Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Iran Propaganda Mouthpiece IRNA is a Riot!

Today the Swedish Secretary of State visited Iran's foreign ministry Mottaki. Isn't it amazing that all the mosques in Iran are screaming 'Death to the Infidels' but here comes this schmuck, and a former UN Ambassador for Sweden natch, and has a charming friendly conversation. Meanwhile, backhome the Swedes eagerly await their complete consumption by Islam. Anyway, doesn't this sound like a North Korea propaganda piece, only the geography and names are changed. These 'Little Hitlers' actually believe the world is getting close to the time that Islam will completely dominate the world. I'm sure Sweden will be first in line with France just behind.

Mottaki exchanges views with Swedish state secretary to foreign ministry Tehran, Nov 16, IRNA

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Wednesday that relations between Iran and Sweden enjoyed growing trend.

In a meeting with Swedish State Secretary to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hans Dahlgren, Mottaki said that Tehran-Stockholm relations have satisfactory capacity for cooperation and the two countries would take effective and constructive role toward resolving different problems by holding dialogue on mutual respect.

He welcomed positive steps being taken by Sweden to enhance level of relations and going ahead with consultations and exchange of views on regular basis.

Mottaki said that international dilemma ranging from disarmament, terrorism, discrimination, injustice and violation of human rights require collective resolve in cooperation with all nations.

He said that unilateral approach to international issues and certain states influencing state of affairs in the international community are stumbling block in the way of resolving global crises.

Mottaki said that Iran adopted open eye policy and pursues dialogue to help restore peace and stability worldwide.

He said that terrorism is inhuman adding that double standards made the situation worse, a reference to Israeli state terrorism against Palestinian activists and mass killing of defenseless Palestinians in refugee camps by tank shells or helicopter gunships.

Mottaki said that European states have provided the terrorists with freedom and facilities which is another example of western double standard.

On Iranian nuclear program, he said that Iranian nuclear program is for civilian purposes adding that access to nuclear technology in line with Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is the legitimate right of every member state adding that Iran has exercised constructive cooperation with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in enforcing Safeguards Agreement of the agency.

Mottaki also briefed Dahlgren on Iranian policy concerning other events of the region including Iraq.

Dahlgren said that Iran and Sweden have good record of constructive cooperation and called for boosting Tehran-Stockholm relations.

The senior Swedish diplomat said that his government is willing to hold consultations with Iranian officials to get acquainted with each other and reach understanding on regional and international issues.

On Iran's nuclear program, Dahlgren hoped that nuclear talks with Iran and European Union would be resumed soon.

Dahlgren, who was till recently Swedish Ambassador to United Nations, said that Sweden advocates multilateral approach to international issues and regards US unilateral war on Iraq as illegal.


Pastorius said...

Diplomats are subtle snakes, aren't they? But, in the case of modern Europa, they're convincing themselves to eat the apple. Oh, and what a knowledge of good and evil they will come to have when the Islamists start to take over.

American Crusader said...

Is it Europa or Eurasia now?
How comforting it is to know that Sweden is enjoying closer ties to Tehran. In the end, they will join the rest of the European countries who deceive themselves about Iranian ambitions. Good post John

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