Sunday, October 16, 2005

Why No Outcry Over Islamist Attacks on Churches in Indonesia: Grant Swank Jr. Knows Why

Just browsing the blogs, and at FriskoDude, I saw this posting from a Christian newsletter about the recent attacks on churches. This guy asks some tough questions, and it is time to demand answers, instead of politically correctness.

Muslims Attack Catholics at Prayer: Indonesia
The American Daily
Oct 16, 2005
J. Grant Swank Jr.

They are praying. They have gathered for spiritual purposes in a private house. Then all of a sudden they are attacked by Muslims. These Islamic zealots are armed. They break through the door into the room where prayers are being offered heavenward.

They not only threaten the Catholics. They also say they are going to set fire to the house. If petitions continue toward God, the home will be burnt out cinders in short order.

This has sparked fears throughout Indonesia and among Catholic communities around the world. Even those in the United States who have heard of the break-in know of Muslim murderers global sleeper cells here. They can assume that what happens elsewhere on the planet could very well be transplanted anywhere, including America.

This is all in keeping with the Koran dictates from Allah that non-Muslims be annihilated. Only Islamics must remain alive in order to set up Islam as world rule. It is what their deity has demanded since the killing cult began. The paragraphs in the Koran are numerous. They are bloody. They detail how to torture and kill Christians and Jews in particular.

To mask the Koran slaughter dictates, there are other passages in that publication that endorse being kind to persons. Muslims are supposed to reach out. These are the passages confused Muslims point to when trying to defend their religion. But it is a mask attempt to cover up the real intent of the publication, that being to slay every "infidel" (non-Muslim).

The Indonesian armed males state that they are members of the Islamic Defender Front. In other words, they are not working at random. They are a part of a network to kill. They are programmed. They have a prescribed agenda. They know what their final goal is. Seeing it through may mean that they will be slain; but that is permissible for being slain equals an eternity of orgies in Allah’s paradise. There is no such guarantee for females involved in suicide cases.

According to AsiaNews, "The attack took place on 11 October in a private house. Armed men broke in and threatened to burn the place down if the prayer went ahead. Fears are rising about further violence against Indonesian believers."

Islamics entering the home, then ordered the persons involved in a spiritual exercise to halt such petitions immediately. If prayers continued, fires would be lighted. They particularly targeted the spiritual leader of the group. He had to put his name to a declaration stating that such prayers would never be held again in that house or anywhere in that area.

Indonesian Catholics are now living in such apprehension that house prayers are becoming scarce. If held, there is utmost vigilance maintained.

This same Islamic murdering front is responsible for closing down other house worshiping centers in western Java.

When will Islamic killers international move to other nations to threaten Catholics?

Why is it that Islamic mosque clerics worldwide don’t castigate the Indonesian attackers?

Why doesn’t the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) post discipline measures on its site and satellite offices throughout the United States? [hahaha, dream on and on]

Why don’t CAIR representatives send out news releases declaring their opposition to such threats as those in Indonesia? Why don’t CAIR leaders go to media microphones to speak out against their devotees who slaughter? [will you stop! you are cracking me up.]

Why don’t Muslim national leaders in other countries go to the global press stating their abhorrence of such activists in their own killing cult?

Why doesn’t the World Council of Churches expose the Islam religion as a killing cult and not a religion among world religions? [That is a good question indeed.]

Why doesn’t the National Council of Churches in the US do the same?

It is because Muslims, regardless of their station, all read the same Koran. They all read the killing passages. They are called to see through the establishment of Islam as world rule. They are all under Allah’s dictate to do away with every "infidel."

Further, the non-Muslim theological liberals within the World Council and National Council of Churches do not take courageous stands for they are so splintered themselves due to their theological heresies.

On the other hand, evangelicals expose the Islamic slayers for what they are—on their web sites, in their magazines and books, in public sermons from pulpits and in Bible classes in churches and parishioners’ homes. [and therefore, to the Leftists, that is irrefutable proof their alliance with the Islamists is right, which, of course, is terribly wrong. To even agree on this with the evangelists is anathema to them. Cut off your nose to spite your face, not believe your lying eyes? Even a few of their own have doubts about the Islamists. Sam Harris comes to mind. But it is only a few.]


Pastorius said...

This guys tells it like it is, huh?

American Crusader said...

Just recently in Rome they have built a brand-new Muslim cultural Center and mosque. For many people Rome is the one of the most important Christians centers. Vatican City, although a separate entity, is located in Rome. It seems that we allow Muslims to build mosques, Muslim cultural centers and Muslim schools anywhere they want but try to build a Christian Church or a Synagogue anywhere in an Islamic controlled country. In Mecca, there isn't a single Christian or Jewish place to worship nor will there ever be. It's time to stop this double standard.

dag said...

I've written many times in many places about the International Brigades of the Spansih Civil War, and too about William Walker, American filibuster (military adventurer.) I've covered ideas from the invasion of Sweden to volunteering to wage war against jihadis in India, Bulgaria, and Thailand. I've also written extensively that designations of Left and Right are meaningless. That there is no such thing as race. The list is long but the central point is this: regardless of our postions on anything else we are either fighting for the furtherence of Modernity or we are fighting for a restoration of feudalism and primitivism. That's the only meaningful distinction any longer. Those of us fighting for Modernity must at some point take up arms and shoot people.

Whether we are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, or Taoists, Orthodox, Maronite, or Copts, none of it matters if we are allied with anti-Modernism in the form of dhimmi fascism, i.e. if we collaborate with the Muslim fascists' rampage against Modernity by giving way to sharia and dhimmitude for whatever reason, personal or ideological. A Christian has in common with a Taoist the struggle for Modernity in the form of medicine; the Hindu with the Orthodox in common the struggle for clean water; the Buddhist in common with the atheist the struggle for public education, and so on.

We are universally threatened by aggressive Islam. The forces of reaction in partnership with Islam include the fascist Left dhimmis of what we call the politically correct, but also the Green movement, and the White fascists of the Right.They all have in common against the Modernist progressive the hatred of universal Human rights, democracy, individuality, privacy, and the concept of the natural resources of the Earth as material.

Look at the range of Western Modernists to see the inclusiveness as opposed to the monoculture of fascists: John Wesley, Theo. Roosevelt, Leon Blum. The right of universal literacy; the right of assembly; the five day work week. The founder of Methodism; a Republican conservative icon; a French socialist.

Include then William Walker and George Orwell: an American pirate slaver and an English Trotskyite.

Toss in Cromwell, Jefferson, and Napolean.

All of those people and thousands of others one could note are the forces against Islamic and Left dhimmi fascist encroachment. Why is it then that today's Christians are dhimmi fascists and Islamic fascist allies opposed to that range of men?

Why is it that atheists are more likely to defend by force of arms the rights of Christians than is the WCC and PCUSA?

Then ask that famous if forgotten question from Lenin: "What is to be Done?"

american_infidel said...

I read somewhere once (sorry can't remember) that between 1998 and 2003, just in Indonesia, some 10000 Christians were murdered at the hands of the Indonesian Jihadists for the 'crime' of being Christian. During the same time, at least 1000 Indonesian churches were destroyed--leveled by Muslim mobs.

The response from so-called Muslim Moderates? Not a peep. These 'moderates' happily turn a blind eye to all the suffering inflicted in the name of Islam, preferring to focus solely on hysterical charges of "Islamophobia." Nor does the mainstream media care, giving no coverage to such ongoing atrocities.

Only on a small corner of the blogosphere, and in some Christian circles, does anyone have the courage or decency to discuss the truth.