Saturday, December 31, 2005

The EU Descent Into Amateur Porn

I am not a prude. Really, but I have never liked people who burn our flag and I consider the artworks pictured here, and recently billboarded in Austria distasteful, cynical and vulgar. Perhaps vulgar is what they mean by the term 'porn' in this recent news article at the BBC. Porn to me is the 'hardstuff', and anyone who has been to Europe knows European TV and films are far more racy than the US, but we're working on it!

What is also amusing in a 'I knew it.' way is the excuses the artists give. Even so, let them have their posters, just don't do it on the taxpayer's EU dime.

Isn't it ironic how Europe is being torn apart by the Muslims and ultraliberals. They are so opposite. You know the Mohammedans are just disgusted with the infidel's filth, truly they are najis. They wonder how much longer must they tolerate this oppression and the infidel's wicked ways.

Artists remove Austria sex poster BBC

Controversial images of Queen Elizabeth II, George W Bush and Jacques Chirac apparently having sex have been removed from billboards in Austria.
The posters, shown as part of a public arts project ahead of Austria's EU presidency, had provoked wide outcry.

The artists said they were withdrawing their work so as not to detract from that of others involved in the project.

Condemning what they described as "public censorship", the artists said the posters had been misunderstood.

No-one had bothered "to engage with the artistic message" of the billboards, they added.

The decision followed a meeting of the project organisers and curators on Thursday afternoon.

Pornography is in the eye of the beholder [more like vulgarity.]

Artist Carlos Aires

The posters were part of a series of 150 different images being flashed to motorists via billboards across Vienna.

Artists from across the EU had contributed varied works to the display, part of the 25Peaces art project which has received around 1m euros (£680,000) from the Austrian government.

The image by Spanish artist Carlos Aires, showing the naked threesome wearing rubber masks of the Queen and two presidents, caused the most controversy.

But denying his works were meant to offend, Aires told Austria's APA news agency: "Pornography is in the eye of the beholder.

"I suddenly had this image of three decision makers who are having an orgy while everything around them collapses." [The Queen is a decision maker? This creativity spasm should have been shaken off.]

'Distorted image'

Another image, of a woman lying naked on a bed except for a pair of knickers bearing the EU flag, was also condemned as pornographic. [Well, when I saw it, I thought it was saying "The EU is a pussy." and by pussy, I mean a weak, effeminate state, but that's just me and my already established opinion.]

Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel was not able to ban the posters but had appealed to the independent artists' group running the project to withdraw some of them.

In a statement, 25Peaces said: "We regret this development that totally distorted the image of the entire project." [Don't these words - misunderstood, message, distorted - sound a lot like like the Mohammedans?]

Opposition leaders and some of Austria's media complained the images demeaned women and had embarrassed their country as it prepares to take over the rotating EU presidency on 1 January.

Other schemes in the 25Peaces project have included planting a vegetable garden on Heldenplatz - the square where Adolf Hitler announced Germany's annexation of Austria.

A New Year's resolution worth keeping

A refreshing breeze of anti-dhimmitude from the heartland, just in time for New Year's Eve.

Key grafs:

Muslim fanatics are cultists—a part of a killing cult. Civilized countries put down killing cults. They don’t permit them to exist alongside legitimate religions.

The other world religions do not advocate murdering persons who do not agree with their religious tenets. Islam decrees, according to the Koran’s Allah, that non-Muslims be murdered or become slaves of Muslims. There are scores of sentences in the Koran stating just that—repeatedly.

Therefore, Muslim zealots who claim to be totally loyal to the Koran and the Koran’s deity live out that tenet. They live it out, even if it means they die for it. Therefore, they are self-pronounced members of a killing cult.

And die for it they frequently do, if not nearly quickly and often enough. US Marines, constantly engaged with the jihadists in Iraq's al-Anbar province, call themselves 'travel agents for Allah'. US Marines, gotta love them for their razor-sharp battlefield brand of humor.

Judaism, Christianity, Shintoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and other world religions espouse their teachings but none of their doctrines propose that non-devotees be slain. Islam decrees that as a top priority if one is going to be a practicing Muslim, loyal to the faith.

"The problem [is] ... [the monitoring of Muslim sites] further gives the Muslim community a sense they are suspect, they are under the gun," said Ahmed Younis, national director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.
You alledgedly moderate Muslims ought to be thanking the Federal government for trying so hard to find the 'small extremist minority' that is so defaming Mr. Younis' supposed 'Religion of Peace'. But, so far, it seems these Muslim front-groups are far more interested in stopping the US Government's intelligence gathering operations. Which, in my view, pretty much makes them party to their co-religionists, the jihadi terrorists.
That is why non-Muslims must realize that this war global is not politic against politic. It is democracy versus a killing cult. Some would say it is politic versus "religion." But more precisely, it is politic versus killing cult. That is the plain truth and the Muslims themselves would acknowledge that. It is the non-Muslims who sadly have not come to that stark awareness yet.
Are you non-Muslims out there getting the picture yet? Make it a New Year's resolution to help get the word out. Let's all resolve to taunt a liberal today with the Truth about the Killing Cult that is Islam.

Courage, my fellow anti-jihadists. We must prevail, and we shall.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Muslims mark New Year's in Indonesia

Muslims are commemorating the imminent New Year on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi this morning. Now, how do you suppose the Muzzies there are marking this occasion? Did they conduct any interfaith meetings with non-Muslims, perhaps? Feed the poor or build homes for the homeless infidels?

Of course not.

A bomb has exploded near a house on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi killing at least seven people and injuring more than 40. Local media say the bombing took place Saturday morning outside a house in the town of Mahesa that was selling pork meat to Christians. Six people died at the scene while the seventh victim died at a nearby hospital. Witnesses said many of the victims were lining up to buy pork from the adjacent kiosk.

Brig. Gen. Oegroseno, Central Sulawesi Police Chief ... refused to identify the perpetrators pending further investigations.

Hey, police chief, grow a brain! As if the perpetrators of yet another outrage could be anyone else other than the jihadists, following their "religion's" teachings. But why would the Jihadists keep killing infidels? Well, maybe the would-be pork buyers were Zionist agents, or perhaps they were CIA operatives. Of course, if Indonesia hadn't supported America's war against Iraq, such tragedies would never occur ... oh wait, they didn't, never mind.

I am not going to hold my breath, waiting for the so-called Muslim moderates in Malaysia (or elsewhere) to lecture their co-religionists on how their view on Islam is distorted. The response I expect from the muzzies? Silence. Same as usual, in other words.

This article continues on, with some background information on the story. The article's word choice reveals a subtle but definite bias, and reflects the MSM view that steadfastly refuses to accurately portray the sheer bloody-mindedness of Islam:

Central Sulawesi has been the center of bloody conflicts between Christians and Muslims in recent years.

No, this is not violence "between Christians and Muslims". In actuality, the Muslims are doing all the killing, and the Christians are doing all the dying. In other words, the violence is all going in one direction, but one would never know it from reading articles like this.

Expect more of the same in 2006. It's going to be a long war.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Islam and Gaza

There is no rule of law except tribal law of Mohammed in Gaza. All these kidnappings and ransom, it's 628 AD and Mohammed is on a roll, killing, kidnapping, demanding ransom and more jizya from the dhimmis. Why is anyone surprised that Gaza has arrived. They got there with the help of the West. No economy, yet they aren't starving. You cannot make any comparison between the suffering in Gaza and the Sudan. But what they do have in common is ISLAM, that cult of death and hatred for the non-believers. The other cancer in Gaza is the jizya the West throws at it. It is a complete waste, stolen or worse, used to further deform these unsympathetic parasites; they don't starve, they don't have to work, the West will build their houses, supply their food, whatever. Yes, we helped make this journey back in time complete. Enjoy the view.

Increase in seizures prompted exodus of foreigners
From Ian MacKinnon in Gaza

SECURITY has deteriorated to such an extent over the past year that only a few dozen international staff dare to live and work in Gaza.
Those left working for the nine United Nations agencies live under curfew and must be back in their guarded apartments before nightfall. [Did you catch that? NINE UN agencies. It's a terrible joke on the West. We have to have 9 agencies to feed this parasite.]

After the seizure of two staff in July and August, all but twenty-five “critical and essential” UN workers have withdrawn to offices in Jerusalem and Amman. Security officials have become increasingly alarmed that foreigners are being kidnapped to win maximum attention for an array of demands. [So ALL the UN staff is watching TV and ordering room service on our tab? Really, what are all those people doing if they aren't 'at work'?]

Some gunmen have wanted the back payment of their Palestinian Authority security forces wages, the release from prison of a relative, or even the lifting of the death penalty against a family member.

In every case the authority has caved in to the kidnappers’ demands, fuelling the cycle of seizures by clans or groups of renegade gunmen who have seen the snatching of foreign staff as a quick way to resolve their difficulties.

Most kidnapping ordeals have ended within a few hours, with the hostages freed unharmed. But the seizure in September of Mohammad Ouathi, a sound engineer working for French television, set alarm bells ringing.

He was released after nine days held in chains in an underground cell where the light was left on day and night to disorientate him. His ordeal pointed to a degree of sophistication and planning hitherto unseen in Gaza kidnappings. [Hello, Amnesty International? Yes, I want to report inhumane conditions and torture of infidels in Gaza. CLICK!]

Staff left working in Gaza are now escorted from their homes to the office in two-car convoys by unarmed security officers known as the “Golf Team”. The team carries state-of-the-art communications equipment and has been ordered not to intervene in a kidnapping but immediately to contact the Palestinian security forces.

When UN staff travel outside Gaza City they do so in armoured vehicles to enable them to escape a hold-up. [hahahahahahaha. It is just too funny.]

Apartments used by the international staff lie in the city centre and are patrolled and checked regularly by members of the Golf Team.

But the security precautions provided to the UN staff are generally not available to people, such as Kate Burton, who work for smaller, independent non-governmental agencies, leaving them more at risk. [If you don't know, Kate Burton is the rich brat 'socialist activist' who was recently abducted. She LOVES the Palestinians and Islam. Oh, and her father was a top drawer bureaucrat for that viper government, the EU. Retired now and living off all that fat.]

Closet Muslim Karen Armstrong Still Struggles With Her Stupidity

Karen Armstrong is a closet Muslim, a Mohammedan in bad drag. She gave an interview to Al Jazeera that is absurd. Let's take a look at Mohammedan Armstrong's own words.

Scholar: There is no clash of civilisations
By Firas Al-Atraqchi in Cairo, Egypt

Tuesday 20 December 2005, 17:12 Makka Time, 14:12 GMT

Armstrong was in Cairo as a guest of the American University. [Great! We are paying to have this idiot travel around whining about the misunderstood Mohammedans.]


Armstrong is currently teaching Christianity at London's Leo Baeck College for the Study of Judaism. Her latest publication focuses on the birth of compassion in the pre-Christian Axial Age. [I hope Homeland Security prevents this clown coming to the USA]

Firas Al-Atraqchi,'s contributing editor, recently caught up with Armstrong in Cairo where she was delivering lectures on religion as part of the American University in Cairo's English public lecture series. What is the common denominator linking all the faiths you have studied?

Armstrong: I would say compassion and the Golden Rule, ("don't do to others as you would not have done to you") which is what they all teach. I was with the Dalai Lama a couple of months ago and he said all religions teach kindness. He said: "My religion is kindness." [Is this not the stupidest statement you have ever heard?]

"Since 9-11, hostility towards Islam has accelerated which is endemic in our society"

Some - as we have seen by our own British bombers - are appalled by the pictures coming out of Guantanamo, Iraq and Abu Ghraib and daily from Palestine. This feeds into an alienation that they feel from their own British culture they were brought up in. [Give me a break! It's all the West's fault. Haven't you heard?]

Since 9-11, hostility towards Islam has accelerated which is endemic in our society. On the other hand, these images of people being beheaded on TV just reinforce these old stereotypes and make it more difficult for Muslims to feel at home. [You think?]

But there is no clash of civilisations in an ontological way.

At the beginning of the 20th century when Muslims first began to encounter the modern West, they recognised it as congenial to their own traditions. But then bad foreign policy - Palestine, Suez, the support of tyrannical dictatorial rulers, and the rush for oil (which often meant that ethics were overlooked) - has alienated many in the Muslim world and made them feel the West is a double dealer. [Please, Mohammedan Armstrong is still playing that same old whine that nobody who has bothered to study Islam believes.]

I was with Desmond Tutu - I am on a United Nations committee called Alliance of Civilisations which tries to bring people together - and he was saying how appalled he was that Tony Blair was trying to push through a law allowing detention without trial for 90 days. [Great, another corrupt 'dialogue' committee that we, the American taxpayers, pay for these closet Mohammedans to spew hatred for the evil infidels.]

The race riots in France and Australia, they involved Arab and Muslim youth. Is this a harbinger of things to come?

I don't know much about the riots in Australia as I have been travelling, but the French riots had very little to do with Islam and much more to do with deprivation and ostracising, racism. There's been trouble brewing in France for so long with the immigrant communities which are kept in some type of ghettoes. [There you go. The expert speaks.]

Similarly, with our British bombers, they were kept in a part of Yorkshire, in northern England, that I have never visited. And that is indicative - I wouldn't go there. [Don't you want to be among 'your people', closet Mohammedan Karen?]


But there are places where Pakistani youths are at the bottom of the pile. They have very little chance for advancement. There were in 2001 race riots there, before 9-11. It is race and second classism, a sense that there is no way they can make their way forward in society. [But what about all those non Muslim immigrants that do make their way successfully? Why do they succeed but your fellow Mohammedans don't Karen?]


We are not talking about a universal Islamic Jihad and it was wrong of the papers to call these Muslim riots; these were just riots about deprivation and discrimination. [But tell me Mohammedan Karen, why did they scream "allah akbar?" while they burn state property and infidel property?]


Some have called you a healer idealist while others point to your description of Islam and say you must be a Muslim. How do you describe yourself? [Yes, closet Mohammedan Karen, jump out of that closet!]

I wouldn't say I am an idealist because I am far too pessimistic to be an idealist. But I have a strong sense of dread, a prickly feeling that we have been here before and we can't go down this road again.

I first got it during the Salman Rushdie crisis - a feeling that in Europe we have been here before. We have cultivated a distorted vision of a people for a thousand years and this ended in the death camps in the 1930s. And we can never go down this road again.

When I started to hear people talking in this loose-lipped way about Islam, I felt a sense of real fear that somebody, even if it had to be me, had to correct these perceptions. [Oh, closet Muslim Karen, save us from our foolish observations of Islam.]

Furthermore, I really admire the Muslim tradition so much. The Prophet Muhammad is the most magnificent example who inherits the most appalling situation - in Arabia at the time there was a bloodbath - and brings peace out of it. And at a great personal cost to himself. [Can you believe that statement? Karen Armstrong would have loved to be in Mohammed's harem, she would probably gets wet with the thought.]
And not only that, but he bequeathed to humanity a scripture that has helped millions of human beings to make sense of their lives.

To have such a combination of very strong spiritual genius with political genius is extraordinary. So there is that admiration.

At the height of Islam's power, Muslim theologians were so pluralistic and daring and affirmative and inspiring; people like Ibn Arabi and Rumi. [Right, closet Mohammedan Karen. If you say so. So what happened to turn Islam into a murdering death cult?]

I was very alienated from religion by my own experiences as a young nun and wanted nothing to do with religion. [Oh no, is she still dealing with her loss of her Catholic faith? What a whiner.]

But it was the study of Islam and Judaism, but Islam particularly, that brought me back to a sense of what religion could be at its best. [Don't you hate these closet Muslims? Just go ahead and say it Karen, say it, "I am a Mohammedan. The greatest 'prophet'." ]

It gave me an entirely new perspective on things. Even though I am not a Muslim, I have absorbed so much of Islam that it has become a part of me. [What a hack. Just say it, closet Mohammedan Karen. You want to. Why not?]

I used to describe myself as a freelance monotheist because I draw inspiration from all - I cannot see any of them as superior. And that has now spread to Buddhism and all the rest. [Oh, she is just a bumblebee, flitting from religion to religion, tasting the nectar but Islam was the best flower with the best nectar in her opinion I guess.]

I see all of them just equal, each with its own genius and with its own flaws.

At the moment, I would describe myself as convalescent; recovering from a bad religious experience by the study of these other traditions which continue to inspire me and feed me. [Can you stop the whining, or is it just 'me, me, me' all the time. What a wretched screwed up woman.]


The discipline of trying to put myself out of my post-enlightenment 20th-century rationalism and the feeling of superiority and into the mind of the Prophet [or his harem] and the mystics of long ago teaches me about compassion and to feel with others.

And that spills over into my personal life. I get very upset now by unkindness in any form. I have a thinner skin than I used to have. [Good, come visit my site and let's see how upset you get.]

So have I found God? As the Chinese would say: "I am on the way." The Now is the point; what's important is the why you're actually on the way and not to be so concerned by the destination. [What drivel from this confused 'traumatized' former dhimmi, now closet Muslim. I think a White House invitation by Bush is in order for this bumblebee 'expert' in Islam, don't you?]

Religious Police steal the dead, and it's legal

To understand Islam is to understand that Muslims see the world in a way very different from our own. Islam is so different from our own society, that it requires the mental equivilant of standing on one's head.

Take, for example, the death of a loved one. A death of a family member, especially a close relative, is a time for grief and mourning. Ask anyone that has gone through such an experience, and they can tell you that it can be a very difficult time, under any circumstance.

Now imagine, at what could very well be the nadir of your life, the time of greatest pain and suffering you can fathom, the authorities barge into your life, into an intensely personal tragedy, and with no preamble or notice, summarily takes away the body of your loved one. They get to decide how your family member's mortal remains are disposed of, not you. This is a nightmare beyond all imagining. Frankly, I can't think of any other scenario that could make an already dreadful situation worse.

Well, in the Islamic world, this happens all the time. In particular, if you have the situation of a non-Muslim (a dhimmi) that the religious police merely suspect has converted to Islam, then they can promptly seize the dead body in question. After all, the Muzzie enforcers know best, and no silly family blubbering is going to interfer with the will of Allah.

This horror, of the religious police confiscating a family's loved one, was recently visited upon a family here in Malaysia. The family of a recently deceased, minorly famous Malaysian, had no say in the matter because, hey, this is an Islamic state we're talking about. The family in question is a Hindu family, and they all claimed that their beloved was also a Hindu, but of course all was to no avail. The dead minor celebrity was doubtlessly a Muslim, sayeth the Religious Police, end of story. The family even had the wherewithal to 'appeal' the 'decision' to the 'Sharia High Court' (May we please have our loved one's body back?). Of course, the 'court's' decision was pre-determined from the beginning. Appeal denied, thank you, the door's over there.

This story has outraged me, more than the usual Islamic injustice stories I hear about. That's because I have experienced, first-hand, the death of a close loved one, and I can barely imagine this sort of travesty. But this is all quite normal in Dar-al-Islam, and the dhimmis in Malaysia are resigned to it.

Unless we infidels develop some backbone, quickly, this will be a glimpse into our own future.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More Detail on the Harvard 'Madrassah - Whorehouse' and It's Mohammedan Johns

Georgetown and Harvard are the favorites bitches for the Desert Johns. That is without question, although the Shieks have been buying whorehouses across all of our university campuses, from sea to shining sea, Harvard and Georgetown have the best bitches with name recognition.

Not only has Harvard received their $10 million booty last month, they have a long history with their Arab Johns. Ben Shapiro dices and slices this illicit and hypocritical lovenest.

When Harvard Met Saudi (Human Events Online)

by Ben Shapiro
Posted Dec 28, 2005

Demonstrating once again that Harvard has no scruples, Harvard President Larry Summers recently accepted a $10 million donation to the University by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The donation will be utilized to create a department chair known as the Prince Alwaweed Bin Talal Professor in Contemporary Islamic Thought and Life. President Summers explained that the donation would “enable us to recruit additional faculty of the highest caliber, adding to our strong team of professors … [in] this important area of scholarship.”

Forgive my cynicism, but somehow I doubt that accepting a $10 million Saudi donation is primarily an exercise in broadening Harvard’s intellectual horizons. More likely, it is about the money.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Meanwhile, Paris Smoulders

The International Herald has an interesting article about the 'yutes', the unhappy Muslims surrounding Paris.

In French suburbs, rage 'is only asleep'

What is really interesting is how cocky these Muslim yutes are. Better speed up that jizya, Frenchie, or they'll burn your precious Louvre to the ground. French elections cannot come soon enough.

BONDY, France "Burn!" A knot of young men join their voices in a battle cry as they edge closer to the silhouette of a parked Mercedes, some of them aiming what look like handguns, others reaching for lighters.

In the harsh light of an underground parking lot in this grim suburb northwest of Paris, the guns and lighters are imaginary - but the sense of aggression is real. As one of the young men films with a digital camera, the others move to the angry beat of music blasting out of an open car door, echoing into the dark December night.


"One thing the riots have shown is that these kids are desperate for attention," said Samir Mihi, a social worker in Clichy-sous-Bois. "We're trying to tell them that you matter most when you vote, that's when politicians have to start listening to you." [I don't think these yutes are interested in voting, they are into looting and terrorizing the Frenchies.]

He said he was concerned that a new outbreak of violence - or even intensified media coverage of burning cars on New Year's Eve - would strengthen parties with anti-immigrant platforms.

In a poll published by the newspaper Le Monde earlier this month, more than one in six respondents felt there were too many immigrants in France. [That's all?]

"The more people are afraid, the more they will demand security policies rather than social policies," Mihi said. "That is precisely what is not in the interest of these kids." [Yes, effective security and deportations would definitely crimp their 'interests.']


"The rage in the suburbs is only asleep," said Balastik, a French youth of Mauritanian origin who has been jobless since dropping out of school seven years ago and is dreaming of a career as a rapper with his band, Styladone. "It wouldn't take much to wake it up again." [Doesn't this have that Palestine 'we had a ceasefire until Israel broke it' ring to it. As you recall, Mohammed had not problem breaking any 'contract' using the most insignificant or fabricated event.]


"We're thugs and we're proud," Balastik quipped, adding that music was "one way of dealing with the frustration of never getting a reply to your job application." [Like this lazy Musulman who dropped out of high school has ever even put together a resume much less filled out an application.]

Others channel their anger differently. Cars have continued to burn every night since the riots ended, including more than 100 across France on Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Malaysia's Myopia on 'Militants'

Malaysia's New Straits Times in a recent article quoted Malaysia's top anti-terrorist official, one Ansyaad Mbai, head of something called the 'anti- terror desk at the Co-ordinating Ministry of Security and Politics.' Gotta hand it to those Malaysians, they do love their long-winded titles and names.

So here's what Mr. Ansyaad had to say about those malingering 'militants' (thou shalt not call them, under any circumstances, Islamic terrorists):

"Hardened militants imbued with the jihadi ideology do not listen to ulama [Islamic clerics] and only follow the words of their leaders."

The Malaysian media is now daring to print the term "jihadi ideology" out in the open. That's the good news.

The bad news? The bad news is that this is not just some pundit's opinion, but the official government stance here. I can see at least two fallacies with this argument.

First, this fellow is insinuating that the ulama, the Muslim clerics, are all really peace-loving sorts, just the sort of folk that would never tolerate the "jihadi ideology". This starkly flies in the face of reality, a reality where the Islamic clerics are leaders of jihadist organizations everywhere, from Indonesia's Abu Bakar Bashir (co-founder of Jemaah Islamiyah) to Sheik Omar Addel-Rahman (one of the chief instigators of the first attack on the WTC in New York in 1993). Every Friday, everywhere in Dar-al-Islam, the ulama are busy indoctrinating hatred of all things infidel. The ulama doesn't tolerate the Ideology of Jihad? Come on, Mr Ansyaad, these folks are at the the very forefront of the global Jihad movement.

The second fallacy? Well gosh, implies this Mr. Ansyaad, if it weren't for these unnamed treacherous renegade leaders of the 'militants', there'd be no other source of this "jihadi ideology." Another bald-faced lie. Jihad is a core element of Islam, clearly enunciated by Mohammed and strongly supported by numerous sura in the Quran and other authentic Islamic teachings. This is reflected by the fact that the terrorists themselves are able to strongly support their own ideological case with frequent Quranic references. The so-called Muslim moderates have no real answer to the terrorist contention that their Jihad is genuinely Islamic.

So, this Mr. Ansyaad, supposedly an expert in his field, is either incompetent beyond belief, or he's lying.

A Very Merry Infidel Christmas

We at Pedestrian Infidel would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Remember the reason for the season--this is a Christian holiday, after all. However, the spirit of giving, selflesness, and the search for genuine peace and understanding is not just confined to Christians, but those of all faiths (or no faith) that sincerely share these same values. Even in this time of the Great Islam Jihad, we must always be mindful of the fact that we are superior, moraly, culturally, and ethically, to those that would destroy our way of life. Christmas is but the perfect occasion to mark these salient points.

And, also, have fun out there this Christmas season! Party, dance, cavort, sing, celebrate, listen to music, drink alcohol and consume pork. This should do nothing but infuriate our enemies and raise our own morale.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Malaysia Passes the "Islamic Family Law Bill"

Malaysia continues its slow and steady decline into 'Islamic Republic' status. Here's the latest example of this trend ... the 'passing' of the insidiously named "Islamic Family Law bill".

... the Government had taken into consideration the concern of women over several provisions which they felt would enhance the rights of Muslim men in cases of polygamy and their rights to divorce.
How wonderful it must be to be part of a Muslim family, that is, as long as you're the man in any such arrangement. Declared in the Quran as Allah's law, and codified by Sharia, the men rule surpreme, with women forever condemned to virtual chattel status. That's all Muslims need to know about family. But even the apologists in the government here find it impossible to ignore the Gender Apartheid that is supposed to be the Muslim family unit.
"Many women have been cruelly treated by the [shariah] system. Syariah[shariah] laws safeguard the rights of all women, men and children but sometimes, the implementation is unfair towards women."
Cruelty to women? Who are you to question the will of Allah? Careful there, you might start to sound western in your views towards women's rights.

It's not like there was any chance this Islamic Family Law bill (that just gives me the shivers, hearing that ) wasn't going to pass. Not like there's any meaningful democracy here anyway, when the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) party controls some 90+ percent of the parliament. The remaining part is mostly controlled by the Jihad/Islamist Party, called PAS. BN can ram whatever legislation it wants through the parliament at will ... ah the joys of an Islamic democracy.

The only meaningful difference between the two political parties is that BN prefers the slower encroachment of Islam into all segments of the national life, while PAS prefers to emulate an Iranian-style overnight 'Islamic Revolution'. The frying pan or the fire, those are the choices in Malaysian politics.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

India's Problems Sound So Familiar is an Indian portal site. They also have articles that sometimes relate to India, it's problematic Muslim neighbors and illegal immigration and Muslim fundamentalism. It is really fascinating because the problems are similar to our own. The Bangladesh gov't. is fighting India building a fence. Let's see, Vincente Fox has been raising hell about our fence proposal. Illegal immigration from Bangladesh is transforming demographics in border states. Let's see....

Here's an excerpt from a recent article

The Rediff Special/Ramananda Sengupta

Why India is concerned about Bangladesh

December 22, 2005

Apart from the longstanding worry of over massive illegal migration from Bangladesh, the main Indian concerns include:

Rebels from northeast Indian states who operate with impunity from Bangladeshi territory
The growing influence and activities of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence and Al Qaeda in Dhaka.
Rapidly rising fundamentalism and anti-India sentiment in Bangladesh
Increasing cross-border traffic in drugs, arms, women, children, and cattle
The mushrooming madrassas springing up along the border, many funded by Pakistani and Saudi Arabian 'charities'
Repeated skirmishes between India's Border Security Force and the Bangladesh Rifles over disputed territory and the latter's attempts to stop the fencing work being undertaken by India
Dhaka's perpetual refusal to grant transit rights and permission to Indian companies like Tata to set up shop there.
Dhaka meets all these charges with staunch denial. In turn, it accuses India of bullying its smaller neighbour, interfering in its internal affairs, starving it of water and sheltering Bangladeshi criminals.

The massive influx of refugees fleeing persecution in East Pakistan -– as Bangladesh was called then -- was one of the reasons for India's decision to assist the Mukti Bahini, which was fighting for liberation from Pakistan.

Most of these people are economic migrants, people trying to escape the extreme poverty and lack of facilities in Bangladesh," says the Indian diplomat. "But this poses not just a demographic threat, as seen in states like Assam, but also a security threat, since it is impossible to separate the truly poor migrants from terrorists with an anti-Indian agenda who sneak in with them. Given the rising fundamentalism in the country (Bangladesh), the second component is increasing by the day."

As for offering shelter to insurgents, almost every northeast rebel captured by Indian forces insists they were given permission to operate out of Bangladesh, and the Indian government has repeatedly presented lists of such camps to Dhaka, only to be met with a wall of denial.

At a conference organised by the BSF in Kolkata on June 23, West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya said infiltration had dramatically changed the demographic pattern of certain parts of the country, including West Bengal.

'In many places, there are more Bangladeshi settlers than Indians. There are groups who spread the message of Islamic fundamentalism. Other groups are directly involved in subversive activities. The third group is that militants who have sought shelters in Bangladesh after being driven out of Bhutan. All these groups are receiving support from the Bangladesh government. We can't compromise on this,' Bhattacharya warned.

'From Bangladesh, they are operating Islamic fundamentalist groups. They are recruiting jihadis from India and sending their fundamentalist leaders to campaign in bordering states of India,' he added.

At the India-Bangladesh Border Coordination Conference that ended in New Delhi on September 30, BSF Director General R S Mooshahary clearly listed India's concerns before his Bangladeshi counterpart Major General Mohammed Jahangir Alam Chowdhury, director general, the Bangladesh Rifles.

Handing over a list of 172 Indian insurgent camps inside Bangladesh, the BSF chief said there was strong evidence that the leaders of outlawed organisations were operating from Bangladesh.......

Terrorists' Lawyer--"Jihad is their duty as Muslims"

Islam, in the Quran and elsewhere, commands all Muslims to engage in Jihad, or holy war, against non-Muslims. This is an existential threat that we ignore at our peril, which is something we at Pedestrian Infidel have been emphasizing all along. Well, our contention is now getting some powerful backing from a somewhat novel direction. Where from? Oddly enough, this very principle is being used as the defense of 72 al-Qaeda-linked Islamic terrorist suspects now on trial in Istanbul, Turkey for the multiple suicide bombings there in 2003.

Essentially, these defendants are arguing, "My religion makes me do it (Jihad), so we should not be guilty for doing it." To quote one of the terrorists' lawyers, a Mr. Karahan:

"If you punish them for this, tomorrow, will you punish them for fasting or for praying?...If non-Muslims go into Muslim lands, it is every Muslim's obligation to fight them," Karahan said.

[editor's note: Muslims, their prophet, and the Quran all ultimately claim the entire planet as 'Muslim lands'.]

If this defense sounds familiar, it's because the Nazis that were tried at Nuremburg over 50 years ago tried the same "we were just following orders" defense (and look how well it worked for them). It's not the first time the Jihadists borrowed ideas from the Nazis, but I digress.

So what's different this time around? The naked fact that violent, aggressive Jihad is a part of Islam's timeless core, and is an inherent duty for every Muslim, is being admitted in open court as part of the terrorists' defense. If this doesn't prove that we're right, then I don't know what does.

Jihad and terror is not 'extreme' Islam, nor is it 'radical' Islam. It is traditional, time-honored, and mainstream Muslim thinking, and this trial proves that yet again. But is anyone in the West paying attention?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Will Victoria's Ban on Badmouthing Islam Be Confronted Again

Early this year, Victoria successfully prosecuted two Christian pastors for badmouthing Mohammed. Gerard Jackson at BrookesNews.Com is throwing down the gauntlet. I bet they ignore it.

Muslim bigots impose blasphemy laws on Victoria

Gerard Jackson
Monday 19 December 2005

At the behest of Muslim bigots and multiculturalist fanatics the Bracks Government suspended free speech in Victoria by imposing a blasphemy law dressed up as an anti-vilification law. This has given Islamo-fascists a freehand to attack critics of Islam. ...

It genuinely grieves me to have to do this because the Muslims I have known and worked with have always been decent to me and never raised the question of religious beliefs. But Bracks’ vile laws and the totalitarian behaviour of EOC and VCAT officials have left me with no alternative. So here goes: The Koran is crap and Mohammed was a child-molestering, thieving, lying, murderous sadistic misogynist who couldn’t even spell his own name. How anyone with half a brain could be taken in by this loathsome thug beats me.

Now the law is the law, Bracks: So prosecute me. If you haven’t got the guts get the conspiring Diane Sisely and May Helou to send in their religious police. But if you think for one moment that a man like me would politely stand by and allow your two-faced commissars or some Vishinski-like judge to lecture me on tolerance and freedom, then you really are stupid.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

US hopes of secular Iraqi state fade away

I personally had no hope. The Sunnis, the shiites, who gives a shiite. Until this administration takes a hard and real look at Islam, these disappointments despite the US' best efforts are inevitable. Maybe it will turn out better, but Islam is so dominant. It's in all their heads, they live and breathe that jaundice of the brain everyday.

US hopes of secular Iraqi state fade away
By Paul McGeough Chief Herald Correspondent in Baghdad
December 21, 2005

CONSERVATIVE religious parties have surged to a runaway lead in the counting of votes to appoint a government to run Iraq for the next four years.

With more than 60 per cent of votes tallied, Washington's hopes that the former prime minister Iyad Allawi might pull enough support to build a secular administration have faded dramatically.

Instead, a religious alliance is in the box seat. These parties are already imposing a strict religious code on daily life across swathes of the country and are closely aligned with neighbouring Iran, one of George Bush's "axis of evil" enemies.

The religious Shiites and the Kurdish parties have maintained their iron grip on the south and north respectively, but with 89 per cent of votes counted in the Baghdad melting pot, both Dr Allawi and his arch rival and one-time Pentagon darling, Ahmed Chalabi, face marginalisation.

Amid claims of electoral fraud, it seems the religious Shiites are assured of dominating the new National Assembly, but not of the two-thirds majority needed for a series of major decisions on the shape of the new government or the fate of the new Iraq.

It is an outcome that signals a repeat of the protracted post-poll horse-trading that robbed the fractured country of most of the momentum won by the conduct of its first democratic elections in January, when millions of jubilant Iraqis stared down threats of insurgency violence.

Dr Allawi's best chance of forming a government now hangs on his ability to draw Sunni and Kurdish support for his secular coalition, but observers believe he would still need to split the religious Shiites, an unlikely outcome in the wake of his meagre showing and their apparent triumph in Thursday's poll.

Iraq's Sunnis turned out in dramatic numbers last week, but the Iraqi Electoral Commission is yet to release provisional figures for provinces in which they are the majority. But Baghdad's Sunnis threw their support behind a Sunni religious coalition whose leaders have called for resistance to the American military presence and demanded that the US fix a timetable for withdrawal.

Despite a concerted campaign push by secular and non-Shiite parties in Baghdad, the main Shiite coalition, the United Iraqi Alliance, grabbed 59 per cent of the provisional tally. Trailing it, with 19 per cent, is the main religious Sunni Arab party slate, the Iraqi Consensus Front.

Dr Allawi's secular coalition, the Iraqi List, scored 14 per cent and way behind was Dr Chalabi, whose paltry vote in the capital, less than 0.5 per cent, could deny him a slot in the first round of seat allocation in the new assembly.

Sunni parties are expected to win up to 55 seats in the parliament. But the religious Shiites have yet to indicate if they will be invited into the new government and, if so, whether they will be heard on the vital issues that separate them: regional autonomy, sharing Iraq's potentially vast oil revenue and the role of Islam in the law.

There is a risk that if the Sunnis are stonewalled in the parliament they will continue their material and moral support for the insurgency, making it even more difficult for Washington to make significant troop withdrawals before next November's US mid-term elections.

But as the country and Washington started to factor in the poll's affirmation of Iraq's deep religious and ethnic divisions, insurgents who had backed off in the days around the election returned to the fray.

A series of bombings and shoot-outs rocked the capital as Iraqis confronted another harsh economic reality: a threefold increase in the price of petrol on the back of a declaration by the Government that it could no longer afford to subsidise costly fuel imports to an oil-rich nation that has yet to find its feet.

Islam is respectful--honest!

Islam " a peaceful religion that respects all humans and animals."

Uh huh, right, sure.

So in all those mosque sermons where Jews are called "monkeys and pigs"? That must be the Muslim way of complimenting the Jews...yeah that's it.

And who uttered this unbelievable lie? Why, it was the Muslim 'organizers' of a recent 'interfaith meeting' in West Palm Beach, Florida. Interfaith meeting, eh? Is that what Muslim propaganda is called nowadays?

The organizers gave the visitors a tour of the center's mosque, introduced them to their leaders and explained the principles of Islam. They wanted the outsiders to have a newfound respect for their religion in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

I wonder if these newcomers were explained the Islamic principles of Jihad, dhimmitude, and taqiyya? Nah...probably not. Deception of the hapless infidels is all part of Islam's plan of world conquest.

So, now that I think about it, Islam is indeed 'respectful' of all people, with a few minor exceptions: women, Jews, Zionists, Christians, homosexuals, and all non-Muslims.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's only war when the infidels fight back

More double standards from the shameless "Perdana Peace Forum" (hosted by none other than Malaysia's Doctor Moonbat Mahathir):

The Perdana Global Peace Forum closed today with a declaration to criminalise war.

Called the Kuala Lumpur Initiative to Criminalise War, the 14-point document was drafted by a 12-member committee comprising renowned speakers at the forum.

Read the rest, only if you dare.

As of today, this excruciating event has finally drawn to a close. As I always knew, it was nothing but a thinly-disguised event carefully designed to bash the infidels (specifically America, Israel, UK, and Australia). Among other things, this "Peace Forum" featured:
  • a Paleo-Arab women, who managed to in the same breath talk about how the Paleo-Arabs only want 'peace' while glorifying the brave suicide bombers who blow up Israeli shopping malls as "resistance to occupation"
  • George Galloway (nothing more need be said)
  • Legal 'experts' who declared the Iraq war to be illegal (Saddam putting his people through shredders was not mentioned by these alleged 'experts', so this must be legal)
  • Other 'anti-war' activists, from the US and elsewhere

And what about all the very warlike activities that the Muslims are up to nowadays? Activities such as:

  • The Saudi funding of suicide bombers and jihadi activities worldwide
  • Pakistan's sheltering and training of any number of terrorist/jihadist groups
  • Iran's threats of a new "Final Solution" and nuclear holocaust
  • Syria's assasinations of political figures in Lebanon and its facilitation of the Iraqi insurgency
  • Syria's 20+ year occupation of Lebanon, which did not end until earlier this year. Syria's withdrawl, I must add, was caused by the evil aggressive infidels (namely the US), and had nothing to do with 'peaceful, moderate' Malaysia, the OIC, the Arab League, or Doctor Moonbat's "Perdana Peace Foundation"
  • Hizbollah's repeated rocket and mortar attacks on Israel (funded by Iran and Syria)
  • Demonization and dehumanization of all things Israeli and Infidel in the entire Muslim world

These murderous activities waged by the "Religion of Peace", of course, are not mentioned at the so-called Peace Forum at all. Not mentioned, unless they can somehow be plausibly blamed on Zionists, Bushitlerburton, etc etc. In other words, blame the victim. Remember, it's only war when the infidels do it.

The Perdana Peace Forum--nothing but hypocrisy, bias, and propaganda on a massive scale. Good riddance.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Are the Democrats Digging A Hole 6ft Deep?

The Democratic Party is really going out on a limb. Sure it has been fine to criticize Bush on the Iraq War. I have done more than my fair share of bitchslapping Bush and Rice, but now the Democrats are taking questionable positions that are clearly not reflected by the majority of people.

Take illegal immigration. I watched some of the House debates, and there were the democrats. Fighting every amendment protecting the U.S. And they kept hammering that they wanted to have amnesty, few said 'amnesty' but I won't bother you with clever euphemisms. The bottom line, an overwhelming majority of Democrats voted AGAINST the Real immigration act. I hope it comes back to haunt them, each and everyone. It makes sense to handle the illegal immigrants already here separately.

Then you take the Patriot Act. Yes I am disappointed by some Republicans being against renewal, but the Democrats are leading the pack. Honestly, has anyone felt their civil liberties violated or curbed by the Patriot Act? It looks like you are protecting terrorists voting against this. Is that their position? Looks that way.

Then you take this bruhaha about eavesdropping on conversations from inside the US to international locations using a presidential authority. Big deal. I just don't see the big issue here. The committees that oversee this were informed and knew what was going on. It's only that the New York Times so timely dropped this 'news bomb' with great fanfare. But there are the Democrats acting like the world just imploded.

Besides 'know your enemy' another war maxim is 'keep quiet when your enemy is screwing up.' When it comes to Islam, both parties fail to know their enemy. When it comes to the Democrats keeping quiet while Bush stumbles, they can't help themselves.

And finally, is Sen Reid the whiniest girly man you have ever seen? There's someone who really needs a bitchslap to awaken him out of his stupor.



Muslim Lifesavers Are the Solution to Lebaneze Terrorism at Australian Beaches

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

"2000 police but the beaches were empty"

Yesterday there were fresh attempts to build bridges between the torn communities. Australians from ethnic backgrounds will be encouraged to train as lifesavers under a $440,000 program announced by the Federal Government.

The three-year program will train about 70 people a year to create "ambassadors for Australian beach culture", Multicultural Affairs Minister John Cobb said at North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club, where volunteers were bashed two weeks ago.

More Malaysian Madness

More disingenuous disinformation from Malaysia's "moderate Muslm" Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi:

" is not justifiable to associate terrorism with any particular race or religion. We need to point out that terrorists who commit crimes in the name of Islam are violators of the tenets of Islam.

"They certainly do not serve the interests of the religion. Islam and Muslim countries should not be made accountable for them," he said.
Not justifiable to associate terrorism with 'any particular religion', is that right, Mr. PM? So, can you explain to me what jihad is? You know, Islam's "holy war" thing ... maybe you've heard of it, since you yourself have completed the Haj. Is Jihad nothing more than a 'peaceful means of spiritual self-improvement', simply misunderstood by us poor infidels? And all those reems of verses in the Quran that praise violent Jihad and call for smiting the infidels, striking terror into the hearts of unbelievers, etc etc. And then there's Islam's bloody history to consider, now stretching back 14 centuries, a tragic story of oppression and destruction of all infidel cultures and societies that the Muslims encountered. How about these tenets of Islam, sir?

Thanks for your sage advice, Mr. PM, but no thanks. But we at Pedestrian Infidel are going to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for its rabid anti-Semetic, anti-Israeli, hatred-filled state-sponsored media, its steadfast financial support of various "Islamic charities", and for serving as the epicenter of Jihad. Fifteen of the nineteen Jihadists from 9-11 came from the Kingdom, Mr. PM, in case you've forgotten that.

We are going to hold Pakistan accountable for its legions of Madrassah-trained Jihadi warriors, thousands of Islamic schools that remain open and operating only with Pakistani government sanction and/or support. These madrassa, Mr. PM, deploy its graduates worldwide to plan and/or commit 'blessed strikes against the kuffirs' (London's 7/7 bombings, 9-11, etc etc). With supposed "allies" like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, who needs enemies?

And we are going to hold Iran's Thug-in-Chief and his theocratic government accountable for their repeated calls for genocide, armageddon, and the destruction of Israel, the US, and the entire Anglo-Saxon world. We will hold Iran responsible for its twenty-year development (and counting) of nuclear weapons. Mr. PM, you might recall Mr. Iranian Thug-in-Chief's "wipe Israel off the face of the map" remarks. It got quite a bit of press in Dar-al-Harb, but you Muslims were unwantonly silent about that, weren't you? Can't be seen to be supportive of Israel in any way, right?

Seems like PM Abdullah has picked his side ... and it isn't ours.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Just How Bad Are The Russian Nuclear Materials Controls?

THere was an article from the BBC about a radiation alert at a Chechen plant. All kinds of nasty radioactive materials there, ripe for the picking. But how many terrorists have the suit and transport containers they'll need to keep from frying themselves. You're kidding right? Nope, here's the excerpt that stunned me:

The risk of nuclear material to unsuspecting people was illustrated in 2002, when three woodsmen, coming across cylinders giving off heat in the forest of Georgia, dragged them back to their camp.

That was in Georgia. Now personally if I found a containers 'giving off heat' I would get the hell out of there lickety split. I can see a macabre cartoon of skeletons sitting around a mound of these containers labeled cobalt-60, warming themselves by the 'fire.'

There must be numerous areas in the old USSR, not just Russia, that are really dangerous for the health of anyone. Now this stuff in Chechen, not exactly infidel country.

Radiation alert at Chechen plant

Russian forces launched heavy assaults on Grozny in 1999
Prosecutors in Chechnya have opened a criminal investigation after finding "catastrophic" levels of radioactivity at a chemical factory in the republic.
Investigators say the radiation - in one place reportedly 58,000 times the usual level - poses a danger to people in the region's capital, Grozny.

The case has also raised fears militants could take radioactive waste to use in a so-called "dirty bomb".

The plant has reportedly not been secured since Russia bombed it in 1999.

For years, rebels in Chechnya have been fighting a separatist struggle against Russian forces.

They have been blamed for bomb attacks in Moscow and on Russian airliners, and the deadly sieges at a school in Beslan, North Ossetia, and in a Moscow theatre.

'No safety steps'

Chechen prosecutors say radioactive materials have been improperly stored at the Grozny Chemical Factory, run by the Chechen Oil and Chemical Industry, and that a "catastrophic radioactivity situation" has developed.

Fears over nuclear relics

"It's a threat to the population because the leadership of the plant is taking no steps whatsoever to remove the radioactive material or isolate access to the plant," prosecutor Valery Kuznetsov said on Friday, according to the Associated Press.

The Russian prosecutor general's office said between 27 and 29 radioactive elements had been identified at the plant, with the cobalt-60 isotope considered particularly dangerous.

Radioactive materials have a variety of uses in the manufacturing industry.

If not disposed of properly, they can pose a serious threat to people nearby.

The radioactive cloud released by the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine in 1986 may be responsible for 4,000 deaths, according to a recent study.

The radioactivity at one storage centre in the Grozny plant is half that recorded at Chernobyl, Rossiya state television said.

Vladimir Slivyak of the Ecodefense environmental group in Moscow urged the Russian government to remove and secure radioactive materials from the plant as a matter of urgency, warning of the dangers of them falling into the hands of "terrorists".

The risk of nuclear material to unsuspecting people was illustrated in 2002, when three woodsmen, coming across cylinders giving off heat in the forest of Georgia, dragged them back to their camp.

They grew seriously ill and received radiation burns from the containers, which were eventually recovered by a specialist UN team.

The Key to "Terrorism"

Here's a piece from Malaysia's mainstream media, one with a drearily familiar theme.

As long as the festering sore of the Palestinian problem remains, nothing effective can be done to combat the problem of international terrorism, said former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke.

This is the lead paragraph of an article from today's edition of a major Malaysian daily. And it's all utter nonsense, spewed directly from the orifice of Uberdhimmi Bob ("I drank the Islamic Kool-Aid") Hawke. There's so many lies and obfuscations just in this one quoted sentence, it's breathtaking. No sign of the truth at all here, folks. While at least an occasional sign of the truth sometimes leaks out in the American media discourse, here it's all taqiyya, all the time.

“(Palestine) is the breeding ground for despair and worse. While there is no hope among the young for jobs, no constructive development of their talents, there will be no shortage of recruitment for the martyrdom of suicide bombers,” he said.

It did not help either, he added, when US President George W. Bush went into “American adventurism” by bombing and invading Iraq.

So there's the official Malaysian party line, perfectly encapsulated by the treacherous Aussie ex-PM -- America and Israel cause all terrorism and are solely to blame for it. No Malaysian, at least publically, ever dares to contradict the official acknowledged wisdom of blaming Israel and America for everything.

Remember what the real key to 'terrorism' is. "Terrorism", more accurately known as the Great Global Jihad, springs to life from the core teachings of Islam.

Mr. Hawke, your 15 minutes are up... and we know better.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dhimmi John Esposito - Don't Worry About the Caliphate

Today, Daniel Pipes had another article about the Mohammedeans' goal for a world caliphate. But don't worry about that, says Esposito, the favorite bitch in the Georgetown Middle East Madrassah (aka whorehouse.) Note how Bumiller at NY Times pooh-poohs the threat. We'll keep an eye on Ms. Bumiller as her 'education' grows.

Daniel Pipes Weblog (Caliphate)

NY Times

White House Letter

21st-Century Warnings of a Threat Rooted in the 7th

Published: December 12, 2005

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said it in a speech last Monday in Washington and again on Thursday on PBS. Eric S. Edelman, the under secretary of defense for policy, said it the week before in a round table at the Council on Foreign Relations. Stephen J. Hadley, the national security adviser, said it in October in speeches in New York and Los Angeles. Gen. John P. Abizaid, the top American commander in the Middle East, said it in September in hearings on Capitol Hill.

Vice President Dick Cheney was one of the first members of the Bush administration to say it, at a campaign stop in Lake Elmo, Minn., in September 2004.

The word getting the workout from the nation's top guns these days is "caliphate" - the term for the seventh-century Islamic empire that spanned the Middle East, spread to Southwest Asia, North Africa and Spain, then ended with the Mongol sack of Baghdad in 1258. The term can also refer to other caliphates, including the one declared by the Ottoman Turks that ended in 1924.

Specialists on Islam say the word is a mysterious and ominous one for many Americans, and that the administration knows it. "They recognize that there's a lot of resonance when they use the term 'caliphate,' " said Kenneth M. Pollack, a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst and now a scholar at the Saban Center at the Brookings Institution. Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter's national security adviser, said that the word had an "almost instinctive fearful impact."

So now, Mr. Cheney and others warn, Al Qaeda's ultimate goal is the re-establishment of the caliphate, with calamitous consequences for the United States. As Mr. Cheney put it in Lake Elmo, referring to Osama bin Laden and his followers: "They talk about wanting to re-establish what you could refer to as the seventh-century caliphate" to be "governed by Sharia law, the most rigid interpretation of the Koran."

Or as Mr. Rumsfeld put it on Monday: "Iraq would serve as the base of a new Islamic caliphate to extend throughout the Middle East, and which would threaten legitimate governments in Europe, Africa and Asia."

General Abizaid was dire, too. "They will try to re-establish a caliphate throughout the entire Muslim world," he told the House Armed Services Committee in September, adding that the caliphate's goals would include the destruction of Israel. "Just as we had the opportunity to learn what the Nazis were going to do, from Hitler's world in 'Mein Kampf,' " General Abizaid said, "we need to learn what these people intend to do from their own words."

A number of scholars and former government officials take strong issue with the administration's warning about a new caliphate, and compare it to the fear of communism spread during the Cold War. They say that although Al Qaeda's statements do indeed describe a caliphate as a goal, the administration is exaggerating the magnitude of the threat as it seeks to gain support for its policies in Iraq.

In the view of John L. Esposito, an Islamic studies professor at Georgetown University [and the Mohammedeans' favorite bitch at the Georgetown Madrassah and Whorehouse], there is a difference between the ability of small bands of terrorists to commit attacks across the world and achieving global conquest.

"It is certainly correct to say that these people have a global design, but the administration ought to frame it realistically," said Mr. Esposito, the founding director of the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown. "Otherwise they can actually be playing into the hands of the Osama bin Ladens of the world because they raise this to a threat that is exponentially beyond anything that Osama bin Laden can deliver."

Shibley Telhami, the Anwar Sadat professor for peace and development at the University of Maryland, said Al Qaeda was not leading a movement that threatened to mobilize the vast majority of Muslims. A recent poll Mr. Telhami conducted with Zogby International of 3,900 people in six countries - Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon - found that only 6 percent sympathized with Al Qaeda's goal of seeking an Islamic state.

The notion that Al Qaeda could create a new caliphate, he said, is simply wrong. "There's no chance in the world that they'll succeed," he said. "It's a silly threat." (On the other hand, more than 30 percent in Mr. Telhami's poll said they sympathized with Al Qaeda, because the group stood up to America.)

The term "caliphate" has been used internally by policy hawks in the Pentagon since the planning stages for the war in Iraq, but the administration's public use of the word has increased this summer and fall, around the time that American forces obtained a letter from Ayman al-Zawahiri, the No. 2 leader in Al Qaeda, to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. The 6,000-word letter, dated early in July, called for the establishment of a militant Islamic caliphate across Iraq before Al Qaeda's moving on to Syria, Lebanon and Egypt and then a battle against Israel.

In recent weeks, the administration's use of "caliphate" has only intensified, as Mr. Bush has begun a campaign of speeches to try to regain support for the war. He himself has never publicly used the term, although he has repeatedly described the caliphate, as he did in a speech last week when he said that the terrorists want to try to establish "a totalitarian Islamic empire that reaches from Indonesia to Spain."

Six days earlier, Mr. Edelman, the under secretary of defense, made it clear. "Iraq's future will either embolden terrorists and expand their reach and ability to re-establish a caliphate, or it will deal them a crippling blow," he said. "For us, failure in Iraq is just not an option."


Here's a clue for Ms. Bumiller. Over 50% of the Muslim world is illiterate. The vast majority of Muslims have little knowledge beyond the basics (pray 5 times a day, God has predetermined their life, hate the Jews, infidels should be their slaves, etc.) Most of them are ignorant of much of the Qur'an, Hadiths and Sunnah. Gee, that sounds like Ms. Bumiller.

Is someone in the Intelligence Community actually getting it?

Following yesterday's post about Muslim infiltration of the US intelligence community, I ran across this intriguing, well-timed piece in FrontPage Magazine. It actually is a bit of encouraging news from the world's superpower that is effectively hamstrung by political correctness

...for the first time, a key Pentagon intelligence agency involved in homeland security is delving into Islam's holy texts to answer whether Islam is being radicalized by the terrorists or is already radical. Military brass want a better understanding of what's motivating the insurgents in Iraq and the terrorists around the globe, including those inside America who may be preparing to strike domestic military bases. The enemy appears indefatigable, even more active now than before 9/11. Are the terrorists really driven by self-serving politics and personal demons? Or are they driven by religion? And if it's religion, are they following a manual of war contained in their scripture?Answers are hard to come by.

Actually, answers to these questions aren't that hard to come by. A simple, straightforward study of Islam's unholy texts reveal the answers, answers that folks in the blogosphere have been well aware of for, oh, quite awhile now. However, having said that, it's encouraging to see that at least the right questions are now being asked in certain corridors of power inside the Beltway...or at least in some of the backrooms.

But wait, it gets better:

So far the conclusions of intelligence analysts assigned to the project, who include both private contractors and career military officials, contradict the commonly held notion that Islam is a peaceful religion hijacked or distorted by terrorists. They've found that the terrorists for the most part are following a war-fighting doctrine articulated through Muhammad in the Quran, elaborated on in the hadiths, codified in Islamic or sharia law, and reinforced by recent interpretations or fatwahs."Islam is an ideological engine of war (Jihad)," concludes the sensitive Pentagon briefing paper. And "no one is looking for its off switch."

Verily, alleluja! Someone inside the puzzle palace is finally getting it! But this someone has to realize one little thing, namely that Jihad does not have an 'off' switch. How are we infidels supposed to handle this slight inconvenience? By creating a more PC-friendly Quran, or Islam maybe? There's another worthless idea, forget it. It's like asking non-Nazis in the 1930s to rewrite Mein Kampf.

"I don't like to criticize our intelligence services, because we did win the Cold War," says a Northern Command intelligence official. "However, all of these organizations have made only limited progress adjusting to the current threat or the sharing of information." Why? "All suffer heavily from political correctness," he explains.

Yes, absolutely. Political correctness is the debilitating disease that fogs our minds, blinds our vision, cripples our decision makers and decision making, and saps our overwhelming economic and military power. The destructive virus of Political Correctness is a natural ally of Islam's Jihad. This is the message that needs to be shouted, repeatedly, from the mountain tops until enough politicians grow a spine and finally get it.

"Most Americans don't realize we are in a war of survival -- a war that is going to continue for decades," the Northcom official warns.

Amen, brother. Finally, someone in the intelligence community with some intelligence.

An excellent read--read the whole thing at FrontPage Magazine now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fifth Column Slithers Into the West's Intelligience Agencies

The US has hired a lot of Muslims throughout the government, even in our intelligence agencies where critical intelligence may be corrupted or knowledge of it communicated to our enemies, the Mohammedans. Case in point this obscure and hardly noticed news article from Rotterdam today. It's a real problem. Even if the risk of intelligence being corrupted is not a risk, many security related agencies have a difficulty in being frank in staff discussions. Think about it. You have a staff meeting in the State dept or Justice or FBI or INS or HS and there are some Muslims there as staff members. It just makes it impossible to be blunt and to the point in assessing certain characteristics of terrorism today. Namely, that Islam, in its canons, in the evil life of Mohammed, in the facts before our very eyes, to discuss it openly. It's a problem. Could anyone at these meetings ever say that 'the terrorists are carrying out the edicts commanded of them by Mohammed for all Muslims. It's widely repeated throughout the texts and a global jihad until all infidels are enslaved or exterminated is the most basic command of Mohammedanism." Not in a million years!


Translator is sentenced for leak of state secrets

A Dutch district court sentenced an intelligence agency translator Wednesday to four and a half years imprisonment for leaking state secrets to alleged terrorists.

Outman Ben Amar, 35, worked for the secret service, known by its Dutch acronym AIVD, for about a year before being arrested in October 2004.

He was found guilty of passing on confidential information that ended up in the hands of members of the so-called Hofstad group, alerting them that they were being observed by the intelligence agency. (AP

[ArabNews: Dealing with the "Others"

Earlier this year, there was a meeting of Islamic scholars and political strategists in Saudi Arabia. At that meeting, it was decided that the infidels should be called the "Others". It seems that the infidels resented being called infidels. Imagine that. Now the Saudis had a Dialogue Forum about the "Others." It's really a joke. Other. Infidel. What's the difference? What is interesting is the discussion of internal tension with the 'others' which apparently includes the Shiite, and all those domestic slaves.

Dialogue Forum Urges Tolerance
Ebtihal Mubarak, Arab News

ABHA, 14 December 2005 — The three-day Fifth National Dialogue Forum, entitled “Us and Others,” began yesterday in Abha with 70 participants of both sexes. Saleh Al-Hosayen, president of the King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue, chaired yesterday’s sessions. He began by mentioning that the 13 preparatory meetings held in different parts of the country had helped in deciding the topics to be discussed.

“All citizens of the Kingdom are Muslims and they believe that Islam is a system which can regulate all our activities, including our relations with the other,” he said. He added that when religious scholars consider Islam in terms of its treatment of others, they find that justice is the basis.

“In the case of dealing with non-Muslims, Islam requires at the very least both justice and sympathy. And when it comes to Muslims’ relations with fellow Muslims, the relation must be based on loyalty to Islam and governed by a bond of brotherhood,” he said.

Al-Hosayen pointed out that the United States only banned racial discrimination in the 20th century whereas Islam applied the principle of equality since its beginnings over 1400 years ago. [What? What a ridiculous statement.]

When the discussions turned to civil societies building relations with the other in terms of religious, cultural, educational, and social aspects, the participants expressed very frank opinions. A number of participants digressed from the main topic and emphasized that Saudis must learn to deal with “the other” who is also Saudi. In other words, all Saudis must learn to accept and deal with Saudis who may be different in terms of the religious school they follow, ethnic origins and even in color.

Zakiya Abu Sag, a school principal from Najran, pointed out that it is very important to deal with the “other Saudi” — the non-Sunni. “We have to unite and end any kind of discrimination based on others following different Islamic schools. Don’t we all work side by side as Saudis for the good of our country?” she asked.

She added that steps must be taken to create equality between Saudis. She mentioned working to end discrimination and promoting fairness in dealing with Saudis, regardless of what Islamic school they follow; abandoning all forms of extremism; and spreading tolerance and acceptance.

She ended her speech by pointing that the Ismailis in Najran were disappointed by the final announcement from the Makkah Summit last week because it mentioned all Islamic schools and ignored the Ismailis.

Saed Al-Harthy, a consultant in the Interior Ministry, stressed that there was little point in having a dialogue when Saudis themselves are divided into many different groups. At the same time, many speakers stressed that it was very important to indulge in dialogue with the “other” living in the country.

Tawfiq Al-Gosayer, a well-known Saudi intellectual, said that we should take advantage of the foreigners living and working in Saudi Arabia and those who come to perform Haj and Umrah. “We should give them a good impression of us by treating them with kindness, consideration and respect.”

Radio personality Dalal Diaa agreed. “We must end the contempt that many Saudis feel toward non-Saudis.”

Many participants strongly attacked the dominance of extremist beliefs in the Kingdom’s education sector. Hind Al-Sudairi said that Saudi society suffered from the intolerance of one religious school that denounced all others.

Fatima Al-Ghasham, a school principal from the northern region, said: “We have had enough of the one-sided belief which has controlled the country for too long.” She told Arab News that in other cultures — as well as in the Kingdom — there were many people who longed to establish relationships based on peace and understanding. “The most important thing for Saudis is to defeat terrorism and also to correct the incorrect image of the other in the minds of our youth. The youth have been fed intolerance and hatred of others for years,” she explained. [Fatima, you speak the truth, but you are in a truly tiny minority.]

There were also participants who said that Saudis must be alert and careful not to melt into the “other” as a result of globalization. Mohsen Al-Awaji, a religious scholar, pointed out that the “other” had not deserted their principles and that as Saudis, neither should we desert our beliefs and principles. [Uh, I got news for Mohsen. The other have abandoned their religious bonds in much of the West. They just haven't jumped on the Islamic bandwagon.]

Saleh Al-Ayed, general secretary of the Higher Committee of Islamic Affairs, observed: “Many people have accused us of disliking unbelievers. Aren’t those people aware that the unbelievers also look upon us also as unbelievers?” [That's part of the problem. To Saleh, it's all religion, not individual rights and choice to believe or not to believe.]

It was announced during the proceedings yesterday that at the conclusion of the forum, the participants will go to Riyadh for a meeting on Saturday with Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah. [Ahh yes, the holy city, where there are ZERO infidels to offend, oh excuse me, others. Truly this is a farce, this Islam. A cult based on lies and pretends. Here they are talking about tolerance, but they have this frigging sign to let the infidels, oh excuse me again, the others, know they're aren't welcome where Islam is truly puuure. Give me a break.]

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Anti-Dhimmi's of the Week

A township in South Africa has shown some unusual backbone in standing up to the Global Islamic Machine, AKA the "Ummah".

...the Bloemfontein High Court has issued a final order silencing the mosque [in the township of Ladybrand]. The 500- watt amplifier and 53cm speakers imported from Dubai - one shot through with the bullet of a hunting rifle - have been packed away.

Shot through with a hunting rifle round, eh? Nice touch! But why would the Mohammadens need to use that infidel technology anyway? After all, the folks back in the 8th century used to just yell out the call to prayer (also known as the 'azaan') from the minarets. What worked in Mo's time should work for the Ummah now, yes?

"The azaan is imperative," Bilal Osman - the mosque's treasurer - said this week. "It is a call to prayer which is actually part of the prayer. Churches have bells, we have the azaan."

Now there's a fine bit of "religious equalization" for you by those Muzzies. The azaan is just like Christian church bells, dont cha know? Of course, no Christian church I have ever heard of rings its bells at 5:30am every morning, 365 days a year. In fact, most churches I know about can get by just fine without any bell-ringing at all.

We at Pedestrian Infidel applaud the Bloemfontein High Court for their unusual display of anti-Dhimmitude. But of course, the Muzzies are sure to rage about the court's decision--by filing more lawsuits, appealing to a sympathetic media, staging protests, using intimidation, etc. Their Jihad will go on. And we will go on resisting it.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Fly the Islamic Skies!

MAS means "Malaysian Airline System"--it's more commonly known as Malaysian Airlines. It's considered the national carrier and 'flagship' airline of the country. And it's hemorraging money at a prodigious rate. MAS is seemingly unable to be profitable, and is looking at bankruptcy in the near future if the financial mess can't be cleaned up, and quickly.

The Malaysian Government is vowing not to bail them out again this time, as they they have done at least once before, under the noble Doctor M's leadership. No bailouts, they promise, even if it means letting the misbegotten company dying a natural (if premature) death. MAS claims that high oil prices are at least partially to blame for the cash crunch, but this excuse fails to explain why Malaysia's version of Southwest Airlines (Air Asia) continues to make profits and rachet up its market share.

To the noble end of saving MAS, I humbly offer my own solution. Let's take Malaysia's opposition Islamist politcal party, PAS, and put them in charge of MAS! What might a PAS-MAS airline look like?

  • Planes painted in an all-green color scheme, with a huge Islamic crescent moon on the tail, and copious amounts of Arabic script on the fuselage (in other words, a lot like the flag of Saudi Arabia)
  • No cheesy elevator music will be played in the cabin. Music is so evil and corrupting anyway. Only calls to prayer and other appropriate Islamic chants will be played onboard.
  • Sex segregated seating--women on one side of the aisle and men on the other. Or, men only in the first/business class with women packed exclusively into coach.
  • And perhaps we can rename those seating sections into something more Islamic sounding, like 'Jihad' class, 'Shaheed' class, or 'Sharia' class.
  • All flights land five times a day just before the calls to prayer. Flights will resume only after prayers are done
  • No infidels allowed on board, or we can always charge the dhimmis special 'jizya' rates (at least double the usual rate)
  • Flight attendants are female only and are dressed in all-covering ninja-black burqa's. No male flight attendants! They will be terminated, or stoned (or both).
  • All cockpit doors will have the following signage posted: "Flight Crews or Mujahadeen Only"
  • Members of AQ, JI and other certified Jihadists get 'special' rates, or even frequent flyer miles (if they live long enough and stay out of a secret CIA lockup long enough to use them, that is).
  • PAS/MAS will concentrate its routes on Dar al Islam, with daily flights to Cairo, Damascus, Mekkah, Medina, Abu Dhabi, Teheran, Karachi, and other important Islamic cities. Routes will be global upon the eventual victory of the Great Global Jihad.
  • Qurans for all passengers for in-flight reading. None of those corrupting, westernized, typical in-flight magazines and such

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Australians, Fed Up With Muslim Crimewave, Push Back Hard

What do you expect? One of the nasty secrets about Sydney is how Lebaneze immigrants dominate crime in Sydney from gangrapes to carjacking. The natives have had enough. Of course, the MSM and government will accuse the 'whites' of being racist. But when pushed too far, the infidels will fight back. It just so happens, in Australia, dhimmitude doesn't have a deadly grasp like it does in Europe and the US. Paul Sheehan has a pretty good picture of the problem. Solution: Halt all Muslim immigration to Australia. Kick out all Muslims that are there illegally. Tighten citizenship and residency laws. Put immigrants on notice, you come to assimilate and be productive, or else you are not welcome.

Nasty reality surfs in as ugly tribes collide
Email Print Normal font Large font December 12, 2005

The Cronulla brawls are more proof of a vicious underbelly in our culture, writes Paul Sheehan.

The battle on Cronulla Beach yesterday requires more than a little context. What happened has been brewing for a long time, well beyond Cronulla, and well beyond the beach culture.

The first clear hint of the undertow pushing this along came three years ago at the Coogee RSL, in 2002. Upstairs, the police from Waverley station were having their Christmas party. Downstairs, there was a 21st birthday party dominated by a beach gang known as the Bra Boys (from MarouBRA). The Bra Boys are basically Aussie surfer white boys, but with Pacific Islanders and others in the mix.

A brawl broke out, one of the ugliest and most unacceptable recorded in Sydney in many years involving police. The police were the victims. Those who left the Christmas party were confronted and mocked by a mob at the Bra Boys party. Other police went to their aid. It became what witnesses described as a "sea" of fighting men, with more than 120 involved. One police officer had his eye gouged and his sight permanently damaged. Thirty police reported injuries. Two had broken jaws. Several had their heads rammed into tables.

One of the worst incidents, and one of the few to lead to a conviction, involved a first-grade rugby league player, Reni Maitua, who at the time was with the Canterbury Bulldogs. He was one of several men at the Bra Boys party who dragged Constable Tim Allen from a lift and attacked him. Allen told them he was a police officer. Maitua responded by laughing and kicking him in the face while he was on the ground, breaking Allen's nose. Maitua was later arrested and fined $2000. He served no time for the incident. The NSW Police Association described this decision by the magistrate, Janet Wahlquist, as a disgrace.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this ugly story is that it received only modest publicity. Yet it was far, far worse than what took place at Cronulla yesterday.

Context is everything. Cronulla will receive saturation coverage, which will balloon the events of yesterday into something more than they were - the actions of a minority of idiots. Just remember, this started small, then the media got involved. Thousands of people gathering on a beach singing Waltzing Matilda doesn't materialise without a lot of media oxygen. But blame-the-media won't do. This was and is a legitimate story that had to be covered.

Out there in Sydney, there is a huge cumulative weight of resentment and contempt at the constant provocations by Lebanese gangs - I'm not even going to bother with the simpering euphemism about "men of Middle Eastern appearance" when everybody knows what it means. It was evident on the beach at Cronulla yesterday.

As it happens, on Saturday, the leader of the Bra Boys bought into the Cronulla debate. Surf star Koby Abberton, who is facing a prison sentence for hindering a police investigation of a murder involving two other Bra Boys, called The Daily Telegraph to offer a view on why his home beach, Maroubra, was one of the few in Sydney not to have been trawled by Lebanese-Australian goons.

"The reason why it's not happening at Maroubra is because of the Bra Boys," Abberton told the Telegraph. "Girls go to Cronulla, Bondi, everywhere else in Sydney and get harassed, but they come to Maroubra and nothing happens to them ... [Because] if these fellas come out to Maroubra and start something they know it's going to be on, so they stay away."

What has happened on consecutive weekends has been displays of two unpalatable subcultures, the yobbo beach tribes, and the Lebanese gangsta tribes. The reactions to the Cronulla brawl will be predictable. The disgusting behaviour of the Aussie yobs, behaving even worse than the original provocateurs last week, will prompt a great deal of ululating about Australian's undertow of racism. This will be countered by a demand for recognition that violent crime in Sydney is disproportionately dominated by Lebanese, Aborigines and Pacific Islanders and Australians have had a gutful of the pandering to these groups.

Both sides will be right. You only have to look at the events at Coogee RSL club in 2002 to know that Australian beach culture has its ugly underbelly. And it would be folly to airbrush away the reality that what started the Cronulla tensions was yet another provocation by the aggressive, repugnant Lebanese gangsta culture - itself an alien subculture within the Lebanese community - which has given Sydney dozens of shootings and murders, a spate of gang rapes, hundreds of sexual assaults, and thousands of deliberate racist provocations at Darling Harbour, the eastern and southern beaches and some of the big clubs in western Sydney, along with Canterbury Bulldogs rugby league matches.

At its worst, this culture had overtones of civil war, as the Kanaan gang sprayed the Lakemba police station with gunfire. One of those who took part in this attack was Saleh Jamal, now in jail in Lebanon on weapons charges. He has turned to Islamic fundamentalism and wanted to explode a terrorist bomb in Sydney before he fled the country.

The cops hate and fear the swarming packs of Lebanese who respond when some of their numbers are confronted, mobilising quickly via mobile phones and showing open contempt for Australian law. All this is the real world, as distinct from the world preferred by ideological academics who talk about "moral panic" and the oppression of Muslims. They will see only Australian racism as the problem.

Others will see only "Lebs". Cronulla yesterday proved it is not possible to airbrush the yob culture out of the picture, but the problem is not the figment of fertile imaginations. This has been too real for too long.

As it happens, on Saturday, the leader of the Bra Boys bought into the Cronulla debate. Surf star Koby Abberton, who is facing a prison sentence for hindering a police investigation of a murder involving two other Bra Boys, called The Daily Telegraph to offer a view on why his home beach, Maroubra, was one of the few in Sydney not to have been trawled by Lebanese-Australian goons.

"The reason why it's not happening at Maroubra is because of the Bra Boys," Abberton told the Telegraph. "Girls go to Cronulla, Bondi, everywhere else in Sydney and get harassed, but they come to Maroubra and nothing happens to them ... [Because] if these fellas come out to Maroubra and start something they know it's going to be on, so they stay away."

What has happened on consecutive weekends has been displays of two unpalatable subcultures, the yobbo beach tribes, and the Lebanese gangsta tribes. The reactions to the Cronulla brawl will be predictable. The disgusting behaviour of the Aussie yobs, behaving even worse than the original provocateurs last week, will prompt a great deal of ululating about Australian's undertow of racism. This will be countered by a demand for recognition that violent crime in Sydney is disproportionately dominated by Lebanese, Aborigines and Pacific Islanders and Australians have had a gutful of the pandering to these groups.

Both sides will be right. You only have to look at the events at Coogee RSL club in 2002 to know that Australian beach culture has its ugly underbelly. And it would be folly to airbrush away the reality that what started the Cronulla tensions was yet another provocation by the aggressive, repugnant Lebanese gangsta culture - itself an alien subculture within the Lebanese community - which has given Sydney dozens of shootings and murders, a spate of gang rapes, hundreds of sexual assaults, and thousands of deliberate racist provocations at Darling Harbour, the eastern and southern beaches and some of the big clubs in western Sydney, along with Canterbury Bulldogs rugby league matches.

At its worst, this culture had overtones of civil war, as the Kanaan gang sprayed the Lakemba police station with gunfire. One of those who took part in this attack was Saleh Jamal, now in jail in Lebanon on weapons charges. He has turned to Islamic fundamentalism and wanted to explode a terrorist bomb in Sydney before he fled the country.

The cops hate and fear the swarming packs of Lebanese who respond when some of their numbers are confronted, mobilising quickly via mobile phones and showing open contempt for Australian law. All this is the real world, as distinct from the world preferred by ideological academics who talk about "moral panic" and the oppression of Muslims. They will see only Australian racism as the problem.

Others will see only "Lebs". Cronulla yesterday proved it is not possible to airbrush the yob culture out of the picture, but the problem is not the figment of fertile imaginations. This has been too real for too long.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Islamic Hypocrite Extraordinaire

This fine gentleman was recently quoted in a Malaysian newspaper as saying:

"People must 'stick their necks out' and speak up if they see something obviously wrong."

"My fear is that if people fail to think and criticise that which is wrong, then the society will rot."

Who could this enlightened soul be?

Give up?

Why, it's none other than Malaysia's top Jihadist enabler and apologist, Doctor Mahathir Mohamed, AKA "Dr. M." You may remember Dr. M's previous, rather more infamous remarks, namely:
"...Jews run the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them." -in keynote address to the OIC, 2003

Yes, I'm sure we all remember those words. It made a bit of a stink in Dar-al-Harb, and was rather more warmly received here in Dar-al-Islam. Then the infidels promptly forgot all about it--business as usual, don't cha see. There's too much money to be made in the Malaysian market to make too much of a fuss. But, I digress.

Doctor M, we've got some news for you. Something is rotting in the state of Dar-al-Islam. It's more than rot, actually--mere rot is positively benign compared to the reality that is Islam. It's more like a malignant cancer, or a virus.

I'm going to take Mahathir's advice to heart. And I am going to 'stick my neck out', as you so aptly put it, and criticise what is wrong with leaders like you. That malignancy emanating from the realm of Islam is being spearheaded by feckless terrorist apologists like yourself, Doctor M. Your demonization of Israel, your shrill calls for Islamic armament, and your steadfast refusal to acknowledge the siren call of Jihad that motivates Islamic terrorists all around the's all very obviously wrong.