Friday, November 11, 2005

So That's What Muslims Mean by 'Innocent Civilians'

I'm glad they have cleared this up. Muslims are so two faced. Of course, the West is eating it up. I also think that Al Queda or whatever or whoever the favored 'accused' is, they have to be disappointed with the results - yes, the bombings went off well but the infidel to muslim ratio is upside down. Why not blow up a Jordan government building, the ratio would only be slightly worse? You might raise the Muslim kill rate from 90% to 100%, but isn't that tolerable if you can physically damage the government's infrastructure?

I can't say if these were corporate owned hotels, more often they are franchised to local Muslim capitalists or infidel/muslim partnerships, so the 'economic damage' is a wash - infidel and Muslim both lose. Ah, the life of a jihadist. Decisions, decisions. The really bad news is that Al Queda will be pressured to make sure they kill a lot of infidels next and that means another major bombing in Dar-al Harb, perhaps in Dar-al Harmerica.

Hamas, PA condemn Amman bombings

Al Khalil, Nov 10, IRNA
Palestine Hamas Jordon

The Palestinian Islamic resistance group, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have strongly condemned Wednesday night's bombings in Amman which left hundreds of people killed and injured.All Palestinian political and resistance factions have also condemned the carnage."We condemn these criminal actions that target innocent people," said Hamas leader and spokesman Mahmoud al-Zahar.

"Hamas and the Palestinian people extend our condolences to the Jordan government and people. Our prayers go to the victims and we wish a speedy recovery for the injured." Hamas'strong condemnation of the bombings followed a similarly severe denunciation by Jordan's largest political party, the Islamic Actions Front, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood's Supreme Guide, Abdul Majid Ethneibat, strongly condemned the bombings, calling them "criminal and terrorist by every conceivable standard."


American Crusader said...

The early signs show that Al Qaeda might have misjudged the reaction of Jordanian citizens. In a relatively peaceful country, by far the majority have demonstrated against Al Qaeda. As Syria misjudged in Lebanon it appears that Al Qaeda did the same in Jordan. Hopefully the backlash will alienate more Muslims from radical extremism.

dag said...

Yes, Jordan itself is relatively peaceful, given that its population is innatley violent, as one finds in dealing on a personal basis with criminals. And so too is the government in dealig with criminals. A very scarey place if one is in the midst of the lower elements. So, what one sees as a relatively peaceful place is in fact a very violent place in which the police-state controls the slightest aspects of every individual to an extent few in the West can understand even in the experience of it first hand; and the criminal elements, well hidden as they might be from the visitors to the Raddison Hotel, work in the shadows effectively, turning to crime at the risk of sudden death at the hands of the authorities. These are things most tourists don't encounter on a trip to Petra. One misses the so-called honor killings, of course, and usually misses the daily grind of abuse and torture that occures in every family unit. Violence, conditioned into every subject-- not citizens but subjects, property of the King-- explodes literally in Israel. The madness of Jordanian culture is expressed in jihad. The only problem the Jordanians have woth the explosions at the tourist hotels is that they didn't kill infidels.

These people don't care about you life one bit. Most, or at least many, would kill you for fun. They kill each other for less.

Anonymous said...

The Islamist Palestinians (remember Christian Palestinians exist) are scared of a Back lash from the Jordanians of course. That's what makes them innocent. Afterall, the moslems here in my corner of the west don't like their Palestinian brothers they just hate jews. Likewise in the Middle East. No moslem I can remember anywhere said anything about the executions, torture and expulsion of 300,000 Palestinians from Kuwait in 1991. If Jordan decided to expel the Palestianians from the region I guess no moslem anywhere would care again.

Always On Watch said...

This might interest you:

patrickafir said...

I missed this one. Yeah, it's pretty hypocritical, if not surprising. There's also a notable lack of outrage over the legion honor killings, maimings, acid attacks that occur in Jordan each year.