Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Focused on the French Version of Musulman

I apologize to my visitors for not posting as frequently the past week or so. I have been starting on a new personal business and I am now working slowly and painfully on the French version of Andre Servier's French language Islam and the Psychology of the Musulman. This has turned out be very difficult due to the condition of the book. I feel like I'm working on some holy scrolls, that is how fragile the book I got from the ILL is. About 75% of the pages have broken away from the binding, and the paper itself has aged very poorly. Delicately lifting a page and the pieces around the darkened edges break away into flakes. I am surprised they sent this book, it's condition is deplorable, and they have never tried to repair the book as it deteriorated. On top of that, due to the inferior fonts used in 1922 and their fading and blurring over time, my OC software (the 'cadillac' of OCRs, Readiris) asks for my decision on letters about 5 times as much as with the much better quality English version which was a piece of cake to scan. Even then, I have to do much more proofing of the text converted. Try that with French when you only had a one year French course in high school 25 years ago. In a way, this is actually a good way to learn French, at least to read it.

I would like to write on Bush and his immigration and Iraq speeches, but what is there to say? Bush has lost me. When I learned that Bush and Rice were actually armtwisting EU states, like Greece, Austria and Germany, to let Turkey into the EU, it was the last of the last straws. This position is insanity, the position of a fool. Therefore, we have a fool for a President. I am not giving up on my Senators and Congressman. I urge everyone to use the email service of your Congressman or Senator to express opinions and recommend books for them to read.

I will be posting again soon as I will take a break from Les Musulman after I get 100 pages scanned. I currently have 42 done.


I am about 15% through.


dag said...

This might be the only hope the French themselves have left of reading the book in French. Another few years and they might not even be able to find books in English in their libraries.

dag said...

I've looked for the origins of the word poligion, and the best I can do is discover its use in Prophet of Doom, leading me to think that the writer who used it first at jihadwatch where I encountered it got it from that author. The earliest usage I've found so far is from May 2003. If anyone else comes closer to its origins I'd like to know.

This is one of the things that seperates us from our Muslim cousins. We like to know the meaning of things, and we do not close the doors on knowledge, al bab al ijtihad, as do the Muslims, especially not from fear that our knowledge will lead us to apostacy or atheism.

A good indictation of totalitarinaism is obscurantism, the disallowance of knowledge and restriction of ideas int the community.

"Those who would burn books will eventually burn people."

I applaud John's efforts to post his latest efforts for the world. This is one of our best thrusts into the heart of fascist Islam and Left dhimmi fascism.

Below is the link to Winn's sue of "poligion." I'm curious about who coined the term.

John Sobieski said...

I have wondered where you got poligion. I am going to call the research librarian who places my ILL requests tomorrow and see if he can request another French copy from another of the locations - I think there were six libraries that had it. I'll continue working with this one and if it comes in before I finish then I'll use the new one.

Wherever this book was kept is very dry and alternated hot and cold. It's the only reason why I can think this book just dried out literally.

hutchrun said...

Pakistan's ruling party, the Pakistan Muslim League (PML) has invited US pop singer Michael Jackson to visit the country, as an honour to him for embracing Islam last month.

Michael said...

Michael Jackson has been flirting with Islam for a while now, as he had some NOI security guys at his trial.

Always On Watch said...

No need to apologize. You're doing an important task.

Always On Watch said...

From that link about Wacko Jacko:

Congratulating Jackson for becoming a member of the "Nation of Islam" and inviting him to Pakistan, PML leader Kanwar Kutubuddin said that his conversion was a good omen for the Muslim Ummah.

Jackson's conversion was a positive development, especially because it came at a time when Muslims were being criticised by different elements at the international level, The News quoted Kutubuddin as saying.

Michael Jackson's conversion is a good omen?

Maybe Prince Charles will also be invited and congratulated.

American Crusader said...

15%...good luck. I don't know if you had a chance to see today speech by George Bush on the economy. Personally I thought it was a strong speech and he showed genuine leadership. Our economy has grown between 3 and 4% over the last 10 quarters and unemployment is down to 5%. Not bad..he deserves more credit in this area.

American Crusader said...

As for Michael Jackson...please, Islam can had him. What better representative could they have? He's already a pedophiliac.

Cubed © said...

Posting this book in French is a fine idea; don't forget, I'm willing to help however I can with the French, even though it's been cinquante-cinq ans since I spoke it.

I hope there is something like the old French Resistance of WWII around now; otherwise, the information may fall solely on French resolve that more nearly resembles the condition of the book than it does any of the brave men and women of the Resistance.

Re: Bush's speech, I am not confident that he means to pursue the border security issue very vigorously. I think that he, like his dad, wants the "New World Order," and that making of the Americas a single, essentially borderless entity, not just with respect to trade, but with respect to national sovereignty as well, is a serious goal of his.

He has stonewalled the whole border deal so completely for so long, and he has been so hostile to the Minutemen, that I must believe there is more to the border problem than simply wanting to "fill jobs that Americans don't want."

Much more.

Cubed © said...

"A good indictation of totalitarinaism is obscurantism, the disallowance of knowledge and restriction of ideas int the community."

Well said! It's a more precise guage of totalitarianism than any other practice. No other entity has ever been more explicit than Islam about the matter of forbidding questions, hence of thinking and acquiring knowledge.

Islam is such a pitiful thing that it just can't survive in the face of competition in the arena of ideas.

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