Monday, December 05, 2005

Does This Make It Clear?

I encounter a lot of people who do not believe that when Muslims become the majority, the suffering of the infidels increases exponentially. What we see in America are irritating demands from Muslims, all kinds of things, prayer rooms, special time off for prayers, accomodation of their dress with exceptions only for them, you get the idea. But it gets much worse when Muslims get in control. Look at Indonesia and Malaysia. The other religions, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, the population is getting smaller by conversion or flight. Over the last 20 years, along with the rise in the fortunes of Arab Mohammedeans with their endless rules and imperial position, have made it a lot more precarious for the dhimmis that cross the subservient line. And that line keeps moving, pushing the dhimmis into a corner.

Just read this story at DhimmiWatch about the 3 Christians who allowed 6 Muslims to participate with 94 Christian children in a happy day excursion. Listen to the 'moderate Muslims' at their trial. Yeah, that's right, they're moderates. They don't have explosives belt on do they? Then they are 'moderate.' Just using this administration's definition of moderate, you understand. In my definition, there aren't any. There are Moslems who ignore the Qur'an and Hadiths. They keep all the other trash, the praying, the 'family' ties, their 'our religion is the right one.' How can you be a moderate anything and not reject the Qur'an. That's not possible.

T-Shirt Flap Pits Jihadists Against Sunday School Teachers

...The prosecutor also brought forward children singing as "evidence." The children who had attended "Happy Week" were asked to sing the songs they learned in the class.

When one child sang "Jesus is the vine, we are the branches," Muslims in the courtroom again demanded that the women be killed, according to witnesses and video provided to Cybercast News Service by VOM.

Now seriously, it's like Nazi mobs foaming at the mouth. But it is happening today.

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