Saturday, October 29, 2005

Muslims Will Burn Paris to the Ground

France has a big problem. Way too many Muslims and they hate the French. Nothing new there. I continue to believe Paris will be burnt to the ground in 2006. Poor Sarkozy, he really doesn't know what to do. Just a couple of Muslim teenagers committing a crime and they die trying to escape. Now the Muslims riot. You just wait. It's only a dry run.

Youths riot for second night in Paris suburb
Sat Oct 29, 2005 2:41 PM BST

By Laure Bretton

PARIS (Reuters) - Hundreds of French youths [but what is their religion?] fought with police and set cars ablaze in a Paris suburb on Saturday in a second night of rioting which media said was triggered when two teenagers were electrocuted while fleeing police.

The teenagers were killed and a third seriously injured on Thursday night when they were electrocuted in an electricity sub station as they ran away from police investigating a break-in, media reported.

Firefighters intervened around 40 times on Friday night in the northeastern suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois where many of the 28,000 residents are immigrants, mainly from Africa, police and fire officers said.

Unidentified youths fired a shot at police but no one was hurt, police said.

"It's not normal that these two die like that," one teenage boy wearing a hooded sweatshirt told French television, referring to the two dead boys, which media identified as 15-year-old Banou and 17-year-old Ziad.

Television pictures showed youths lobbing stones at police officers while cars burnt on the streets of the suburb. Police in riot gear chased some youths down an alleyway.

Around 19 people were detained and 15 police officers and one journalist injured, police said. They were unable to give figures for the number of protesters hurt.

An officer from police trade union Action Police CFTC called for help from the army to support police officers.

"There's a civil war under way in Clichy-Sous-Bois [Clichy is one of the Muslim high rise areas that are basically a nogo area for police. I guess they went and got taught a lesson.] at the moment," Michel Thooris from Action Police CFTC, said. "My colleagues neither have the equipment nor the practical nor theoretical training for street fighting."

However, Joaquin Masanet from the UNSA-Police union, which represents the majority of riot police, did not agree.

"We're not at war," he said. "The police are capable of restoring order if we are given the material and human means."

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said on Friday the youths who fled the scene of the suspected break-in and climbed into an electricity sub station were not being pursued by police when they were electrocuted.

It was unclear whether the three youths at the electricity sub station were suspected of taking part in the break-in or where just nearby when it happened.


On Thursday night, youths [read: Muslims] set cars and garbage cans ablaze and attacked shops and a fire station. Officials said 23 vehicles, including some post office delivery trucks, were set ablaze and destroyed in the protests.
Several hundred people took part in a silent march to honour the two dead teenagers in Clichy-Sous-Bois on Saturday.

"Thanks to you, France will now respect us more than this morning, before this silent march," said Claude Dilain, mayor of Clichy-Sous-Bois, a suburb of high-rise social housing. [Is Claude Dilain the George Galloway of Paris? And I never hear about the gay mayor of Paris. What's he up to? It's his city.]

"We are showing our real face, that of united citizens, whatever our origin or religion or faith. Together, we have showed our pain and even anger, in calm, dignity and respect."

Sarkozy, whose law and order policies have been criticised by human rights groups, launched a new offensive against crime this month, ordering specially trained police to tackle 25 tough neighbourhoods in cities across France.

Sarkozy, who has clearly stated his ambition to run for president in 2007, said police mobile units would patrol districts instead of having police waiting around in coaches while trouble erupted elsewhere.

The tough talking Sarkozy made his name by cutting headline crime figures during his first stint as interior minister from 2002 to 2004.

Here's a rough translation from Google of a Socialist Party Statement:

The Socialist Party requires of Sarkozy "serious answers"

The socialist Party claimed Friday "of the serious answers of the Minister of Interior Department" Nicolas Sarkozy after the incidents violent one implying several tens of young people in the night of Thursday to Friday to Clichy-under-Wood (Seine-Saint-Denis).
"Day after day, the facts testify to the climate of tension which reigns and of the hardening of violence" in certain suburbs, belongs the national secretary and to the PS to safety, Delphine Batho, in an official statement.
For the socialist person in charge, "it rests to the Minister of Interior Department to bring serious answers to this situation by helping those which fight in first line, the elected officials, associations, the police officers, the teachers, the welfare officers".
Mrs. Batho warns Mr. Sarkozy against his "usual diversions at blow of peremptory formulas or hypermediatized displacements". The PS requires finally that "all the explanations necessary be brought as soon as possible on the circumstances which led to the dramatic death of two young people from Clichy", died electrocuted in a transformer EDF It is after these facts that incidental violent ones opposed young people to firemen and to police officers. In a separated official statement, Lang Jack, deputy of Pas-de-Calais, deplore that "urban violences progressed a giant step under the Sarkozy-Villepin reign", showing the two men "to make cinema".

It sounds like the Socialist Party is the party of the Muslims but I am not sure of that.


dag said...

Dat Frenzh stuvv, tabernac! Ma garl-frenn, shih spik dat han Hi don' know much whad shih zay-- han Hi don' car, nee-dair!

Pastorius said...

Your idea of this being a "dry run" is intriguing. Do you think there is organization behind these riots. That would explain the fact that, as you said, it happened in Birmingham last week, and now this week in Paris.

It seems as if the pace, and brutality, of terrorist attacks is quickening as well.

This would, possibly, point to some coordinated international effort. Hmmm. You're the law enforcement guy.

Always On Watch said...

Civil war in the streets of France? Why am I not surprised? And the media are covering up identities? Again, I'm not surprised. Dhimmitude!

John Sobieski said...

I don't think it is coordinated to any degree. It's just the global jihad rising, as it has been for 60 years since WWII. A lot of Muslims seem to believe it is time to strike the infidels and take land and booty and slaves.

Those who want to take over by stealth and demographics just can't control the deathsquads who have such zeal for their work.

Where is that Paris mayor at? Under the bed? I never hear from the guy on BBC or Reuters.

Anonymous said...

Oh Infidels of the Dar el Harb, do you not know that everything must burn in order to become purified land for the establishment of the coming Caliphate!

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated! Submit now, and save your souls from hell.

Wanna buy a prayer rug?

Anonymous said...

I need to point out that's not entirely fair.. everyone hates the French! Put any sizable population in Paris and they'd burn it down to the ground too. (snark)

hutchrun said...

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