Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fifth Column Slithers Into the West's Intelligience Agencies

The US has hired a lot of Muslims throughout the government, even in our intelligence agencies where critical intelligence may be corrupted or knowledge of it communicated to our enemies, the Mohammedans. Case in point this obscure and hardly noticed news article from Rotterdam today. It's a real problem. Even if the risk of intelligence being corrupted is not a risk, many security related agencies have a difficulty in being frank in staff discussions. Think about it. You have a staff meeting in the State dept or Justice or FBI or INS or HS and there are some Muslims there as staff members. It just makes it impossible to be blunt and to the point in assessing certain characteristics of terrorism today. Namely, that Islam, in its canons, in the evil life of Mohammed, in the facts before our very eyes, to discuss it openly. It's a problem. Could anyone at these meetings ever say that 'the terrorists are carrying out the edicts commanded of them by Mohammed for all Muslims. It's widely repeated throughout the texts and a global jihad until all infidels are enslaved or exterminated is the most basic command of Mohammedanism." Not in a million years!


Translator is sentenced for leak of state secrets

A Dutch district court sentenced an intelligence agency translator Wednesday to four and a half years imprisonment for leaking state secrets to alleged terrorists.

Outman Ben Amar, 35, worked for the secret service, known by its Dutch acronym AIVD, for about a year before being arrested in October 2004.

He was found guilty of passing on confidential information that ended up in the hands of members of the so-called Hofstad group, alerting them that they were being observed by the intelligence agency. (AP

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The Anti-Jihadist said...

The Dutch translator is far from being an 'isolated' incident of a Muslim, working for an Infidel government, being found to have outside loyalties. The famous fragging case in Kuwait, where a Muslim US Soldier murdered two other soldiers with a grenade, the Muslim 'cleric' at Gitmo,who was engaged in, the very least, in suspicious activity (and got off without charge), are just two cases which immediately come to mind.

If I were, say, a military officer in charge of a unit, and I had Muslims in my unit under my charge, I would at the very least be watching those Muslims very closely.

The US Intelligence Community has hired thousands of Muslims as Arabic, Farsi, or Urdu translators. I truly wonder about the motives of these Muslims, in their sensitive positions and with their high security clearances. A lot of stories about various Muslim betrayals of their Infidel employers is going to come in the years to come. At the very least, it's going to be interesting.