Saturday, September 10, 2005

Iran Gets Creepier and Darker

Iran, which has been out of the headlines just gets creepier and a lot darker. The Iran Focus site is a good source along with the IRNA I mentioned in earlier posts. Today, IranFocus has an article about additional security units being brought into Tehran. The ayatollahs wasted no time consolidating the government under their lackies. There are Iranian dissidents 'supposedly' in Iran but I have always questioned just how much resistance there is. Do these people really want a society like this? Why yes! After all, this is pure Islam they are trying to achieve. Who could be against that but the Infidels? You see, these guys, the Ayatollahs, believe they have a great opportunity to expand Islam across the globe. They believe it is their destiny. The US is being torn apart by left and right, political correctness and the anathema of multiculturalism. On top of that, our coffers are full of IOUs. That is one of the tactics of jihad, stress the infidel coffers. Just think how much we spend on security and war. Europe is a mess. The UN is a corrupt cesspool and the Islamic countries and their despot and corrupt allies, well they control everything there but the Security Council. Islam is on the move and Iran is the leader. Saudi Arabia is more into discreet jihad (financing mosques in the US, financing Islamic schools, buying Middle East seats at Universities all across the US, influencing, even dictating the imam appointments at the mosques they hold the deed, funding propaganda organizations like CAIR, MSA, MWL and on and on.) But the results are the same for the Infidels.

Ahmadinejad will be at the UN soon. The US really needs to agree to let the UN move to Europe like many Islamic countries want. I am just sick of that corrupt cesspool that America funds. Why should we fund our enemies? Why not, we've been doing it for decades.

200 security checkpoints set up across Iran capital Sat. 10 Sep 2005

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 10 – Some 200 special units of the State Security Forces (SSF) moved into different locations across the Iranian capital on Saturday as part of the new wave of crackdown of “social corruption”, the head of security patrols of Greater Tehran’s police force told reporters as the units were being dispatched.“ [This reminds me of that famous statement by that sicko Ayatollah Khomeini: "There is no room for play in Islam. It is deadly serious about everything." Times Mag.]

The judiciary and the State Security Forces are carrying out a plan for 20 days to wipe away trouble-makers and those who disturb the peace and today active operations by special groups in Greater Tehran have commenced all over the city”, Colonel Hassan Gholam Heydari said.

Heydari said that there were five garrisons taking part in this operation in the Iranian capital.

The SSF colonel in charge of the units said that in particular individuals seeking to “corrupt the minds of youths” would be dealt with. He did not elaborate.

Tehran’s police chief separately confirmed the new procedures during a meeting of senior SSF officials in Tehran.

Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General Morteza Tala’ie, speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the meeting, confirmed that 200 units were being dispatched to checkpoints in the Iranian capital. He also said that a further 50 units were being dispatched to carry out the same drill at nights. [so people will jsut disappear at night I guess.]

Tala’ie warned against the use of wedding carts in the streets of Tehran, which the police had declared to be banned. [What's that about? wedding carts? are they selling wedding stuff on the streets, or are they just talking about pushcarts for selling product? weird.]

Islam is such a stupid and vile 'religion' it's hard to believe for many Westerners that anyone would take that hatebook and all its supplements literally. Mmmm, as I recall, everyone laughed at Mein Kampf as a stupid book by that hateful madman Hitler.


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