Monday, November 14, 2005

And Another Thing, Don't Insult Your Muslim's Cooking, Capitain!

Just mention 'pig' and they go nuts. Well, I guess he could have stabbed him with a knife? Burning oil, knife...decisions, decisions

From the Australian -

Ship's cook 'poured boiling oil on captain'
From: By Eric Tlozek
November 15, 2005

AN INDONESIAN fisherman has pleaded guilty to pouring boiling oil over his boat captain while they were detained in Darwin Harbour.

Saiful Anam, 27, pleaded guilty in the NT Supreme Court yesterday to causing grievous harm to the Hok Soen Heng, the captain of the fishing boat he was working on.

The court heard the crew had been caught fishing illegally on May 7 and were detained on their boat at a quarantine point in Darwin Harbour 1.5km from shore.

Anam, the cook on the boat, had served the captain the evening meal on May 12.

But the captain threw the meal back at him and said it was not even fit for pigs, a deep insult to the devoutly Muslim Anam.

He checked the captain was asleep before heating a saucepan of oil.

Anam took the oil into the captain's cabin and removed a blanket from the sleeping man before pouring the oil on to his head.
The attack left the captain with third degree burns to his head, back, neck and arms.

He was taken to the Royal Darwin Hospital before being transferred to a specialist burns unit in Adelaide.

Defence lawyer Sue Cox QC said Anam came from a poor family in East Java and supported them with his income as a fisherman.

She said he was worried about being caught fishing in Australian waters and had asked to leave the boat in Kupang.

But the captain denied the request and told him he would lose his pay if he left.

Ms Cox said the captain had been criticising his cooking for some time.

Supreme Court justice Trevor Riley adjourned the case for sentencing.


American Crusader said...

Maybe it was unfit for pigs. Still should be plenty good for most Muslims.

dag said...

I used to cook sometimes, and now I thank God my wife merely walked out on me rather than pouring hot oil on my head.

Off topic, I guess, but I would like to mention to the ladies reading here that I read a book on Chinese cooking....

Johnny said...

This is not widely known outside their own circles but many, many muslims are Gay. They are so conflicted by this that they go ape and turn violent. This shows how disturbed muslims are.