Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Homogeneity and Diversity Contrasted with Nation Examples

Michael's Western World Politics has an interesting two part essay he wrote regarding nation state success and proves clearly that diversity is actually a disaster. This is something that is politically incorrect to state, but who cares, I've never been politically correct. In Part 1 of Homogeneity Works, Diversity Doesn't, he looks at Iceland, Japan and Israel. What is interesting is that Japan is always being warned by the immigration harpies of entering a population death spiral and decline of civilization due to their restrictive immigration policy. It's the same argument you hear in the West, "The population has to keep expanding to support the retiring population." This is not true. I believe a population can address the population decline by incentives. What must also be managed is the spending of the government to reflect a no population growth future. Why must we assume this cannot be managed? The leftists and the 'more immigration please' harpies, like the Islamists, say something (like without immigration, our civilization would die) that is accepted as fact verbatim. Everyone knows that! No questions!

Now in Part 2, Michael looks at Afghanistan, South Africa, and Brazil. All hyper multicultural and all hyper failures. While Afghanistan has Islam to blame as well and makes it the worst of the 3, South Africa and Brazil do not. South Africa is a mess because they have a huge ignorant black population that is tribal and primitive. The concept of a 'constructive society' and the sacrifice that requires just doesn't exist. Best to steal it. What is real gloomy about South Africa's future is the rapid expansion of Islam there. Can it get any worse, seriously?

Now what about America? Certainly the level of diversity in America has never been greeater in its history. Over 30 million Mexicans and Latin Americans, some assimilated, many others not assimilated at all. A second culture within. The same is true for Muslims. Most do not want to assimilate. They want to be Muslims living in infidel America, but their first alliance is to the ummah. They're just pretend citizens protecting Islam while Islam is weak.

Political correctness, multiculturalism, affirmative action, ethnic preferences - all claim to be a part of 'the strength of diversity.' Yet the proof of its failure is not just in far away countries, but right here in America.


Michael said...


Thank you for linking the article, I'm glad you found it interesting. I hope more people wake up to the dangers of diversity mongering.

I enjoyed many of the articles on your blog, I shall be back here regularly



American Crusader said...

Interesting article. I think the "melting pot" theory has long been put to rest. Even in earlier periods of American history when there was mass migration to America, many formed insular communities to help assimilate new immigrants. The major difference was that most of those communities wanted their children to be American not Arab-American or are some other hyphenated American. For most of these earlier immigrants, it was important for their children to learn English and American values.
As far as needing immigrants to help build the population to support older retiring generations, this sounds more like a pyramid scheme than an economic theory.

IndCoup said...
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