Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Truth About the New Orleans Fiasco

Here's a story you will NEVER see in the MSM. Jared Taylor at American Renaissance documents what really went on in New Orleans. It is a sad statement on the black race in America. You could say it is the white's fault. For allowing these people to become utterly dependent on the welfare of the government for everything in their lives -their money, their house, their health, their death. Without the threat of starvation or not having a roof over their head, self dependence becomes alien. A 'you owe me' mentality seems to pervade their souls. Let the fingerpointing and endless committees begin. The truth here will never be discussed, that is certain.

Africa in our Midst: Lessons from Katrina, American Renaissance


Dag said...

I read the feature, I passed it on to friends here at the fortress, we looked at each other and didn't say anything about it for a day.

We work in a fortified building, more or less armed, constantly alert to noises outside our door that might portend "some of the old ultra violence," as Alex the Droog says in A Clockwork Orange. This can be a very scarey place, inside and out.

On an average day the short little guy whith the fringe of white hair who drives the white Nissan van stops somewhere along our street, pulls out the folding stretcher from the back, and he waddles up a staircase, gone for an hour or so before we see him again, if we bother looking at all, coming out with a body under a sheet.

Yes, many days he doesn't come by at all. Then we see him coming in a big truck, carting out five, six, seven bodies from one room in the local crack house on the corner. Or from the other corner. Or perhaps a body or two from the lane around the corner. We average one a day around here.

We have our share of Black gangsters around here. They have a high street-value, as it were, being seen as the slickest of the lot, the best hustlers, the ones who make it big in the low-life comedy of horrors that this ghetto is. They're the ones who shoot each other to death. Most others die of o.d.s and stab wounds, sometimes, not often, not many, of disease: they don't live long enough to die of hep C. or AIDS.

Roughly, it's not a matter of Black lumpen-proletarianism at the root of this problem: it's a matter of dhimmi government, of Left dhimmi fascism.

The death toll here is due to murder by socialism. This is fascism, Left dhimmi style.

I lived in New Orleans when I was a young man. I saw a city out of control, and yes, mostly it was the Black underclass who robbed, raped, and murdered. Mostly they confined their crimes to each other. Yes, two of my house-mates were murdered. Yes, a gang of Blacks killed them.

The question is, for me, not whether Blacks are somehow out of contrl and criminal by nature, but whether there is a permanent underclass who will always be criminal regardless of the state.

But then we here read the feature above, and the question arises: Do we face the truth even if it's ugly and goes against all our liberal beliefs? If the truth is harmful and repulsive, do we face it anyway and try to do our best with it?

If we refuse to look at alternatives to our set programme, what will we be? If out good intentions lead to a body a day on the street because we feel that drug addiction is a medical problem that arises because victimised people are self-medicating to ease the pain of childhood traumas, for example, are we murderers?

We're still thinking about it.

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