Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Circumscribing Islam in the West

Today, Paul Cella at RedState.org has an interview with Andrew Bostom about his new book The Legacy of Jihad. I highly recommend this interview. In it he is asked what the West can do to protect itself from jihad:

PC: Given the nature of Islam as laid out by the Islamic authorities you have quoted, what is a Western policy toward Islam, including the sensitive issue of Muslim immigration to the West, consistent with these Islamic realities?

AB: I agree with the thrust of what Dr. Raphael Israeli described in his seminal analysis of modern jihad terrorism published in 2003. He proposes the creation of an Alliance of Western and Democratic States (AWADS), consisting of a nucleus of the United States, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe (and these core nations can sponsor other countries proven to conform to its rules and standards, for example, India), with the following six avowed “rules of engagement”:

Strict control of immigration from Muslim countries without reliance on the "efforts" of the countries of origin, who have shown neither the will nor the means to stop this massive flow, much of it already illegal. This policy should include interception and routine unceremonious repatriation of the illegal immigrants themselves, and expulsion from AWADS nations of those who assist them.

Reciprocal arrangements for controlled immigration, tourism and educational exchanges between Muslim countries and AWADS nations to guarantee equivalent, unimpeded bilateral flow — Muslim nationals to AWADS, AWADS nationals to Muslim countries — devoid of characteristic Muslim discriminatory regulations towards other races, faiths, or nationalities.

Rendering various forms of economic, technical/infrastructural, health, agricultural, and educational assistance by AWADS to Muslim countries contingent upon basic conditions met by the applicants, including: accountability; progress in human rights; meaningful efforts at population control; renunciation of force/violence in dealing with other nations/communities; and monitoring and controlling incitement to hatred and violence in mosques and media outlets.

Terminating all military assistance and weapons sales by AWADS to non-member states, supplemented by a policy that any weapons-manufacturing third party which sells or transfers weapons to those regimes will itself forfeit the right to deal with AWADS members.

Mosque construction, as well as the building of other Muslim institutions in AWADS nations, particularly projects funded by Saudi Arabia, will be contingent upon reciprocal arrangements to construct religious institutions for other faiths in Muslim nations, including each country situated on the Arabian peninsula, and the binding commitment by all parties — AWADS and non-members of AWADS — that no incitement or hatred will be propagated in any of these religious institutions.

The importation into AWADS nations from Muslim countries of cultural commodities and assets — books, movies, art shows and exhibits, performing arts groups, clerics and missionaries, print media or audio/video tapes — must also be reciprocal, contingent upon the unrestricted flow of similar AWADS assets into Muslim countries- and all such assets will be required by law to be devoid of messages that disseminate hate.

Obviously this isn't going to happen anytime soon. I figure we need at least another mega terror attack with at least 100,000 dead for our government to remove the scales from their eyes. Some would argue that you cannot do this to a religion. But is Islam a relgion or a cult? You decide.

6th Column had an interesting article analyzing Islam as a cult

ISLAM IS A CULT, NOT A RELIGION [halfway down page]

Religions encourage a personal relationship with God and seek to increase understanding.

Islam insists only on absolute slavery.

Can children that repeat the Koran over and over and over again be really said to be getting wisdom?

No, they are simply being brainwashed to the point where they cannot think, dare to criticize, or simply to question many of the contentious issues. They have spent their lives learning a book that they are not then willing to reform or even question, but only simply parrot passages from it.

Think about the attributes of a cult:

1) A leader (dead or alive) who is considered absolutely infallible.

2) Proscribed food and dress. Everyone must adhere to the standard.

3) Repetitive and frequent sessions to reinforce behaviour.

4) Violent and often brutal treatment of backsliders or people who wish to leave.

5) A cult who tells you what God is like, but provides no individual contact with God.

6) Regulation of every aspect of the day, from dawn to dusk.

7) The leader often breaks his own rules set for the others.

8) Outsiders are demonized, and cult members are discouraged from contact or friendship with people outside the cult.

9) Cults are never tolerant.

10) Obsessive ways of doing things are a hallmark of a cult.

11) Emulation of the leader.

12) Absolute certainty that they are right; no doubt is allowed or encouraged.

Think about what a cult is; then apply these characteristics to any religion you wish.

How many out of these twelve match for Islam?

1) Muhammad was beyond criticism, even when he took a six year old girl as a wife and had sex with her at nine years old, as soon as he could.

2) Food and dress are rigorously regulated--a form of control, insisting that followers can only eat this or at certain times and must dress a certain way.

3) The daily regime of stopping work or whatever, to bow to Mecca five times and say repetitive prayers as reinforcing behaviour.

4) People who leave Islam are supposed to be killed. People who transgress Islamic rules about showing a female arm or ankle are whipped in the street as the Taliban did and Saudi religious police still do.

5) No Muslims are allowed to talk to God themselves. They are told how God is. Only the top guy is allowed to have had divine contact, and they then limit God’s ability to talk to anyone else.

6) The whole day is full of prayers, and all behaviour from eating to washing to going to the toilet has rules.

7) Muhammad frequently broke his own rules, saying it was okay for him. For instance, he said no man can have more than four wives, but he himself had eleven.

8) The Koran is full of exhortations like “show harshness to unbelievers” or to “take not Jews or Christians for friends”.

9) The barbarity of Islamic terrorists is obvious.

10) Saying “peace be upon him” every time they mention Muhammad’s name is an example of cultic obsession.

11) Emulation of Muhammad extends to dressing, defecating, and sleeping as they think he did. Muhammad didn’t use chairs, so many Muslims sit on the floor to eat. Of course, this is all selective snobbery. Muhammad didn’t read, didn’t drive a car, or use a mobile phone too, but no-one seems keen to copy this.

12) There is no encouragement of questioning or consideration in Islam. Religions usually have a path of learning, and being wrong leads to maturity. Even Jesus had doubts. However, Muslims aren’t allowed to entertain “what if” notions.

One of the worst things though about a cult is that it stifles original thinking. This is why the Islamists have never invented anything. ....


American Crusader said...

That was a great interview...unfortunately most Western countries don't have the political will to do what is necessary. They will continue on their path of appeasement until it's too late.

Always On Watch said...

I figure we need at least another mega terror attack with at least 100,000 dead for our government to remove the scales from their eyes.

And have you noticed the constant push by the government and the media to call another attack "inevitable"? I see those types of statements as trying to desentisize us infidels into a form of acceptance.

As Crusdader said, They will continue on their path of appeasement until it's too late.

I wish that more people read Sixth Column. That site is a font of important information (not to deprecate your site, which is also excellent).

Cao said...

Wow great stuff.

Anonymous said...

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