Friday, October 21, 2005

Egypt Builds Fence to Protect Infidels

The hypocrites just can't help themselves. First, you have Spain building fences to prevent invasion by unwanted Muslim immigrants. Now you have Egypt building a fence to keep the unwanted Muslim terrorists out of Sharm al-Sheikh. But wait a minute, aren't these the same countries that criticize Israel for building a fence to keep the unwanted Muslim terrorists out? Ah the hypocrisy. How sweet it is. Where's our fence on the Mexico border to keep the unwanted out? I think America should join the hypocrites and embrace the 'fence.'

Fence to protect Red Sea resort

Egypt has started to build a security fence around the Red Sea resort of Sharm al-Sheikh to try to stop attacks on the town, security officials say.
The officials said the fence would stretch for 20km (12 miles) and force vehicles wanting to enter the town to pass through one of four checkpoints.

More than 60 people were killed in July when suicide bombers launched attacks outside two hotels and a market.

Forces have arrested or killed several people suspected of involvement.

Several groups have said they carried out the attacks, with at least one citing links to the al-Qaeda network.

Concern over access

Authorities have finished 2km (1.2 miles) of the 1.5m-high fence on the northern side of the resort and a smaller section on the southern side, Reuters news agency quoted an official as saying.

A town resident told Reuters that one portion would cut off a nearby Bedouin settlement where many workers live. [Maybe they can put in a gate, like say, I don't know, Israel. Oh the hypocrisy!]

A security official cited by AFP news agency said the fence was "not meant to stop any particular group of people but prevent terrorist attacks".


American Crusader said...

It's an old saying, but it still contains an element of truth. "Strong fences make good neighbors."
I believe it was back in 2003 when the United Nations General Assembly met to condemn (with only the United States and several others in opposition) a fence that the Israeli people have erected to prevent the barbaric terrorism that the United Nations has yet to find time to address.
Unfortunately, whatever Israel does it will be criticized. Yesterday it was reported that the Pakistani government was roundly criticized for accepting aid money from Israel.
In southwest America there are several hundred miles of fenced border to protect against illegal immigration... I personally favor an initiative in Congress to build a wall to better protect our border. I'm not so much worried about Mexicans coming across to find work, but we need to protect against drug smugglers and members of Islamic groups that take advantage of our porous border.
I lived in Miami for several years while I was in the Coast Guard and then while I was teaching... and everywhere you look there were fenced or walled in communities to protect themselves from crime.

John Sobieski said...

...everywhere you look there were fenced or walled in communities to protect themselves from crime.

Exactly AC. I love fences and walls. They make you feel safer because they make you safer. Beats me why they ever got a bad rap. Oh, that's right, the 'thieves' like the UN and their friends, 'want in.' Right.

They should call in the Israelis for building a fence/wall hybrid. They have got it down pat. Guess who is helping India with their new fences? Israel. Gotta love how those Jews take a cost center and make it a profit center. Now if we could stop giving them aid. They are a profitable economy. Bush get off their back about making concessions and cut the aid. All this jizya to the Muslims and aid to Israel, gotta go.

American Crusader said...

I hate to use another old saying... but sometimes the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Although in truth, I'm sure that Bush knows exactly what he is doing. By continually granting aid to Israel, Bush then feels he has the right to push for Israeli concessions. Has any other country given back so much territory that they won in war... especially in wars they didn't start? I'm waiting for Mexico to start asking for land back. Not that they need it back... large parts of New Mexico and Arizona are already populated heavily by Hispanics.

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