Saturday, September 17, 2005

Let's Talk Turkey - You Won't Get IN!

Turkey gets testy over EU talks

Erdogan accused France and the Netherlands 'weak governments' for not overruling their citizens and pushing for Turkey to join the EU. But never fear, EC President Jose Manuel Barroso will continue with the full press, as will England, and unbelievably, the US State Department. Who does our State Dept work for, us or the Islamists? One wonders watching dhimwit Dhimmi Rice praise the Palestinians for their post-pullout behavior in Gaza, send Karen Hughes to kiss ISNA's but and proclaim to Bill O'Reilly last week that Iraq will be a 'non theocratic Islamic state', which sounds like an oxymoron to me but wasn't questioned about what that means.

I don't want Turkey in the EU. The majority of the citizens of the EU do not want Turkey in the EU. Why are our leaders always telling us they know best and ignoring the demands of their citizens?

Islam is bad. Turkey is Islam with a thin veneer of 'secularism', which is badly peeling, but never mind that say our leaders and their Muslim apologists. Muslims, good and bad, come and go, but Islam stays around, and good Muslims have Islam on their side, not the bad Muslims that our leaders fawn over. 'Moderate' muslims, if there are such things, are bad Muslims because they choose or pretend to ignore hundreds of verses from the Qur'an and Hadiths. The problem is this is NOT the 'natural' state of Islam. It is false. The natural state of Islam is jihad and hatred of Infidels. That is why 'bad' Muslims will never achieve a permanent position in Islam, if they are even true 'in their hearts' to their statements. How can you tell with all that taqiyya flying around? Jihad is the state that Islam will always be, it may be weak, even restive at time, but the 'strong stage' of jihad always rises when opportunity comes around. Believe me, the good Muslims are just thrilled with getting Turkey in the EU. In an instant, it accelerates the Muslim penetration of Europe by 20 years. Yeah, I am sure the good Muslims are just tickled pink.

EU should just put an end to this but they won't. That whole Brussels bureaucratic leftist extremist outhouse should be dismantled.

Turkey lashes out at France and the Netherlands
Financial Times ^ | September 16, 2005 | By Lionel Barber, US Managing Editor, in New York

Posted on 09/17/2005 10:02:35 AM PDT by joan

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey on Friday blamed “weak governments” in France and the Netherlands for failing to tackle public opposition to Turkish membership of the EU.

He also singled out for criticism Angela Merkel, the Christian Democrat opposition leader who may become Germany’s first woman chancellor after next Sunday’s general election, for coming out against Turkey joining the EU.

“There are a few governments in the EU which have a negative attitude toward us,” Mr Erdogan told top business leaders, NGOs and academics meeting at the Clinton Global Initiative forum in New York. Blocking Turkey would mean the EU would remain a “Christian club”, he said.

Mrs Merkel, along with Nicholas Sarkozy, France’s presidential hopeful, have both expressed opposition to full EU membership for Turkey. Instead, Mrs Merkel is pressing the EU to offer Turkey only a “privileged partnership” – a position shared by the Austrian government.

Mr Erdogan said Turkey had tackled obstacles to Turkish membership, including recent efforts to resolve differences with Greece over the occupation of Cyprus. He sharply criticized the accession of the divided island of Cyprus to the EU, describing it as “a big mistake”.

This week, Britain and France agreed provisionally that Turkey should recognise all EU member states, including Cyprus, as early as possible before the EU could declare it ready for accession.

The move puts pressure on the Ankara government to upgrade its relations with the Nicosia government in Cyprus and to resolve other outstanding disputes such as the ban on Cypriot ships docking at Turkish ports.

Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, told reporters in New York this week that he strongly favoured starting accession negotiations with Turkey on October 3. But he suggested that negotiations would take a long time and face considerable public opposition in Europe.

“Will Turkey accede to the EU?” he asked. “Nobody knows.”

Many political observers said voters in France and the Netherlands defeated the EU’s constitutional treaty partly because of unease about the prospect of Turkey joining the EU. But Mr Erdogan blamed weak governments in these countries for failing to defend the vision of an “alliance of civilizations” between Moslem Turkey and a Christian western Europe.


dag said...

I hate these idiot spammers. If each of them bookmarked me I'd never get through the nonsense. Such is free speach and initiative uncontrolled by the state. Still, spemmers suck.

We tried a few years ago, a friend and I, to sneak into Turkish occupied Cyprus, and the bastards spotted us and shot at us. You want a picture of the future of Eurabia? Look at the Turks in Cyprus: poverty-stricken, hate-filled, aggressive, and they shoot at you if they see you. Good luck.

On the bright side, and there is one, the women are often strikingly beautiful. Let's keep them and get rid of the guys for permanent. Yeah, the women who look like burn victims wrapped up in cloaks can go too.

You know, there are lots of good looking women here already. We really don't need more. Let's skip Turkey altogether.

John Sobieski said...

I deleted it dag. Why they do this is beyond me. If I have to I will go to verification but it hasn't been too bad so far.

Anonymous said...

As a Greek I am usually accused of being racist if I say "Turkey should not be let into the EU" , but now people all over the world fed up with the death cultism of Islam see what the Greeks and others have been saying for centuries: "ISLAM DESTROYS LIVES AND IS EVIL!" I do NOT hate the Turkish people: I wish they would all convert to Christianity, Judiasm, Hindusim or even Agnosticsm or Athesim! At least then they won't want to kill every nonmuslim "because Allah told us so in our Qur'an" as one asinine fellow told me. I have a Turkish friend who is ex-muslim and he likes to say: "Turkey is always one revolutionary coup away from being declared an Islamic Republic...secular my ass."
Of course his parents disowned him and called for his death when he came over here to Canada and left the "peace loving faith of Islam". His father told him in a phone conversation: "You left Islam you forgot to be the Sunni we raised you to be. Not only you are not my son but I will kill you if I can as Allah as commanded."
nice huh?

Take it from this Greek of Spartan descent: ISLAM WANTS TO DESTROY YOUR FREE WORLDS AND AMERICA.

I will fight to the last day against that. America will NOT lose to this wicked and evil philosophy. Americans are waking up and thank God for blogs like yours and people like Robert Spencer out there.

God Bless America and the free world.

Anonymous said...

My stay here in Canada is almost up --Ill be leaving for Greece again soon. Sorry to say I found far too many radical muslims in toronto (the city where 17 of them tried to bomb various areas around here months ago and were caught by the Mounties). Friends here tell me Canada has free universal health care--I guess that must have offended these 17 muslims most of which were born here and had no criminal records! This sounds like the illegal Albanians we have in Athens who like illegals from mexico the USA want/demand all your freedoms for nothing. (But at least the mexicans arent muslims -the albanians are).

Anonymous said...

a Greek and a lover of the USA