Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kofi Annan, Islam's SuperBest Friend

I despise that the US pays for the UN and this closet Muslim Kofi Annan. I caught a posting of his speech at another of those 'international dialogue with Islam' conferences. Callimachus at Done with Mirrors posted it and his comments on this and a few other speakers. But what gets me is that Kofi Annan is utterly an enemy of the West. In fact, I suspect he is on the payroll, someway, somehow with the Islamic moneybags. Oh it will be interesting and disgusting to watch his Post UN activities.

Have your barfbag ready when you read this drivel.

From Callimachus at Done With Mirrors:

Kofi Annan's message, delivered in absentia, focused on the stupidity and misunderstanding of the West, which somehow has come to the absurd conclusion that, because Islamist extremists seek to destroy its cities and kill its people and topple its nations, it somehow has a problem with Islamist extremists. Fie on that, saith Kofi:

The world of Islam is a mosaic which is all too often seen by outsiders as a monolith. Islam's long and proud pluralistic tradition includes modernizers and traditionalists, sufis who seek to synthesize diverse strands of thought and purists who embrace only what they take to be the literal meaning of God's word as revealed in the Holy Quran.

Yet Islam's tenets are frequently distorted and taken out of context, with particular acts or practices being taken to represent or to symbolize the entirety of a complex faith. Some even claim that Islam is incompatible with democracy, or irrevocably hostile to modernity and the rights of women. Stereotypes depict Muslims as opposed to the West, despite a history not only of conflict but also of commerce and cooperation, and of influencing and enriching each other's art and science. ...

Clearly, there is a need to unlearn our collective prejudices; to promote a continuing dialogue among the great religions – a dialogue based on the premise that diversity – in thought, in belief, and in action – is a precious gift, not a threat. We must educate ourselves and our societies to go beyond stereotypes of the other, and to avoid simplistic categorizations that exacerbate misunderstandings and prevent real problems being tackled.

So much for Islam, as for extremism, Kofi buries that in the West's problem:

We must also unite in our efforts to address the extremism that is, alas, on the rise, not only in Islam but among adherents of many faiths. The great religions all contain pluralistic traditions, yet, increasingly, many of their followers are succumbing to exclusivism. The extremist's tendency to divide humanity into mutually exclusive groups or categories, and to treat anyone who tries to cross the dividing lines as a traitor, is one of the greatest threats that we face in the world today. Islam has perhaps suffered the most in this regard. Extremist dogmas have gained ground, impeding the progress and threatening the security of Muslims all over the world.

Which could easily be read literally as a condemnation of Arien Sharon's Judaism or George Bush's Christianity as well as Osama's Islam. Oh, and the way to deal with someone who is trying to kill you and your family? Don't even think about violence. Kofi says, use logic!

We must respond to extremists, but not in kind. If we respond to violence with violence, to anathema with anathema, to exclusion with exclusion, we will be accepting the logic of those we seek to defeat, and thereby helping them win new converts to their ideas.

On the contrary, we must respond to them with our own logic – the logic of peace, of reconciliation, of inclusion and mutual respect. We must resolve, even more firmly, to build nations within which people of different communities can coexist, and enjoy equal rights.

And we must resolve to build a world in which no nation, and no community, will be punished collectively for the crimes of some of its members; a world in which no religion will be demonized for the aberrations of some of its adherents; a world in which there will be no “clash of civilizations”, because people will strive to discover the best in each other's traditions and cultures, and to learn from it.


Ruggedtouch said...

It’s hard to imagine Kofi being any more disingenuous, condescending and just plain wrong.

I especially appreciated the comment, “Islam's long and proud pluralistic tradition…”, nonsense. Apparently, Kofi doesn’t understand that the pluralism he speaks of is the dhimmi status of dirty infidel in an Islamic society. Apparently, Kofi doesn’t understand that the dirty Infidel and other non-Muslims are oppressed and discriminated against in an Islamic society. The Copts in Egypt offer ample testimony to this. Try and find a Christian in the KSA hoping to attend Sunday services.

The U.N. under Annan’s “leadership” has been nothing short of a rudderless garbage scow careening from one disaster to another.

American Crusader said...

"Islam has perhaps suffered the most in this regard. Extremist dogmas have gained ground, impeding the progress and threatening the security of Muslims all over the world."
Unbelievable..I'm so glad that my tax money helps pay his salary. How can this guy be so obviously uninformed and yet he represents the UN..since the introduction of Sharia law in Nigeria, over 300n Christian churches have been destroyed. Last year over 30 Christian churches were destroyed in Indonesia and more to come.

Michael said...

Kofi Annan, a laughing stock of a man, presiding over a laughing stock of an organisation.

What a joker.

patrickafir said...

Yeah, that is pretty nauseating.

And Kofi's "logic of peace, of reconciliation, of inclusion and mutual respect" worked wonders in Rwanda, and do so now in the Sudan.

indonesian muslim said...

Delete this if you like, Mr. Sobieski, but you will not stop me from reposting, if necessary.

Your very first sentence "I despise that the US pays for the UN and this closet Muslim Kofi Annan.", I'm afraid, only shows how ignorant you actually are. One needs only to google intelligently to come up with the link below:

Google Answers: What Religion does kofi annan belong to?

Yes, Mr. America, (I'm assuming you are American) Kofi Annan is a Christian.

The same ignorance, unfortunately, also leads the average American into believing vehemently that, for instance, all muslims in Indonesia were cheering the bombing of the churches on the Christmas Eve of 2000. What a joke. Educate yourselves. Come here to Indonesia and ask an average Muslim what they think.

I, for one, didn't have my "barfbag" ready when I heard the news. Only I wasn't sick from laughing.

Say whatever you like, Mr. America. Educated people know better. And that goes for your little fan club here, too.

Peace be unto you.

jingle said...

It is writen in the Koran that a good muslim must kill those who aren't muslims. Our religion teaches us to hate everyone and Annan has finally accepted out muslim beliefs. Long live Allah and our continued suicide bombings !

Anonymous said...

Well - Goofy Nam-Nam - has not done much good since he took the chair as General Sectretary in the UN. At all times siding with the muslim world, and bashing the free Western World that made him, and his son/family, millionaires!

Whether he is a muslim or not does not really matter. He behaves like one!

Anonymous said...

To Jingle (et alii): I hope that your suicide bombs continue to fail and blow up in your own faces...and to the rest of you extremists on ANY side, get a clue...become violent, and violence is the only thing that becomes you! No wonder you want people to run away in fear...they don't even like you under normal circumstances!!! Don't take your sad, pitiful, worthless lives out on good innocent people of ANY religion and/or race claiming a bunch of bs lies! YOU are the losers when you try to project anything in the name of God...don't you see that He wants nothing to do with ANY of your violence or self made truths? How stupid are you people who live on the fringes of normal and decent society claiming to acting for "a cause"?! Have you even seen a psychiatrist about your mental condition? Or are you continuing to live in complete ignorance that you are already worthless and that's the real reason you are suicidal and have nothing to lose?...stop lying to yourselves and the rest of the world that you are "killing for God"! You are killing yourself for YOUR OWN ENDS...not for the truth from ANY GOD!!! Extremists are extreme loooooosers!

Anonymous said...

"It is writen in the Koran that a good muslim must kill those who aren't muslims. Our religion teaches us to hate everyone and Annan has finally accepted out muslim beliefs. Long live Allah and our continued suicide bombings !"

It always amuses me how ppl tale one part of Quran n interprete it literally without knowing the rest of the Islamic teachings. U should know, if u're so much as an expert by quoting excerpts of Quran that Quran also teaches peace n gorgiveness above all. That excerpt that u just quoted above, was an old ayat that was replaced by God himself afterward in the following ayats. Quran is not as simple as that. U must know the context why that statement was there in the Quran in the first place. And of course, when reading Quran, u must study the fil-rouge: that over and over again peace and forgiveness are the emphasis of the teachings. Many of those who bomb and kill and destroy churches are probably like u, my dear friend, they took one part of the quran and use it to justify their extremest actions. As my fellow Indonesian Muslim has put it nicely "Educated people know better". Why do u think we need education in this world? To be able to make the best of whatever beliefs we have. And u just made a fool out urself by saying Annan is a closeted muslim. He is Christian, n I have nothing against him except that he should have done a better job. I myself am a muslim who went to a Catholic school n proud for it. Start ur own education so u can write a better blog regarding religion.

Anonymous said...

You guys are out of your freaking mind!? You don't know what you are talking about! Quote: "I despise that the US pays for the UN..." Well, how do you despise that Saudi Arabia is biggest ally? Bush is just pushing to do $20B arms deal with them? Hey, not business deal -- arms deal! Americans could hardly stop Bush to give Saudis exclusive use of our biggest ports? Yet, there is something wrong with Kofi Annan? One of rich fat Saudi dogs is named Bandar Bush by our President himself!? Yet Kofi Annan is wrong for saying: Islam has perhaps suffered the most in this regard... Do you have any brain left in your freaking heads - or you have no balls to address the issue -- morons! Kofi Annan? Who is that guy, anyway? Is he a Jew?

Anonymous said...

Kofi Annan, Islam's SuperBest Friend? President Bush, Islam's SuperBest Friend. You shou should change the title!?

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