Friday, October 28, 2005

Trifkovic - Britain's March into Dhimmitude

Serge Trifkovic had an excellent article on England's stupid "Islam badmouthing ban" law now being considered. The more I know what Blair is doing in England, and how utterly ignorant he is (just like Bush!), the more dismayed I become. John Howard appears the only leader of the 3 who has any clue. I wish he would share it with Bush and Blair. How long can this pretense, this absurd denial be maintained? Well it has gone on a lot longer than I ever thought. It may have to wait for new leaders.

The Racial and Religious Hatred Bill: A Milestone on Britain’s Road to Dhimmitude Read the article as it covers a lot of ground if you have time.

The House of Lords is clashing with Tony Blair’s Labour government over its proposed Racial and Religious Hatred Bill. This is an Orwellian piece of legislation. Its real purpose of preventing any meaningful discussion of Islam. If passed it would enable authorities to charge people with “inciting religious hatred” even if they speak or write the truth about the Kuran, the hadith, the historical practice of jihad, or the long-term aspirations of the Muslim diaspora in the West.

On down, Trifkovic recalls some of the insipid things Blair said shortly after 911. He sounds just like Bush.

Almost 17 years later, Prime Minister Tony Blair is a major source of that “western liberal support” and a leading character witness for Islam in the West. “What happened in America was not the work of Islamic terrorists, it was not the work of Muslim terrorists,” he declared after meeting with a group of Muslim “community leaders” at 10 Downing Street in the immediate aftermath of 9-11. “It was the work of terrorists, pure and simple” who must not be honored “with any misguided religious justification,” because they “contravened all the tenets of Islam”:

It is . . . explicitly contrary to Islamic law to kill innocent civilians, to murder women and children and non-combatants… Islam is a peace-loving, tolerant, religion. Many of the world’s religions, indeed including Christianity, draw from the same spiritual heritage. We share the same values, and the same respect for the sanctity of human life . . . [W]e know of no specific threat in relation to this country and it is important that we are not alarmist about it. And I mean frankly some of the reports have been alarmist.

Echoing the Prime Minnister, his Home Office Minister John Denham pledged to cut out the “cancer of Islamophobia” infecting Britain, and declared that “the real Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and understanding.” He called on the media to avoid promoting “a distorted or caricatured or prejudiced” view of Muslims or the Islamic faith. Dr. Richard Stone, chairman of the Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia, criticized the Blair government for not addressing “in a deep way” the anti-Muslim prejudice in Britain: “There is now . . . mounting concern that the already fragile foothold gained by Muslim communities in Britain is threatened by ignorance and intolerance.” He added that the only area where there had been major improvement was “within Muslim communities themselves.” The key finding of his commission was that 9-11 had made life more difficult for Muslims.


Michael said...

Trifkovic is an awesome writer. He wrote an article entitled "THE EU AND JIHAD: FOES OR PARTNERS?". It's a must read article for anyone interested in the rise of political Islam, and the complacency and co-operation of Europes self styled leftist elite with its dhimmitude, and can be found at this link

Trust me, a must read

American Crusader said...

If our world leaders, and in particular Tony Blair and George Bush are really so misled about the realities of Islam when will it be time to take matters in our own hands? If our leaders refuse to see what is clearly in front of them-are we also to remain blind?
George Bush, the man I voted for, has become the weakest president since Carter. Any political capital he once had wasn't even spent it was thrown away. A Republican president, a Republican Senate, and a Republican Congress and yet the president is unable to even nominate a credible Supreme Court Justice. For God's sake...his last nominee was a tax attorney with little or no background in constitutional law. Sorry this has gotten a little off subject..frustration abounds. Maybe it's time to move to Australia, that was my favorite "Survivor" episodes anyways.

dag said...

I'm wavering between being coy and being cryptic at jihadwatch when I write about our response to the dhimmi idiocies of our leaders. I dare not write an essay entitled "Why I am not (really) a terrorist." Oh, would I like to.

Rather, I, as do we, write about the roots of our problems in the hope that others, seeing the history of the conditions we now live in, will take up the cudgels of necessity and do what must be done in a lawful manner, he wrote opaquely.

Cubed © said...


Thanks for the reference--we're big Trifkovic fans.

American Crusader,

Re: Tony and GW--did you read the article that Diana West wrote about Condi? Either she, like Bush, doesn"t "get it," or State has had its way with her.

I am very seriously concerned about the next election. If
Condi and Hillary were both nominated, I would choose Condi, but I would be very unhappy.

In our state, we have a write-in category, and I would be sorely tempted to write in Robert Spencer. Or Paul Sperry, or Ralph Peters... There are actually some very clued in people out there, but as so many of us have said so often, it may take another disaster to elect one of them.

You know the old saying, "If you want something done right, you should do it yourself--that's the American way. Three cheers for the Minuteman organization! At least they got a speech out of Homeland Security--now to see if they DO anything about it! Vigilantes, my foot!

And thank goodness that poor woman has withdrawn her nomination. If she had learned anything during her stay in D.C., she would have known what was going to happen and she would have said "no" right from the beginning. She SURELY knew she wasn't carrying the freight!

Don't move to Australia just yet--maybe we can still pull off our own episode of "Survivor" right here at home!

John Sobieski said...

Well, I have become my adversarial. And I feel better, dropping the last pretenses that Islam is a legitimate religion, it's a cult.

I agree with you AC, Australia is the best Western country with at least some understanding of the problem. Howard has been a much more insightful leader than Bush or Blair.

Cubed © said...

Oh, and Dag--

Meant to say that you should write your essay in the form of a short story or a book. Sounds as if underneath all that hesitation, there might be an interesting novel! Have you seen Glen Reinsford's new book, "The Age of Tolerance," just published? I just got it; it's set 50 years in the future, in a world where Gore had won instead of Bush. I know, I know, it ain't that good, but it could be worse... Glen is the owner of, a great site, if you haven't seen it already. The proof is that he's gotten oodles of hate mail from Muslims, even a death threat! You know you've arrived...

dag said...

Hi Cubed. It's good to see you here, and all my best to you and yours.

On the topic of elections, I suggested that DC Watson run for office. I think that we can form a real group of didicated activists, my goal from the start when I committed myself to this cause. With the connectedness we obviously have now, seeing Patrikafir here, and now Cubed, and no doubt others in the wings, I think we might have the organic growth to think about joining together again. If DC wants to run for office I'm certainly there, and I think many others among us would love to see him on the public platform. What a change that would be from having to think about Clinton or Rice.

Cubed, I still have your contributions to our round-table discussion past winter, and they were smart and practical. I hope things are still coming of it. I stop in here daily to look at what's going on in the world, and I hope to see you again.

Always On Watch said...

The phrase innocent civilians has a different meaning in Islam. See
2005/10/differing-definitions.html :

"DUBAI - Al Qaeda frontman in Iraq Abu Musab Al Zarqawi has said Islam permits the killing of 'infidel' civilians, according to an audiotape broadcast on the Internet early Saturday.

“'In Islam, making the difference is not based on civilians and military, but on the basis of Muslims and infidels...'"

Anonymous said...

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