Saturday, October 22, 2005

Jesse Jackson Blackmails the Democratic Party

Tonight on Tim Gossert, Jesse Jackson announced he may consider running for President in 2008, at least in the 'south.' He had not decided 'yet' but issued a long list of demand$ for the Democratic Party. Is he jumping on the Louis Farakahn bandwagon? I didn't catch that. He danced around Hillary for 2008, he has gotten a lot better at that.

Now you know what this means to the Democrats. If Hillary tries to push the Democratic platform toward what she considers 'winning' positions that are anathema to him, you can bet he will turn up the threat of running.

Very timely. 2 years away. He doesn't have to say "I will" just "I may" if I don't get my way on positions.

Dare he might just say
"I will" "I may" if I don't
get this plank my way.

Little Haiku 575

Personally, he can run and run. It would be good for the Republicans and bad for the Democrats.

Let them flail in the wind.


American Crusader said...

All Jesse Jackson does these days is undermine the Democratic Party. Even most of his base no longer find him credible and he alienates traditional black support for the Democratic Party. The best thing that could happen in 2008 for the Republican Party would be for Jesse to make a run (slow walk anyways) for president.

dag said...

We need our own candidates, in my opinion. If people do not feel involved in the democracy itself, the demos being the archy, then a feeling of helplessness, apathy, and hopelessness will set in. If we have our own candidates running, even if we don't win we'll involve people in their own lives and in their own governments, and if they fail to win seats they'll still be a voice the winner must listen to. And the people will know it's so because they'll have found they have a voice after all.

Good lord, who found Jesse Jackson and Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice and that lot? None of them are worth anything, and if we don't put up our own, in the disgust that follows there will be some who don't mind the gap, who'll jump into the abyss of the BNP and such.

We must organise or someone else will.

American Crusader said...'s been proven time and time again that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Case in point...Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Who in their right mind with listen to these proven morons...but yet they both maintain powerful positions in their respective houses.

dag said...

My last girlfriend was always happy to point out that when the conditions are right a man can rise to the ocassion. One must wonder about the politicans we have now, though. They seem good enough at screwing the voters but is that really what our nations need at this time? They don't, or for now, they haven't risen to the ocassion. We do instead get the worst of a bad lot rotating themselves like Turks and Italians through the turnstiles of parliament; but we need real leaders before we end up with real rulers.

Working within the system is by far the better solution to our present and pressing problem, but we have to work at it. We have to plant the seeds to sprout the grassroots voters to come to the aid of our party. If theere is one politician in the West that we can actually help out, Wilders or Ali in the Netherlands, for examples, or even better, if there's someone in America or Great Britain, then let's focus our energies and help out. But what help? That's where we always fall down. If we organize we can do great things. But it takes a leader to make that happen too.

I stand at the ready.

Always On Watch said...

How much credibility does Jesse Jackson have now, even in the South?

American Crusader said...

I can't believe that Jesse Jackson has much credibility left anywhere. I saw him at Coast Guard Base Miami Beach campaigning for the Democratic nomination back in early 1980. He was actually fairly personable one-on-one... but since then he has become a divisive candidate using the same agenda of the early sixties. I was thinking about what dag said about candidates rising to the occasion. In today's political arena, it seems that you have to be so squeaky clean to even be elected to state level positions. Presidents of the past who have made that "rise" were cut from a different mold. They were more worried about doing the right thing then being worried about being politically correct.

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