Saturday, December 17, 2005

Are the Democrats Digging A Hole 6ft Deep?

The Democratic Party is really going out on a limb. Sure it has been fine to criticize Bush on the Iraq War. I have done more than my fair share of bitchslapping Bush and Rice, but now the Democrats are taking questionable positions that are clearly not reflected by the majority of people.

Take illegal immigration. I watched some of the House debates, and there were the democrats. Fighting every amendment protecting the U.S. And they kept hammering that they wanted to have amnesty, few said 'amnesty' but I won't bother you with clever euphemisms. The bottom line, an overwhelming majority of Democrats voted AGAINST the Real immigration act. I hope it comes back to haunt them, each and everyone. It makes sense to handle the illegal immigrants already here separately.

Then you take the Patriot Act. Yes I am disappointed by some Republicans being against renewal, but the Democrats are leading the pack. Honestly, has anyone felt their civil liberties violated or curbed by the Patriot Act? It looks like you are protecting terrorists voting against this. Is that their position? Looks that way.

Then you take this bruhaha about eavesdropping on conversations from inside the US to international locations using a presidential authority. Big deal. I just don't see the big issue here. The committees that oversee this were informed and knew what was going on. It's only that the New York Times so timely dropped this 'news bomb' with great fanfare. But there are the Democrats acting like the world just imploded.

Besides 'know your enemy' another war maxim is 'keep quiet when your enemy is screwing up.' When it comes to Islam, both parties fail to know their enemy. When it comes to the Democrats keeping quiet while Bush stumbles, they can't help themselves.

And finally, is Sen Reid the whiniest girly man you have ever seen? There's someone who really needs a bitchslap to awaken him out of his stupor.



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