Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Wash. Post Editorial - Fires in France - Read and Explode - It's not Islam!

There is something seriously wrong in America's media. It is Orweillian - but in reverse. There is no 'government' propaganda board monitoring every thought, every printed word. But can you call this anything else but propaganda spewed out by a Muslim propaganda media company. Is the Washington Post owned by Muslims? They have been busily buying all the MSM companies in America. Only the internet is meaningful for the truth. The MSM, who are these reporters and editors? are they robots, turned on for a few minutes to dribble some gibberish and then turned off. Who is switching them on and off? How much does it pay? Can I get a job there or are infidels not allowed? How far do I have to walk to the on/off switch? Would you buy me a segway to make my journey easier?

Fires in France - Editorial from Washington Post but NO NAME!

Tuesday, November 8, 2005; Page A18

THE RIOTS in France have provoked their own mini-storm of misinterpretation, outside the country and among some of the French. So it's worth noting what 12 days (so far) of car-burning, looting and occasional shooting in the poor suburbs of Paris, and now dozens of other towns, is not about. It's not the European version of an intifada: Islamic ideology and leaders play no role in the disturbances, and many of those participating are not Muslim. [excuse me, but where did you get these FACTS so bluntly dropped like a concrete cinderblock on my peabrain infidel head] But not all the demonstrators are hoodlums and drug dealers either, as some senior French officials portray them; anger over high unemployment and racism has been building in these ghettos for years.[isn't it amazing how this has just become FACT]

It's also too facile to say that French authorities have ignored the problems. Billions have been spent on urban renewal: High-rise projects have been torn down and enterprise zones created, much as in some American inner cities. As in the United States, interlinked problems of jobs, schools, crime and discrimination have not easily yielded to government solutions. Yet until now, many in France assumed that what they regard as a superior "social model" protected them from the eruptions of lawlessness that in recent years have touched Los Angeles, Miami and New Orleans.

Caught by surprise, slow to react, plagued by political posturing and finger-pointing, the French leadership is demonstrating that poor crisis response is also not unique to U.S. administrations. Yet beneath the disarray -- embodied in the simultaneously laconic and belligerent behavior of President Jacques Chirac -- some fresh thinking is evident. Ironically, some of it comes from Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been pilloried by the demonstrators and left-wing press for his own ugly rhetoric. Mr. Sarkozy recently suggested that France abandon the pretense that all of its citizens -- including an estimated 5 million Muslims -- are treated equally, and adopt affirmative-action policies. He has also promoted the idea of a peaceful and tolerant "French Islam" to compete with imported ideologies of extremism. [Question Mr. Editor, if Islam is not the problem, why are you reporting about this????]

In the short term, French authorities have to take forceful measures to restore order. Should the violence persist, extremists could use it to create political or religious causes that do not now exist. But in the medium term, France would benefit from the kind of reexamination of its policies toward minorities and immigrants that Mr. Sarkozy suggests. It's no longer reasonable to pretend that the poor Muslim descendants of North Africans in crowded housing projects are indistinguishable from all other French. If mainstream politicians do not fashion an agenda of inclusion for them, more militant actors will have a vacuum to fill. [Thanks for setting us up for a 'told you so' down the road. What manure. Two paragraphs up you talk about the billions spent on the 'immigrants', now you say it wasn't enough, much, much, much more jizya is required. Did I get that right?]


Warner said...

The Washington Post is obviously prepared to cover the death of Western civilisation with the dhimmi's "whimper"..........As for me,I'll settle for the Crusader's "bang" thank you.

hutchrun said...

The French can respond in three ways. They can feel guilty and appease the rioters with prerogatives and the “massive investment plan” some are demanding. Or they can heave a sigh of relief when it ends and, as they did after earlier crises, return to business as usual. Or they can understand this as the opening salvo in a would-be revolution and take the difficult steps to undo the negligence and indulgence of past decades.

I expect a blend of the first two reactions and that, despite Sarkozy’s surge in the polls, Villepin’s appeasing approach will prevail. France must await something larger and more awful to awake it from its somnolence. The long-term prognosis, however, is inescapable: “the sweet dream of universal cultural compatibility has been replaced,” as Theodore Dalrymple puts it, “by the nightmare of permanent conflict.”


Only `useful idiots`, like those at the Post, would see it any other way.

hutchrun said...

Riots spark fear among French Jews

French Jews nervously watch as violence continues to spread through country for 11th consecutive night; While targetting of Jewish sites has until now been limited, community fears the worst is yet to come
Shirli Sitbon, EJP

Cubed © said...

"...Only the internet is meaningful for the truth..."

It is indeed, and only via the internet do we have a realistic chance to avoid the path of Europe.

Fifty percent of our population has no clue that Islam per se is the greatest threat we have ever faced, many of our government institutions, including State, and if you would believe it, even our military, are infested with PC, which is the chink in our armor that Islam is using to gain access to our country.

THEY have schools, outreach, propaganda groups like CAIR, and a religious obligation, driven by fanatically intense motivation, to establish a world-wide caliphate.

We have been steadily weakened by the Postmodernists, who have been nearly as well organized, and certainly as motivated, as Islam. The value systems of the two--Postmodernists and Islam--are so similar that they can say of each other, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Our enemies, the Postmodernists and Islam, are making headway so rapidly now that we have only one opportunity to alter the course of our history quickly enough for us to survive, and that is by using the internet.

While fifty percent of the population is essentially lost, there remains the other fifty percent who are still "reachable." Many of the "reachables" are parents who would like to know what to do, but don't have the means.

The well known chain of tutorial centers, Sylvan, has shown that the internet is a viable way of presenting course material, and has recently established tutorials using it.

My guess is that on-line tutorials for both children and adults about Islam and their partners in crime, the Postmodernists, would be the most effective way to do an end run around both of them.