Sunday, October 02, 2005

Gaza 'Divide and Weaken' Plan Bears Fruit

See the 'divide and weaken' strategy is off to an EXCELLENT start! We should use this same strategy in Iraq. Let the Muslims kill each other, that is what they are best at. Get out. Cutoff the jizya. Protect our strategic interests only and let them kill, kill, kill each other.

At least two PA policemen killed in Gaza City gunfight
Jersualem Post ^ | Oct. 2, 2005 22:17 | Khaled Abu Toameh

Posted on 10/02/2005 12:40:32 PM PDT by ScaniaBoy

At least two Palestinian Authority policemen were killed in fierce clashes that erupted on Sunday evening between PA security forces and Hamas gunmen in various parts of the Gaza Strip.

PA security sources said the two victims, including the commander of the Palestinian police station in Shati refugee camp, Ali Makkawi, were killed when hundreds of Hamas gunmen attacked the station with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic gunfire.

They said another 30 people, mostly Hamas members and civilians, were injured in the confrontations. The attackers also set a number of PA police vehicles on fire.

The clashes began in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood when PA policemen tried to search a car belonging to Hamas members led by Muhammed Rantissi, son of slain Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantissi.

The policemen, according to eyewitnesses, opened fire at the car's wheels when Rantissi and his cohorts refused to hand over their weapons. In the ensuing gun battle, a police officer and two Hamas members were injured.

Hundreds of residents rushed to the scene and pelted the policemen with stones, forcing them to flee the area.

In a similar incident in the same neighborhood, Fatah gunmen and PA policemen briefly exchanged gunfire, but no one was hurt. The clash began when policemen tried to raid the home of a Fatah operative in search of weapons.

Earlier in the day, Fatah gunmen shot and killed a Palestinian taxi driver during a protest against the rising cost of petrol in the Gaza Strip.

The incident took place despite a campaign launched by the PA security forces over the weekend to confiscate illegal weapons in the Gaza Strip. Sources in the Gaza Strip said that many armed groups were continuing to roam the streets, defying the PA ban.

Eyewitnesses said scores of angry drivers blocked a main highway east of Khan Yunis to protest against the recent rise in petrol prices. A number of gunmen belonging to Fatah's armed wing, Aksa Martyrs Brigades, arrived at the scene and ordered the protesters to reopen the road.

When the drivers refused, the gunmen opened fire, killing 36-year-old Yasser Barakeh and injuring three others. In response, hundreds of protesters pelted the gunmen with stones, forcing them to flee the area.

A spokesman for the Fatah militiamen apologized for the killing and claimed that the driver had been shot accidentally. He said the protesters had blocked a main highway, preventing a group of Fatah gunmen from carrying out an "urgent mission." He also accused the drivers of attacking the gunmen and trying to steal their weapons. In another incident, unidentified gunmen hurled a homemade explosive device at the headquarters of the PA Civil Police on Saturday night. No casualties were reported. PA security sources said policemen stationed at the entrance to the compound opened fire toward a suspicious car, but no one was arrested.

In Dir al-Balah, hundreds of unemployed laborers demonstrated outside PA offices to demand jobs and money. The demonstrators raised banners calling on the PA to solve the problem of unemployment and poverty in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the PA and Egypt were trying on Sunday to find a solution for the plight of hundreds of Palestinians stranded on the Egyptian side of the Rafah border crossing. Tens of thousands of Palestinians crossed into Egypt illegally shortly after the IDF evacuated the Phildelphi corridor along the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Most of them have returned to the Gaza Strip, but the Egyptian authorities are refusing to allow several hundred to return home. PA Minister of Communications Sabri Saidam said efforts were underway to reach a deal with the Egyptians allowing the Palestinians to cross back into the Gaza Strip.

In the West Bank, unidentified gunmen shot and killed Hani Al-Hilakawi, director of the Al-Fawwar refugee camp west of Hebron. No group claimed responsibility and the motive for the murder was unclear.


american_infidel said...

With a bunch of bloody-thristy neighbors, one wonders if the Israelis are building their security wall at a fast enough clip.

Seal off the 'West Bank' and Gaza, permamently. Both are home to untold numbers of heavily armed homicidal maniacs. And thats just the "PA".

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