Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Waiter, There's a HI in my Rice

I had never heard of the Iran Press News until today, but they had this weird writeup about SuperDhimmi Condi might, on her ditsy appearance at the UN, want to say HI to Ahsomad, our little Hitler in Iran. Condi is way out of her league. She has already proved that time and time again. What a joke. Anyway Ahsomad gets all bent out of shape about having to say HI back.

Iran Press News Flash - News and information translated from our Persian section

"Ms. Rice is delusional if she thinks she can say hello to Ahmadinejad"A member of the regime's parliamentary delegation whose visa along with Hadad Adel's was denied last week (, strongly reacted to comment made by Dr. Condoleeza Rice who had stated that in case she crosses paths with Ahmadinejad at the U.N., she would in fact say hello. Mullah Mousa Qorbaani, the Mullah, known for his blustery speeches said: "Ms. Rice is delusional if she thinks that she can say hello to Ahmadinejad; she was supposedly going to say hello to Hadad Adel too."Based on reports from AFTAB, one of the regime-run web sites, Qorbaani who is a member of the majority of the Islamic parliament said: "Americans have acted improperly and have insulted the guests of the United Nations such as Ahmadinejad's delegation, who have top priority." Yesterday, another members of the Parliament, Ahmad Peeshbeen said: "Rice is a liar and one cannot count on what liars say. We Muslims understand the necessity of saying hello back. Americans are dreaming if they think they can force themselves on us by saying simple hellos and being affable."[Goddamn kafirs]


american_infidel said...

I wouldnt even give Iran's thug-in-chief the time of day, let alone a diplomatic visa to enter the US. God knows what the Iranians are putting in their 'diplomatic pouches' around the globe, which are at this time (by international law) exempt from searches and security checks. The term 'diplomatic pouch' is somewhat misleading, as it can be the size of a large desk. These are not thoughts that allow me (or any other freedom-loving kaffirs) to sleep soundly at night.

Think Condi or anyone else at State cares about that?

Hey Pedestrial Infidel, email me at adjure[underscore]any[at]hotmail[dot]com when you get the chance. I wanna email something back to you...something that may interest you.

John Sobieski said...

As we all know, there are no limits in what methods can used to defeat your enemy in Islam. That means diplomatic pouch rights should be used to achieve any action against the Infidels, i.e., deliver poisons, counterfeit money, weapons of any type, anything to help Islam. Treaties of 'behavioral conduct' that diplomats enjoy can be broken with Infidels. They have no value.

dag said...

If you google the link below you'll learn more than you ever cared to about the CIA and the evils of the American Empire. And all this time I thought there was a problem with diplomatic pouches too. Here's the first bit of the real, the true story, the story the people are kept from by the conspiracy of lies. Yes, I'll probably end up dying under mysterious circumstances in Roswell for putting you on to this, so be careful. And be afraid.

By Joe Vialls

Newsflash and intro to Joe Vialls investigation:

In an article published on April 9, 1996, the British newspaper the Guardian reviewed evidence presented in a British Channel 4 documentary which suggests the involvement of the CIA in the killing of a British policewoman outside the Libyan Embassy in London in 1984. The TV documentary cast serious doubt on the orginal claim that the policewoman was shot from a first floor window of the Libyan Embassy.

Investigative journalist Joe Vialls first revealed the CIA involvement in the incident and documented how the Libyans were not responsible for the murder of the British policewoman. He set out his findings in the following exclusive report for New Dawn published in September 1994.

During the morning of the 17th April 1984 an unarmed policewoman by the name of Yvonne Fletcher was gunned down in cold blood while on duty outside the Libyan People's Bureau in St. James Square, London. British accusations that the Libyan Government was responsible were incorrect. Yvonne Fletcher was assassinated on the direct orders of the American CIA in a coldly calculated 'Psyop' (Psychological Operation) designed to generate intense British hatred against Libya. The operation was a complete success. Two years later when the US used British air bases to launch a vicious bombing attack on Libyan civilians, only a handful of British voices were raised in protest.

american_infidel said...

The UK's "Guardian" is just the place I would expect some inane, half-baked, hysterical, leftist moonbat anti-American conspiracy theory to be printed. I assume you have proof for all this crap, Mr Dag?

Take your tinfoil-hat brigade stories elsewhere, if you please, Mr. Dag. We're not buying it.

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