Wednesday, September 21, 2005

EU Remains in Denial

The EU remains steadfast in its denial about Islamists, Islamic terrorism and the hatred and intolerance of Islam. If you say it doesn't exist, it doesn't, right? Dhimmi Frattini, like all the EU and EC elite, enjoy the bounty of their position. Denial suits them well.

EU Commissioner rejects label of 'Islamic terrorism'

Brussels, Sept 21, IRNA
European Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security, Franco Frattini, rejected Wednesday labeling the religion of Islam with terrorist acts.

"You cannot use the term Islamic terrorism. Islam is being misused," Frattini told a press conference in Brussels this afternoon while unveiling an EU strategy to combat terrorism.

"People who commit suicide attacks or criminal activities on behalf of religion, Islamic religion or other religion, they abuse the name of this religion," he said. [Tell me what other religion has been comitting terrorism on any scale close to Islam in Western countries, Frattini]

"I have suggested to avoid calling it Islamic terrorism. It is very important, otherwise, we risk involuntarily of course other reaction which is also worrying and dangerous, a sentiment of Islamophobia," he stressed. [Wouldn't want that! They may start killing us by the thousands. Best if we keep quiet, and they will only kill us a few dozen at a time.]
"Diversity of religion and cultures is another value for the European Union. It is not a danger, it is not a threat," he added.

Earlier, Frattini announced 'a comprehensive package' of four initiatives to combat terrorism.

The initiatives include retention of communications traffic data, financing of a pilot-project to prevent, prepare and response to terrorist attacks, combatting money laundering and terrorism financing and ways to address terrorist recruitment. [How about deportation? any plans there? [One of the many jihad strategies is to stress the Infidel's coffers. By welfare dependency, excessive breeding, security costs, prison costs to hold all those problem Muslims. This component of jihad - stressing the infidel's coffers - has been the most successful]

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american_infidel said...

Until recently (like before she became Sec State), I thought rather highly of Doctor "Dhimmi" Rice. I am now going to have to strongly revise my previous opinion of the woman, regrettably. It's difficult for me not to become resigned as backbone and resistance to the "religion of peace" (especially inside the beltway) slowly but surely evaporates. Is there any cause for hope? It's tough for me not to be cynical as the tide of unending dhimmitude rolls out of Washington. And don't get me started on the hot air eminating from Europe, as the birthplace of the enlightenment succumbs to Islam's demographic siege.