Monday, September 19, 2005

Why the UN and the Axis of Islam want control of ICANN

For over a year now, the UN has been trying to take control of ICANN, the standards organization that oversees the Internet. Most important is the 'root' index of the Internet controlled by ICANN. That is where all those name addresses get resolved to an IP address. When you enter a URL, the root resolves the '.com', '.org', or any URL address ending in a country identifier.

You can look at the Google search for 'UN ICANN control' and just see how angry the UN and the Axis of Islam is that the US won't relinquish control. It's not that the US and the independent ICANN is doing a bad job. It's about who controls ICANN during War! And money, as the UN wants to tax URL registrations, among other tax schemes that shithole is dreaming up for the West.

You see, if the Axis of Islam wants to have a real war with the US, we can harm them greatly without firing a bullet. Our government can seize control of ICANN. We can delete the root index for our enemies, whether they be Iran, Saudi Arabia or anybody else. Suddenly all those networks in the Axis of Islam countries FAIL, totally FAIL. How that's for an opening counterattack?

That is why the US must never let the Axis of Islam get control of the ICANN through that corrupt cesspool called the UN. Not only do they want to prevent the US from using the ICANN as a weapon against the Axis, the UN wants to tax it. They want to charge for each URL name registered, they want to tax the rich Internet countries to develop the Internet in the poor countries (after they take their cut of course).

If you see this topic come up again, I urge you to contact your congressman or woman and tell them you are opposed to allowing the UN (and the Axis of Islam) gain control of ICANN.

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Pastorius said...

Good idea. I have read about this on several occasions, but I have just rested easy on it, because Congresss and the Bush Administration have made no noises about actually relinquishing control.

A President Hilary might be a different matter.