Fatwa.

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

President Bush and the Media, please search for my 9/2/05 letter sent to you both.
Subject: Death, Rapes, Beating, but Legally Forced Settlements Quiet’s Media.

The Vulgar Slang words fuck as well as fuckup are found in my “Webster’s New World College Dictionary Fourth Edition, Copyright 2001”.

Newspapers in the Middle East.,,,,,,,

dag said...

Using child-abuse horror stories to stoke ones propaganda mills is as unforgivable as anything I can think of, being just one more facet of child-abuse itself.

I was at a Hamas rally with colleagues a few years back, and there I saw clearly, and again, the face of jihad: a six year old girl on a stage surrounded by banners and flags, towered over by loud speakers, bouyed by the shrill cries of hundreds of adult men egging her on as she screamed cliches of hatred against Israel, America, and the Western world; and she screamed fluidly and dynamically, precociously, about Allah, Hamas, and their "spiritual leader." She was like a child at a carnival preaching the gospel to 19th century hill-billy red-necks, a marvel of sorts, a wonder, a caricature of an adult, but fascinating to listen to and see. And sickening. The thousand men or so gathered for the rally loved her every hateful word and defiant gesture.

Old men took the stage after her warm-up act. They, pros at riling the crowd, entranced a boy of eight or nine, small and thin, a delicate looking boy who was totally lost to the propaganda, lost to this life altogether. He stared into space, in a complete trance.

One of my mates, a reporter fro an Australian paper, saw him, realized what had happened, and she grabbed his arm and shook him till he gradually came back to reality. She yelled at him, desperate to try to reclaim him. He was so far from reality that he didn't realize he was in the presence of a woman for some long moments, and when he did focus and see here he smiled shyly like any small boy would when looking at an attractive adult woman showing him attention; but then he was gone again in a minute, and he would never come back. We don't know who he killed. He was just a little boy. We don't know his name.

But we do know the names of those who drove him mad: Hamas, Palestine, Islam.

In the course of the madness that is Hamas, women were shopping on the side-streets while the men perched on lampstandards and rooftops watching as half a dozen hooded idiots rode in on horses, bandoleers of ammunition across their chests, rifles across their backs, like idiot cartoon versions of Rambo in Afghanistan.

Were my mates impressed? Did they think of how exotic are these Bedouin on horse-back, freedom-fighting Arabians?

They all, damn them, hung back while I interviewed a girl pretending to throw rocks at ha Zahal forces, the IDF in tanks. "The Israelis will shoot you," one yelled to me from behind a concrete barrier. And when we returned in our van that evening to our place in Israel, as we were pinned down by snipers firing at random at us and others, (who cared who,) my mates cringed on the floor boards. Don't cringe in a van under fire, friends. I got out and walked to safety a mile away, leaving the lot of them, that boy, too, to his fate.

I thought of the little girl in a frenzy of hatred against we knew not what; the boy in a trance of violent mysticism; and of the man who swung himself down from his horse in the square, who took up a papier machier rocket launcher, and who, aiming it at a mock-up Jerusalem placed on the street, pulled the trigger and blew his shoulder apart.

Looking at the news above, of the exploding truck and the Hamas dead, I laugh.

John Sobieski said...

I did too Dag. Islam=poison=death. Yet here we are spending $500 million on these cretins.

dag said...

All of this, the piece above on rap music too, reminds me of a Faulkner novel, A Light in August, in which a bitter little red-neck racist preacher gets invited over and again to preach at a Negro church, I couldn't get it at first. Why would Blacks have an idiot racist come to their church to harass them, call them names, condemn them to hell? Well, they thought it was hilarious to see that little fool up there ranting.

And so it must have been, till the Klan came. Yes, we can all pretend that it's a big joke, that it's just kids letting off steam, posing for each other, and bang! People are dead, and it's not so funny anymore.

Will the French get it? How many dead before they go nuts and kill off the innocent as well as the guilty?

The truth is, i don't really look a lot like Marat. I like him in a way, especially when he wrote that if we'd taken the effort in the earlier stages of the revolution to kill off a few thousands we would have saved ourselves from having to kill a million later.

I really don't hate people. But I really do hate people who kill the innocent for whatever sick reason they come up with. There and then I'm crazy, and I don't deserve to be put in that positon. What's happening to us as a society is a crime. The crime is that we're many of us going to be made criminals in our own minds because this cannot go on indefintiely, and when it comes and when it stops the death toll is going to sicken the lot of us. Decent and sane people do not deserve to be driven mad.

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