Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Classic from the Archive: CAIR Wreck: Stalin Syndrome Quiz

CAIR wants to give the world the truth about Islam.

Let's recall how CAIR manipulates to make the 'truth' to please them.

CAIR Wreck: Stalin Syndrome Quiz

Oh that CAIR. If they aren't out busy deceiving the Infidels, they've got to deceive the Muslims, or is it that Arab thing? You know, Arabs are superior to all other Muslims. Anyway, photoshop guys across the web are having a blast helping CAIR improve their Stalin photo doctoring. Here's today's pop quiz....


dag said...

Don't know about you but I'm envious of the attention Spencer's getting at jihadwatch: I've been trying for years to get CAIR to sue me, and so far not a hint of a suit. I don't even get cut-offs. I've never been collared. Not cuffed nor socked. The coppers don't have a jacket on me. Is it in my jeans? Man, with horrible puns like these one would think CAIR would rush to sue me.

Hoping you have bettter luck.

hutchrun said...

One way or the other the Koran must be taken to Court.
CAIR has to be shamed in Court.