Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Israpundit attends London's Muslim Peace and Unity Conference

Just browsing around and saw this post from Israpundit. Isn't this treason?

Horrible stuff
The Islam Channel's Peace and Unity Conference in London

I (anonymous)went to the 'Peace and Unity(sic) Conference'yesterday and lastnight in London.

It was shocking and terrifying. It had been advertised as a celebration of the MiddleEastern/Asian community in music and culture, but was a disgraceful Jihadists' rally.

25,000 angry young Muslims were whipped up to cries of 'Allahu Akhbar' by the likes of Yvonne Ridley, Imran Khan, various crazed Israel-loathing sheikhs and, of course, George Galloway.

One thing that shocked me most was Imran's comment that poor Germany was so humiliated by Versailles that they could not be blamed for their rage, hence how can we condemn the 9/11 bombers? Even the organisers said into the mike after he had finished that they distanced themselves from his remark that '9/11 was a neocon cosnpiracy to have an excuse to start a new Crusade.'

A sheikh said that the greatest atrocity of the 20th century was 'Jews from eighty countries being brought in 1947 to Palestine to drive Muslim brothers and sisters from their homes and to kill and torture them.' He added that he can barely say the word 'Israel,' as such a country does not exist. All of this to ecstatic cries from the audience of mostly British-born young Muslims.

Gallloway exhorted the crowd to 'riot on every street of Britain' and Ridley defamed our fine British police force in 'jackboot Britain.'

Horrible stuff.


dag said...

I write fairly often on the topic of "Why I am not (really) a terrorist." Sometimes I wonder why I bother qualifying my essays that way. But then there's reality. I'm not a terrorist, and others are. The question is when, no longer if, things will plummet into civil war in the West. How much longer, we might ask, before people realize that our governments are destroying our nations and our intellectuals are detroying our cultures fror the sake of ideological chimeras?

When our governments and our leaders across the board betray us and aid and abet our enemies we no longer need to obey the social contract simply because it is viod, null, and expired. If the police and the nation's administration of justice utterly fail the people, then the people have to this day the right to remove them from the public sphere and replace them with those who will fulfill their duties. But that option, that democratic process, appears to be ending for us.

And there I'll leave this note.

Cubed © said...

Circle the wagons, folks, we (and maybe Australia) are the only ones left alive. Grab your copy of Atlas Shrugged and head for the hills; if this is typical of the future, we'll have to become "Fortress America."

Oh, wait--Bush has abjectly refused to address the issue of borders for the entire length of his administration, and no one believes for a minute he is serious about the speech he made the other day. He is one of those "New World Order" people, just like dear ol' dad was.

Well, I guess it will be "gated communities" in an entirely new sense of the expression. I know of some great property in Idaho. . .

Pastorius said...

I posted on this conference today also. I based my post on the testimony of American-born, British-based writer, Carol Gould. The story she tells is the same. Therefore, unless she and Ted Belman were working in collusion, the events described are true.

This Muslim Conference is the Nuremberg Rally of our century.

This rally demonstrates that England is absolutely infested with crazed Jihadi Muslims. They are even angry about Bosnia, and we saved their asses in Bosnia.

How do we deal with people who think of themselves in Hitlerian terms? The answer is we can't. You can not negotiate with absolute evil.

The only answer I can see to the problem presented is to show them the door, citizen or not. If they do not wish to abide by the rules of Western Civilization, then they need to leave. They can go live somewhere that will afford them the life they choose.

I guess I have become a radical. Funny, I never thought Western Civilization was a radical idea. But, I guess, when you look at it in the scope of history, it is.

Always On Watch said...

Gallloway exhorted the crowd to 'riot on every street of Britain'...

This is surreal--and downright terrifying.

Going to read the Gould article now...

dag said...

We in the modern West are more than radicals: we are revolutionaries.

We are the inheritors of the three great revolutions of the past five thousand yearssince the Agricultural Revolution, the triune revolutions of Industry, America, and France.

Until our revolutions created modernity there was no privacy: man could not lay claim to the ownership of his own life as his own possession. That privacy today enrages the primitives of Islam, sends them into suicidal and homicidal rages because we are such an affront to their world-view. And we truly are! We are so revolutionary they cannot co-exist on the same planet with us. Nor we with them. Something has to give. The bifurcation of Humanity is growing so deeply and splitting so widely that we are becoming separate species.

What, after all, do we recognize as Human at the rally as above? Not much other than form and practice. The essential things that make Modernists who they are, if not what they are, is so different today between us that I have little or no regard for the primitives, thinking that we must, if only for the sake of prudence, save those from their own catastrophe so we aren't left trying to bury the bodies before we're faced with those unburied causing pandemic plagues.

What is this difference? I refer the reader if only briefly to Julien Jaynes, The Origins of Consciousness in the Collapse of the Bicameral Mind. I argue, on some variation of his thesis, that our minds are becoming so different from the mass of Humanity in the Islamic world that we are not the same creatures as they. And thus, we cannot have significant dealings with them at any level other than brute force, like dealing with mad dogs, for example.

But I write about this daily elsewhere, to which I must return.

fear not said...

I have lived in uk longtime.
I have watched over the years as a few thousand quiet eastern immigrants spawned many hundreds of thousands of children.
I have watched these children grow and begin to hate us, their hosts.
They believe this Country will lay down before their evil and capitulate.
There will come a time when these people who are only powerful in gangs and large groups, will push the good grace of the British TOO FAR>
We can take a lot to make us angry.
We are confused by the babble of POLITICIANS, and hynotised by the world of material goods.
But, the politicians will lose their grip and the tide will turn.
Then oh you cowardly usurpers, you will feel the wrath of Britain's finest.
Do you think that the young soldiers of World War 2 wanted to fight the Nazis.
Of course nobody wanted to lose their loved ones at the hands of the Nazi war machine.
But by sheer bloodymindedness and guts, the British kids in their squaddie uniforms faught in mud and blood and defied the oppressors, alongside our many allies.
Now the enemy is in our midst.
You have confused and deceived us, and our disgustingly complacent politicians suck up to your craven ideology.
One day soon, and it cannot be soon enough, you will make a mistake that reveals your true nature to the trusting, sleeping British Lion.
Your goose will be cooked, the fat will be in the fire and you will be consumed by the people you terrorise.
Islamicists work through fear.
They are COWARDS that hide behind their women and children
You are ACCUrSED in the sight of God.
You will reap the fury of the whirlwind.
Yes, we will suffer, but you will be annihilated.
Do your worst, you will never win.
The call to defend our People and our freedom is on the buglers lips.
I curse you all spawn of Satan.
He will clain you all and it is yourselves that will burn in your own HELL>