Friday, September 30, 2005

Harlan McCraney: Man Behind the Curtain

Bush was always the better choice compared to Kerry but Andy Dick has done this video that is just too funny about Bush's mangling of the Queen's English. Serious Bush fans probably don't want to view this.

Russell Bates Comedy Central: "Harlan McCraney"

I have been disillusioned with Bush for many reasons, ignorance of Islam, allow Muslim agents and spys manipulate his Administration and our government, border insanity and inability to veto any spending bill. The track record for Presidents elected for a second term are just awful for the most part.


American Crusader said...

If this was his first term...there is no way possible Bush would be re-elected

dag said...

The only reason we could find for supporting Bush and admin. was that the alternative was so terrible it was worse than Death. That's a far cry from endorsement.

As things now stand we still feel the same way vis a vis the Democrats and Republicans. We must look to the future to see what the next options will be: Rice or Clinton? It might come to such a mightmare, and what will we do then?

It's our position here at the Fortress, where opinions are what we generate in lieu of cash, that the best option is to forget government intervention in the lives of private individuals and take the free enterprise ethos to the greater world. There's money in them thar hills, those places far away from the nation. We argue that it is up to the settler heritage of old to revive and extend the Manifest Destiny of America and Modernity.

We argue here that for one to act on behalf of a beligerent force as a non-state actor, i.e. as a mercenary, is illegitimate if that action takes place against a legitimate nation-state. However, in a state that is illegitimate, the rules don't apply. Take for example Thailands four southern states under Muslim insurgency. They, as non-beligerents, i.e. having no legal right in international law to wage war against the legitimate state, as fair game for other non-state actors. We can attack them militarily in conjunction with the local authorities and take our chances if captured, having no legitimate rights under international law. Such is life.

To wait for the US government to act on our behalf in the struggle against jihad waged against the world at large is to be passive in the face of direct physical threat, and legally we have every right to defend our lives and property from that threat. Bush, havig the legal right to call down the military wrath of God on jihad, does nothing of worth. It's up to the citizen to act in his own defence under such circumstances.

The posse comitatus allows for both the legal and moral imposition of extra-parliamentary order on those who would physically threaten our existence. Bush, being a wanker, does not do his job; and worse, those who will follow him, Condi Rice or Hillary Clinton as president, will make the situation intolerable for life itself in the free world.

Yes, we do elect those we feel are the best to lead us professionally in the daily politic of our governed lives. That does not mean we have to sit still waiting for the fire dept. to arrive before we try putting out our own fires. And if a majority of voters were to vote against our fire dept. coming to our rescue, that doesn't mean we have to tolerate it.

We might not ourselves hit the high seas in search of war face to face against the Islamic jihad, but we can in our time support those who do. Taht means that we can support a governor and the military, or we can support those who act as private individuals who do the work the governors will not do.

If we hope for anything good from Condi or Hillary we might as well get out the pray mats right now.

John Sobieski said...

Well I would choose Clinton if that were the two choices, or move to Australia (the only democracy taking smart actions to protect itself). Well, I am just one messenger of many educating the infidels 'wherever I find them.' I think we could do a much better job of communicating with our reps and senators.

dag said...

It's definitely the better move to educate the populace at home than to traipse off to involve oneself in foreign conflicts. All political power grows, to paraphrase Chairman Mao, out of the barrel of a library.

If one has the time, that being weeks to spare, one might do a search of "sonofwalker leaflets pamphlets neighbour" which would yeild up perhaps a hundred or so items on the virtues of public education.

But there's more to the story than would meet the eye there: there is also the psychology of crowds and systems. One needs leaders to speak to, it's true, but one needs leaders who listen to make the effort worthwhile.

For amusement's sake, one might try a search of "sonofwalker DC Watson for public office."

We rely on the invisible hand of the benign force to guide us, but they are men and women like ourselves --at best-- and often they are 18 year old girls on the telephone working as receptionsits.

What makes democracy good, if not great, is the turn-over of leadership from one group to another with a stable core of shared values from one group to the next, allowing for development and self-correction without the need for armed insurrection to rid the body politic of the growth of malignant leadership/rulership. If one can vote, then there is no excuse for vigilantism. I might be a touch obsessive over the need for legitimacy in government and personal actions, buy it comes from a long life's experience dealing with the unsavory sides of government that is illegitimate. One death squad can color your world for a long, long time.

And because America and much of Europe, much of the West, is democratic if imperfectly so, I feel the need to maintain it and strengthen it and expand it by voting rather than by trying to fight against it for something I might feel is better.

But voting is only appropriate if one votes for candidates of worth. I have put up the suggestion that DC Watson should run for public office to break the collective intellectual ice and to allow the organic formation of a single issue political party of jihad watchers.

Cohesion is wonderful, but personal activism is essential not just in the world of fighting jihad but in a person's personal life. To act rather than not is a sign of good health. To rely on the good will of a politician is, to me, a sign of passivity that I don't admire deeply. Organizing a campaign to elect DC Watson, regardless of how I might fel about the man, is a step toward cohesion and activity generally. It means mobilizing and educating the neighbourhood in a very specifi way for a focused purpose.

Rather than vote for and work for the elction of someone who might someday listen to me I would rather work for the election of one of ours who is totally committed to our view, general as it might be.

Robert Spencer, director at has emphatically ruled out running for public office. Consider the beauty of that: He has the right to run if he chooses too. that is a system worth preserving at all costs.

Solon the Great is called The Great because he wrote a constitution for the Greeks that all could live with during his abscence. He wrote it, had the factions agree to adbide by it in his abscence, and when he left he never returned.

We need honest and decent men and women, maybe not great men and women but honest who will lead us. We have settled for less. The price we pay for our lack of expectation is the demise of a healthy democracy. We factions agree to a constitution, and then sail away leaving it in the hands of those we'd rather not leave our pets with over the weekend. It won't do. We must act on our own behalves. Our nations must be great, and it takes ordinary honest men and women to make them so.

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