Friday, September 23, 2005

Islamists Rappin' The French Into Dhimmitude and Extinction

When I read this, I really became a lot more pessimistic about whether France can be rescued from a destiny of dhimmitude and extinction. If something is not done drastically, France will be an Islamic country ruled by anarchy (is their anything else in an Islamic country). The next decade is going to be bloody awful. I still think Paris will be burning within the next year. There are simply too many Muslims in Paris, and any massive roundup and deportation will be the cue to burn it to the ground. Call me crazy, but that is what I beleive.

Homegrown Gangstas
France faces a wave of domestically produced anti-French rap.
by Olivier Guitta
09/23/2005 12:00:00 AM

IN THE AFTERMATH of the London bombings perpetrated by homegrown jihadists, Europeans are rethinking their approach to multiculturalism in general and their tolerance for hate speech--especially the sermons of radical imams--in particular. In France, which has long had hate-speech laws, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy moved swiftly in July to announce the expulsion of a dozen radical imams, though only two have actually been deported. But even as public alarm grows about radical sermons another form of incitement common in France has gone largely unnoticed--namely, anti-French rap music.

During the mid-1990s, rap entered the mainstream of French popular culture. Since then, some of the most successful groups in French pop music have been rap bands made up mostly of French citizens of Arab or African descent. Among the most popular is NTM (which stands for Nique ta mère, "F--your mother"), a Sony Records group. NTM is famous for lyrics which attack France and especially the police. During a concert in 1995, NTM sang: "I f--the police, I sodomize and pee on the law! Our enemies are the men in blue" (French cops wear blue uniforms). This outburst earned NTM members a three-month prison sentence, later commuted to a fine (though NTM member Joey Starr has been in and out of prison for 15 years for drugs, assault, weapons charges, domestic-abuse, and for spitting on police).

By contrast, the popular rap band Sniper was recently handed a victory in a legal action brought against them in 2004 by Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy over
incitement to violence and hatred in their song "La France." They sing: "We're all hot for a mission to exterminate the government and the fascists. . . . France is a bitch and we've been betrayed. . . . We f--France, we don't care about the Republic and freedom of speech. We should change the laws so we can see Arabs and Blacks in power in the Elysée Palace. Things have to explode."

But the kingpin of rapping French Francophobes is Mr. R. In his latest single--entitled "FranSSe," from the March 2005 album "PolitiKment IncorreKt"--he likens France to the Third Reich, singing: "France is a bitch, don't forget to f--her to exhaustion. You have to treat her like a whore, man! . . . France is one of the bitches who gave birth to you. . . . I am not at home and I don't give a damn, and besides the state can go f--itself. . . . I pee on Napoleon and General De Gaulle. . . . My niggers and my Arabs, our playground is the street with the most guns. . . . F--ing cops, sons of whores. . . . France is a lousy mother who abandoned her sons on the sidewalk. . . . My Muslim brothers are hated like my Jewish brothers were during the Reich"--at which point Mr. R's video shows footage of Hitler and of Nazi concentration camps.

The video borders on pornography. It shows violent acts supposedly committed by the French Army. France is represented by two naked white women called "Gauloises" (a reference to the ancient inhabitants of France) who perform lewd acts with the French flag while a group of blacks make an obscene gesture. As a disclaimer Mr. R says, "When I speak of France, I don't mean the French people but their leaders. They've been exploiting us for a long time, from slavery to colonization, and they're still jerking us around." Tellingly, in the last words of the song, "France" is replaced by "Europe": "Europe is a bitch, don't forget to f--her to exhaustion. You have to treat her like a whore, man!"--which suggests that the rapper's grievances extend past France to include much of the West.

French intellectuals, journalists, and music critics have taken all this in stride. Fnac, the largest French chain of music stores, selected "PolitiKment IncorreKt" as its top featured album. Fnac's fawning review of the CD says: "And what if the subversive spirit of rock had made its way into French rap? . . . Monsieur R: a revelation." On July 16, Mr. R was among the lead performers at the prestigious Francofolies music festival in La Rochelle.

Last month, Francois Grosdidier, a member of parliament from President Chirac's party, called on the minister of Justice to ban the broadcast of the video and take up legal action against Mr. R for "incitement to racism and hatred." The press reacted with outrage--against Grosdidier. The left-wing daily Libération denounced this harassment of rappers as futile. Mr. R, responding to the charge of anti-French racism, stuck to his guns: He's only talking about French leaders, he said, not the French people. As he told the newsmagazine Le Point, "I am not anti-French. I am a Belgian citizen."

Another outspoken defender of Mr. R is Olivier Besancenot, head of the Communist Revolutionary League and a rising star of the French left. In 2002 at the age of 29, Besancenot ran in the first round of the presidential election and came in eighth out of 16 candidates, with over 4 percent of the votes. He actually performs--raps--on Mr. R's latest album. He told Libération that criticism of the video amounted to an "infringement of the freedom of expression."

NTM, Sniper, and Mr. R are viewed as role models by many young French males of Arab and African descent who live in France's depressed ethnic suburbs. In such an environment, the anti-white riots which erupted last March in Paris should have come as no surprise.

With luck this new phenomenon might turn out to be a fad which peters out, the way anti-police, anti-white gangsta rap did in America after the early '90s. But in the meantime it will be interesting to see if the French will enforce their laws against racism and anti-Semitism--the toughest in Europe--against this homegrown anti-Western hatred. [This author, like France, does not understand what Islam is really about.]

Olivier Guitta is a freelance writer specializing in the Middle East and Europe.


Pastorius said...

This is one of those times when I say, "You just gotta love your enemy."

I mean, these guys are telling us what they really think. We really should thank them for it.

And then we should either deport them, or put them under heavy surveillance, until we find a reason to put them in jail.

These guys are Rage Against the Machine a la Francais.

O said...

Uhh putting people in prison for what they say means half of all recording artist every where in the world will go to Jail.

In the US rap lyrics regularly talk about cop killing. Its not limited to Muslims as you suggest.

What authoritarian dictatorship do you want to set up?


O said...

[i]Observations on the War against 'extreme ideologies' or whatever it is called today, as long as it is not Islam.

Seems to me you have an 'extreme ideologies' as well.

You want to push for a final solution for the Muslims?


John Sobieski said...

o said wants to ignore the Islamist problem. I don't want to kill all the Islamists. I do want to stop all inbound Muslim immigration to America. Why should America let the Muslim population grow and become the belligerent anarchists that are destroying Europe?

O said...


[quote]Why should America let the Muslim population grow and become the belligerent anarchists that are destroying Europe?[/quote]

Yes I think you are right we should deport all people from America who do not belong there.

Lets leave America to it's Natives.

american_infidel said...

Darn right, as a native American, I agree. I was born in the USA and my allegiance is forever to the USA and the US Constitution. Anyone else who can honestly swear loyalty and allegiance to the same may stay. Place of birth, ethnicity, sexual orientation does not matter. The ideology in one's heart is what matters. Anyone that believes in Islamic dominance, Islamic supremacy, sharia, jihad, dhimmitude, etc, should be shown the door, immediately. The EU should do the same.

However, I am unsure at this stage if the US or the EU will ever have the intestinal fortitude to do what is needed to save Western Civilization. That's why I (half-seiously) suggested starting an Anti-Dhimmi Party in a previous comment.

So the Jihadists will likely remain where they are now, a cancer slowly but steadily growing and metastasizing into every corner of our national life. Demographics, political correctness, multiculuralism, and dhimmitude (Jihad by other means) may very well succeed where naked terror fails.

dag said...

The Story of O. Always the same, just different faces.

In South Africa before Mandela took over many Whites felt that Blacks were rightly in their proper places, right below the Coloureds. Then, to no one's surprize, everyone is equal, and one couldn't find a man who'd ever thought differently. It's not simply convenience, opportunism, and cynicism: it's simple herd-like following, a mindless idiocy that makes the world functional.

Imagine a world of Ali Sinas! What would we do if everyone had an idea all of his own. Nothing would work. No one would ever agree with another, and the life of man would be chaos. So I don't have any condemnatory words for the soft-core porno story of O.


O said...


So any one who doesn’t follow your thinking is an infidel? Is that why the nick?

Very presumptuous of you to assume that if you are a Muslim you are against the US constitution.

The US constitution in fact is almost word for word what Islamic Sharia law would uphold.

Liberty and Freedom for all.

You seem to be reading the wrong history. But then all American History books are missing the 1000 years between the Roamans and Shakespere.

Maybe you all like beign ignorant.


right around here said...

I couldn't help but note American Infidel's comment about Islam being like our Constitution: Freedom, liberty, etc.

If he knew what he was talking about he would know that Islam demands allegiance to itself and Allah before any other entity or nation. Islam has no national boundaries because it believes it is the belief system for the entire world, therefore all nations are one as Islam is one.

If you are a true Islamonazi you can have no allegiance to anything except ISLAM.

Nilk said...

Actually, right around here, it wasn't american infidel who made the comparison. It was o said.

american_infidel said...

Did someone here actually suggest, seriously suggest, that Sharia and the US Constitution are similiar if not alike?

That idea is so wrong, so dangerously misguided, I dont know where to begin. The US Constitution does not call for the death penalty for homosexuals, apostates, or for those that cheat on their spouses. Sharia does! The US Constitution does not create women as second class citizens. Sharia does. And this is just for starters.

True Muslims, according to the Quran, have loyalty only to the Ummah (the community of believers) and to Allah, not to any 'earthly' power or law (like the US Constitution). So, I would question the loyalty of any true Muslim--meaning their loyalty to anything outside of their 'faith'.

O, whoever he is, seems to be a very committed Jihadist. As for my moniker, Mr O, I chose it deliberately to stick in the craw of Jihadists like you.

John Sobieski said...

o, you lose all credibility comparing Sharia to the Constitution. You need to find some ignorant infidels to work your taqiyya. Allah know not.

O said...

[quote]The US Constitution does not call for the death penalty for homosexuals, apostates, or for those that cheat on their spouses. Sharia does! [/quote]


@american_infidel and friends

History does not change, it merely gets buried by people who wish it had happened differently, and is still there, as it actually happened, when someone digs it up.

I'm not remotely interested in convincing you. I simply choose, on occasion, to shine a little light on the falsehoods that are spread with persistent regularity about Islam.

When you bring nonsense, it's trivial to expose it for what it is, it's purely recreational and sometimes I indulge myself for amusement.

Fifty years ago in America, "muslims" were a couple of tribes of dusty desert dwellers with no history, no accomplishment, nothing to distinguish them from the camels and sheep they wandered around the desert with. Now, suddenly, the "muslims" are a fifth of the human race, a billion maniacs coming at you from all directions, sitting on "your" oil and killing Americans right and left. Out of nowhere, overnight. And you believe all of that nonsense.

On occasion it's amusing to expose some nonsense for what it is. I rather enjoy seeing you and your friends spit and bluster, in complete ignorance of what you're pretending to talk about with some "knowledge" you've picked up from an organizational website run by your enemies. Your reactions are so predictable it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Skinner would be proud. You and your friends are pitiful.

There is no question at all that what I'm talking about is true, and that I have spent twenty years, not twenty minutes, searching for knowledge that doesn't interest you in the slightest.

Until you see it. And then your lifelong conditioning kicks in and you go bananas, biting your nails, screeching "No! No! It can't be!"

But it is. And you haven't the first clue. Somebody owns you, lock stock and barrel, and you haven't the first clue about who.

I push your buttons and you dance. You don't even know who's calling the tune. You think you have a life, and it's been stolen from you.

So do a little jig and tell us all how free you are, how in charge of your own destiny.

And don't forget to vote early and often.


american_infidel said...

Somehow, I got the crazy notion that Islam commanded Muslims to wage violent war against non-Muslims. Yeah, I must be reading some Islamophobic literature again. Thanks so much Mr O, for straightening me out.

american_infidel said...

The ideas that Islam is inherently violent, that Sharia law oppresses women, and that Islam and democracy contradict one another (among other things) are not just "Western notions". They are facts, proven time and time again throughout recorded history. See Quran 9.5, 9.29, 48.29, 4.34, etc, etc, etc.

John Sobieski said...

O, get out of that shitty cult. Mo was a pedophile, thief, murderer, liar and the world's greatest asshole.

20 years trying to find anything but a turd in Islam must be pretty frustrating.

O said...

Come on you guys bring me something new. It’s the same crap over and over again nothing original nothing new so pathetic


remistan said...

Historically,it is not the first time in France, see the early islamic razzias from the localty of Fraxinetum(today La Garde Freynet) it was a little caliphate in the South of French!
Finally destroyed in 972 by the Count of Provence...

remistan said...

Never more new Fraxinetum in France!

This is not the first time in France new Fraxinetum(today La Garde Freynet) are growing in France.
The Caliphate of Fraxinetum, a base for razzias and islamic rappins in France, Provence , Burgundy existed already in the tenth century and,was with difficulty destroyed in South of France by the Count of Provence (972).Remember.
I don't want other Fraxinetum in my country never, never, never...

Anonymous said...

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