Thursday, November 03, 2005

Gaining Entre With Your Congressman

On other blogs, I have suggested that sending the 'right' books on Islam to our Congressmen could be a low cost individual initiative among the Islam aware public citizen. Today I wanted to give a followup on the results so far.

About 2 weeks ago, I had emailed both of my Senators and my Representative. I am not going to tell you their names, it doesn't matter. Surely everyone knows that John Sobieski is not my real name. The only reason I do not use my real name is concern that some crazy Muslim would want to track me down and do harm to me or my property. If you are not familiar with the Polish military leader and King, Jan Sobieski, he deserves a Google. Trivia: John Flamsteed in his astronomical catalogue published in 1725 confirmed the constellation named Scutum Sobiescianum - first identified in 1692 by Hevelius and named, Sobieski's Shield, as the constellation pays honour to Jan Sobieski. Not bad. My quest for understanding Islam has transformed my knowledge of history learned in high school and college, esp. pre-20th century.

I never got an email back from any of them. Perhaps I was too politically incorrect in my emails. It was quite long and had several quotes from the Qur'an.

Tuesday, I got a call around 5pm from the aid to my Representative. We spoke for 2 hours about Islam. I explained my concerns and how I believed it was very important for my Congressman to be knowledge and understand Islam without the politically correct filters. We discussed books that my Congressman should read. I offered and he accepted a gift to the Congressman of a copy of Robert Spencer's Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam. I mailed that to him today. He said it would take up to 2 weeks to receive because it has to go through new mail security procedures (that anthrax risk!). The point is, it will get there. I honestly believe the aide will read it, and I am hopeful my Congressman will read it too. Sidenote: As you know, Paris is burning, and I explained what was really going on.

I also suggested that, if he was impressed with Robert's book, he should contact Robert. I told him Robert would be glad to meet with my Congressman and others to discuss their many questions about Islam. He thought it was a good idea. I am hopeful about this too. I gave him other authors and scholars (Bostom, Bat Ye'or, Malkin, etc.) who would also be glad to meet with members of Congress on an informal basis. Wouldn't that be a great thing - get your Congressman to pass around Robert's book to other Congressmen and then have Robert come in for discussion with the Congressmen in a small, private, informal group setting? I think so.

I also offered to provide quick turnaround 'fact research sheets' from a conservative blogger point of view on any issues related to Islam and immigration. He could just contact me by email with some subjects or persons for me to research. I would do a google and google blog search, and provide him a summary of the conservative blogger discussion and opinions, keeping my 'research note' email to 1 or 2 equivalent pages. I hope he will give me a trial run.

The bottom line is out of 3 emails, I established an excellent rapport with my Congressman's aide and I am getting a copy of a very important book into the hands of my Congressman. I cannot guarantee he will read it, but it is a great start.

I plan to do followup emails with my two Senators. A book costs you $20 or less. If I bought 3 books and felt confident those books would get into the hands of my Senators and Congressman, that is $60 I believe has been well spent.

I would like for everyone who reads this post to consider a similar strategy.

Other suggestions for educating our Senators and Representatives, feel free to comment.

UPDATE: I received a call from an assistant to one of my Senators today (Friday Nov. 5th). I am going to send them a book also.


Pastorius said...

That's a great idea, and I actually know a few people who know my Congressman personally. Maybe I can make it happen.

American Crusader said...

I'm surprised that someone actually called you. I've sent e-mails to both senators from my state and have received nothing in return. Unfortunately though, living in New York I didn't expect much from Hillary or Chuck. Maybe I should try my congressman although I'm not going to get my hopes up. Living 6 mi. from Bill and Hillary, you can imagine there aren't many conservatives around.

dag said...

I read this post last night, and afterward I realized that in the past 35 years since I left home to wander around the world that I'm still American to the roots but that I don't have a place there anymore and likely won't again in this lifetime. I don't have a senator, I don't even have a family left back home to contact. And because of that I look at America not as a seperate nation of distinct people but as an attitude and a being of oneself in the mind, a free and decent man if one is and works hard at maintaining it in the face of other values. Any man can be what any American is, a free man with his own mind and his own values regardless of his location. And the opposite is true, too, that a man can go to America and take with him all his hatreds and tribal loyalties and kill our fellows without a second thought.

America is a state of mind, and because of that anyone can be free regardless of his place in the world. America is universal.

I'd love to go home again, but I've been away so long that when I do stop in for a visit it's just another foreign nation. So I make America wherever I am. And even in America I find it's not as American as I would have it. You might find it strange but Israel is American moreso often than is America itself.

Now I'm homesick and I don't have anywhere to go. Not a stranger in a strange land but on the road, exiled east of Eden, even unto the Land of Nod.

Pastorius said...

I understand what Dag is saying, even if it does almost cancel out the value of America. America is as much about a dream of what it can be, as what it is today.

Dag, although you might not like a lot of what he had to say, you are in the tradition of Thoreau; a man so much in love with the freedom that America gave you that you wanted to move beyond the boundaries to find even more.

It's funny, because that is also what America as a nation is currently doing. We are so in love with freedom that we are moving beyond our own borders and bringing it to Iraq and Afghanistan.

And, for that, we are hated.


America, Fuck Yeah!

dag said...

I quote, and misquote, Thoreau fairly often, playing with his lines about drumming up sopport for Modernity and the life of the mind, free in its rhythms, marching to fields unseen before and untrodden by the herd. And yet America, no matter how measured or far away, is still with us even if we're too far to recall it clearly.

I recall clearly Thoreau's essay on "The Iron Horse." What a powerful voice for progress and the glory of freedom.

I recall too my wandering around the world, and I see my relative's failure to bring the world of real decency to it: William Walker, failed revolutionary, and the man whose manifest destiny was matched by Thoreau's in such an odd way that it brings tears of laughter to my eyes. Ambassadors of America, each in his own way.

I'm thinking of going, like Tom Paine, to France. They did for us, and we should do for them the same. A self-appointed inspector of storms, of wine, of revolutions, of men in cruel times and hard places.

Life is so much fun sometimes! And I have the scars to prove it.

Someone complained that I write Haiku essays. The life of a goliard, a bard, a gun-toting school teacher.

America: Love it, leave it, take it with you, and spread it around. There's lots for all. Fuck, yeah!

leavingtheleft said...

Yes it can happen. This is what i`ve been saying all along. Education!

John great stuff!!!

leavingtheleft said...


Perhaps while waiting for rthe books to arrive, they might want to read this online (it`s free):


leavingtheleft said...


Instead of coming to America and lecturing to Americans about a faith of which he knows nothing but some lies and clichés that he has been told, I challenge the Prince of Wales to urge his panel of "wise men" to confront me and prove that my charges against Muhammad are false. Will he at least ask them to do that? If he really cares about the truth, this is the least he should do.

Permission is granted to publish this article and I encourage you to promote it as much as you can until it reaches the Prince and millions of others who like him are fed with lies about Islam. Being a 'useful idiot' is just as dangerous as being the enemy itself, or perhaps more.

hutchrun said...

Pakistan`s state sponsored terrorism:

Peace talks, in the circumstances, continue like time and tide with no end in sight. Musharraf may feel helpless in containing the ISI in its nefarious activities but is he equally helpless in cleansing Pakistani school text books of hate propaganda against Hindus and India? How can Pakistan be ever at peace with India if Pakistani children, right from their school days, are given a distorted picture of Hinduism? Consider some of the following extracts from government-sponsored text books approved by the National Curriculum Wing of the Federal Ministry of Education: These have been picked up from an article authored by one Amir Mir and available in 'Outlook'. 'Before the Arab conquest, people were fed up with the teachings of Buddhists and Hindus. Before Islam, people lived in untold misery'.

hutchrun said...

Saeed further said Kashmir was Pakistan’s jugular vein and the country couldn’t survive without it. “I am convinced that Kashmir can be freed through jihad,” he added.

Nizami added that the Pakistan government was labelling jihad as “militancy” because it “feared US President George Bush”, otherwise the rulers did not oppose it.

Nilk said...

Well done on the contact with your politicians.

I've not started that here; I'm just loaning out my books left, right and centre to friends and family.

My sister tells me I should educate myself about the issues before blaming Islam for the problems the poor muslims face. She now has Trifkovic to read for her homework.


Mind you, she's also of the school that believes that mercury based amalgam is bad for you, so wants to spend thousands of dollars replacing the fillings in her teeth. If she hasn't had her brain turned to jello by her teeth by 41, I don't see it happening any time soon.
/roll eyes.