Monday, September 05, 2005

Sean Penn's New Movie: Terror In The Dinghy!!

Sean Penn has a new movie in the works, Terror in the Dinghy!!. Starring Sean Penn as an activist in a drama adventure surrounding the Katrina disaster in New Orleans. In this high packed adventure thriller, Sean and his fearless crew are adrift on the streets of New Orleans. Intending to rescue the lost children of New Orleans, Penn and his crew find themselves terrorized by a missing boat plug. With waters exceeding five feet in depth, the drama is intense. Will they survive? Will they make it to Canal Street? Will his flak jacket protect him from the hoodlums of New Orleans? Are berets a new fashion trend or just a tired retread? Can Sean bail faster than the water coming in where the missing plug should be? Will he survive to tell his story of heroism? Danger! Thrills! The real life of an activist caught on film! Coming to a drive in theatre near you soon.

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