Friday, October 07, 2005

Bush Steps In More DoDo

The guy can't get a break. Definitely left the tracks. The BBC has been having a fieldday with Nabil Shaath's disclosure of Bush's 'divine instruction' conversations with Mahmoud Abbas. The White House denies it but I have my doubts. The Times today has a quasi - confirmation by Abbas. Uh oh. 'Mr Abbas also recalled today how the President told him: "’I have a moral and religious obligation... so I will get you a Palestinian state.’"' Now you have another person confirming Bush's crazy talk. The man needs to sit down and scrape the s**t off his shoes. Then embark on an education about Islam, the real Islam. Oh and fire all those Muslim agents (like Grover Norquist) and apologists who are misguiding him.

The truth about God and George
By Simon Freeman

A senior Palestinian who said that George W Bush claimed to be on first-name terms with God stood by his comments today but conceded that President was using a figure of speech.

Nabil Shaath told the BBC that in June 2003 he heard Mr Bush tell Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Prime Minister: "God would tell me, ‘George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan’, and I did, and then God would tell me, ‘George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq’, and I did."

The White House quickly issued a terse denial last night dismissing the Palestinians Information Minister's comments as: "absurd." Scott McClellan, a spokesman, said that Mr Bush, although a devout Christian, "never said that".

Mr Shaath, whose interview was recorded for Israel and the Arabs: Elusive Peace to be broadcast this month, today stood by his recollection of the meeting but accepted that the statement had not been meant literally.

"It was really a figure of speech (by Bush). We felt he was saying that he had a mission, a commitment, his faith in God would inspire him ... rather than a metaphysical whisper in his ear," he said.

Mr Bush, once quoted as saying: "I believe that God wants me to be president", is a devout Christian and makes no secret of appealing to God for strength, but denies using God to justify his decisions.

Mr Abbas also recalled today how the President told him: "’I have a moral and religious obligation... so I will get you a Palestinian state.’"

Mr Bush launched an impassioned attack on Islamic militants during a speech in Washington yesterday, accusing them of seeking to "enslave whole nations" in an empire stretching from Spain to Indonesia.

Mr Bush's alleged comments have provoked anger among religious groups.


sissyblue said...

What a bunch of BS. All the sudden you believe anything a damn muslim says? Good grief. They're told to lie to the infidels in the Koran!

Pastorius said...

I think you're off on this. Bush has never said anything of the like in America or Europe, so what makes you think he would go over to the Middle East and pop off? Do you think it's like a "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" kind of thing?

The strange thing about this story is it was actually reported by Haaretz over a year ago. I castigated them on CUANAS for the idiocy of the story way back then (not that anyone would have noticed), and now, here it is popping up again from the BBC.

Bush has been criticized for his faith since he first ran for Prez, but never once has anyone heard him use his interpretation of the Bible to justify any policy. The only time he has ever done that is when he states that the longing for Freedom beats in the breast of everyman, but since that's pretty much what our Declaration of Independence is all about, it's kind of hard to criticize him for that.

Anyway, I love your blog, even if I don't agree with you on everything. Keep up the great work.

dag said...

Muslims do not have a "concept of truth" as others in the world understand it. Haq refers to Allah, not to basic objective facts. If you've ever had the disconcerting experience of watching a man stand face to face with you and lie so blatantly and you're embarassed for him, and he doesn't get it, then you don't get it. But who would?

We outside the world of Islam have a concept of truth that is outside the realm of God. We don't tell lies just because it's convenient. More, we don't accept lies as not relevant because they have nothing to do with the Truth that is reserved for the realm of Allah. For the rest of the world, Truth is an independent concept. Not so for Mulslims. It's so counter intuitive that most people think I'm lying when I point this out: For Muslims there is no truth outside Allah. If we don't get it, we will forever sabatoge our own postions vis a vis Muslims. We have to stop accepting from our own bias that all people are variations on ourselves.

Does it mean that Bush didn't say the nonsense he's claimed to have said? Not at all. According to me, the man's an idiot. But my opinion of a man I don't know is not something I'm willing to place any money on.

I'll reserve my judgement for now. What I can't do is sit back and let the anti-Western forces of post fascism take the lead here and claim that the West is vitiated by fundamentalism-- proven by Bush's(possible)remarks.

Those who automatically jump to the conclusion that Bush is ranting loony will claim so no matter. How then is the Irrationalist position of the Left dhimmi fascist different from the Right? If we allow ourselves to believe on the basis of our shallowest intuitions anything we care to believe because it feels right, then we are doomed to slide into further irratioanlism, and that slippery slope will land us all in a slough of despond we'll regret.

But here we are wondering if the chief executive officer of the nation is so stupid he might really have said that. It doesn't inspire me with confidence. I don't know the truth of the situation, but my gut feeling is we're in trouble getting worse and deeper thanks to that idiot.

We might benefit from looking objectively at Bush to see if he thinks in ways so different from the majority of Westerners that he's akin to Muslims with their disregard for secular truth. Maybe he's just not like the rest of us.

Always On Watch said...

I've never before heard of GWB's speaking in such terms. I also don't put much credence in the source. Furthermore, we're getting this story some time after GWB's supposed words.

GWB believes that God has called him for a purpose, but I have my doubts as to these words ever having been said.

On the other hand, we know that Muslims believe that Allah has commanded them to spread Islam all over the world. And we have heard that goal confirmed by multiples of them, including leaders and former leaders of CAIR. We don't hear much about those words on the news, do we?

The BBC has been having a fieldday with Nabil Shaath's disclosure of Bush's 'divine instruction' conversations with Mahmoud Abbas. No doubt! The BBC actively looks for anti-Bush and anti-American stories.

forrest shalom said...

any christian who sides with the moslems
against israel is NO CHRISTIAN.

real christians believe what the bible says that israel belongs to the jews.

it doesn't suprise me to hear of bush claiming to get direct revelation from
God: its a common mystical practice of
the modern pentecostal movement: 'the god told me' crowd of lunatics.

bush also does not draw a distinction between allah and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. again no real bible believer could be so ignorant.

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