Saturday, November 26, 2005

Best to Stay Ignorant

Today I went to the library to pick up the French language version of Andre Servier's Islam and the Psychology of the Musulman this afternoon. The book hasn't seen the light of day in 30 years and is very fragile and in terrible shape. The overweight lady, about 30 years old, who checked me out mentioned it was such an unusual book and asked if I read French?

I said, "Barely but my goal was to put the book online in its entirety." She was very interested and I explained I had already put the English version online and she asked for the address and I wrote it down on a piece of paper.

THEN she said 'We just got in a video about Islam and it was just 'amazing.'

Uh oh, I thought. I said "Well don't go to that website I gave you. Servier skewers Islam in his book."

She said, "Oh it's one of those sites?"

I said "Yes, and you may not like what it says."

She said, "No I wouldn't want to do that."

I said, "Yes, it's best to stay ignorant.", picked up my French Musulman and turned to leave. As I looked back, I saw her looking at me with this kind of stunned, puzzled look. I wonder if she understood the meaning of what I said.

Now I'll have to check out this "Islam video" and see what the ignorant infidels are feeding their brains.

This is another reason why we need to stop all Muslim immigration to America. They are working feverishly to propagandize the ignorant infidels through our universities, public schools and libraries. If they were not here, this brainwashing would not be near as advanced as it is today.


Pastorius said...

What's the matter with you, Axis of Islam? Don't you realize that Islam is similar to the beautiful New Age Buddhism of Thich Nat Hanh?

dag said...

Perhaps someday I'll write about libraries and bookshops, of librarians and bookdealers. Thngs have changed over the thousands of years that libraries have been in existence, and they haven't improved, according to me. Now that you've brought it to my attention I'll come back tomorrow witha quoation I hope you'll like, from a guy who didn't quite make it as a thinker and who gives the evidence we need to know why he failed to be a librarian.

That's my project for this weekend. That and reading a bit of Herder. Not bad, huh?

Heloise said...

Many thanks for putting out Servier's book on the web. Now I can recommend my friends read it whereas before it was extremely hard to come by.

I enjoy your blog site and have put it on my favorites list.

Always On Watch said...

At my local public library, I get lots of disapproving looks because of the types of books I check out: Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, Daniel Pipes, etc. In fact, the personnel on the circulation desk sometimes comment, when I'm checking out a different kind of reading material, "Not your usual today, huh?"

Some people prefer not to understand, I guess.

sissyblue said...

I'm sure a time will come when they won't even allow us to access such books... hate literature don't you know? I really learned ALOT from "Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam" and passed it on to a friend. I saw her last night and she said "What a great book. I need to go get my own copy because it's certainly one I'll refer back to." Obviously she's a truth seeker!

Anonymous said...

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