Monday, September 05, 2005

Doesn't This Sound Like Turkey's Control of Mosques?

The French have a problem A LOT of Muslims, currently estimated at 10% of the population, and projected to be 30% of the population by 2030 and 50% by 2050. Now in Turkey they control the mosques and their construction AND control the imam training AND approve those Friday 'hate the infidel' speeches.

France mulls state funds for mosques (from CAGE) orig World Peace Herald

There is a great history of the church and state separation summarized there, but today, France is reviewing the law to fund mosque construction. I was surprised to read Sarkozy is in favor of it. This is his argument:

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy was the first to bring this question to the national agenda. In a book titled "The Republic, Religions and Hope," published last October, Mr. Sarkozy raised the issue of a reform that would allow the French government to help pay for mosque construction in order to limit the influence of foreign countries, particularly Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

"The Muslim community has not received any patrimonial heritage since it is a new community in this country. Besides, it has fewer financial possibilities than the other ones ... Therefore, rich donors are more likely to come from a foreign country than from the national community," he wrote.

"What is dangerous is not minarets, but basements and garages that hide clandestine places of worship. Thus we must choose between mosques, where we know that the rules of the republic are respected, and secret places where extremism has been developing for too long," wrote Mr. Sarkozy, currently the conservative front-runner for the 2007 presidential election.

Does he know how stupid he sounds? Islam is extremism. But Chirac and Villepin have a different idea. They would create a 'foundation' to receive all that Wahhabi benefactor money and control its expenditures, and theoretically all those 'kill the infidels' strings attached to the direct funding of French mosques. Some theory, huh?

But Mr. Chirac, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and many other politicians, conservatives and liberals, do not support Mr. Sarkozy's call for a reform of the 1905 law. "We should not bring into question one of 'the pillars of the temple,' " Mr. Chirac said last fall. "We can solve this problem perfectly well, find solutions," without changing the law, he insisted. This is why he backs Mr. de Villepin's initiative of a "foundation for the works of Islam," that would receive private funds, notably from abroad, to finance mosque construction. According to aides of Mr. de Villepin, these funds would be handled "with transparency and traceability."

But that's not all. C&V want to control imam training funds.:

The proposals also involve the training of imams -- prayer leaders at mosques. "The project we are introducing simply aims at allowing imams to receive help in order to fully master the French language and to integrate themselves in a society whose principles they may not be familiar with," former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin said in February.

Doesn't this sound like Ataturk trying to control Islam's nasty tendencies? Preaching a false, tolerant Islam will always lose to the true, intolerant Islam. The Qur'an doesn't teach tolerance. Those tolerant verses have been abrogated, everybody knows that who have studied Islam.

But them there Muslims are mighty wary.:

Muslim remain wary In June, the Council of State, France's highest administrative court, agreed to the creation of the foundation, but neither the prime minister's proposal nor Mr. Sarkozy's enjoys the support of the whole Islamic community in France. For Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Muslim Institute of the Paris Mosque, the risk is that the French government may partly control the functioning of mosques and Islamic organizations. "The downsides of public funding for mosque construction and training imams are more numerous than the advantages," he told Le Monde newspaper in October 2004. Moreover, the centennial of the law on secularity is taking place in a tense context, as when it was adopted in 1905. Only a few symposiums have been organized this year, and the official ceremonies that will be held in December will take place in a solemn atmosphere.

Yep, France has a big problem and if they think this road, traveled by others to their submission, will solve the problem, they have another think coming.


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