Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's only war when the infidels fight back

More double standards from the shameless "Perdana Peace Forum" (hosted by none other than Malaysia's Doctor Moonbat Mahathir):

The Perdana Global Peace Forum closed today with a declaration to criminalise war.

Called the Kuala Lumpur Initiative to Criminalise War, the 14-point document was drafted by a 12-member committee comprising renowned speakers at the forum.

Read the rest, only if you dare.

As of today, this excruciating event has finally drawn to a close. As I always knew, it was nothing but a thinly-disguised event carefully designed to bash the infidels (specifically America, Israel, UK, and Australia). Among other things, this "Peace Forum" featured:
  • a Paleo-Arab women, who managed to in the same breath talk about how the Paleo-Arabs only want 'peace' while glorifying the brave suicide bombers who blow up Israeli shopping malls as "resistance to occupation"
  • George Galloway (nothing more need be said)
  • Legal 'experts' who declared the Iraq war to be illegal (Saddam putting his people through shredders was not mentioned by these alleged 'experts', so this must be legal)
  • Other 'anti-war' activists, from the US and elsewhere

And what about all the very warlike activities that the Muslims are up to nowadays? Activities such as:

  • The Saudi funding of suicide bombers and jihadi activities worldwide
  • Pakistan's sheltering and training of any number of terrorist/jihadist groups
  • Iran's threats of a new "Final Solution" and nuclear holocaust
  • Syria's assasinations of political figures in Lebanon and its facilitation of the Iraqi insurgency
  • Syria's 20+ year occupation of Lebanon, which did not end until earlier this year. Syria's withdrawl, I must add, was caused by the evil aggressive infidels (namely the US), and had nothing to do with 'peaceful, moderate' Malaysia, the OIC, the Arab League, or Doctor Moonbat's "Perdana Peace Foundation"
  • Hizbollah's repeated rocket and mortar attacks on Israel (funded by Iran and Syria)
  • Demonization and dehumanization of all things Israeli and Infidel in the entire Muslim world

These murderous activities waged by the "Religion of Peace", of course, are not mentioned at the so-called Peace Forum at all. Not mentioned, unless they can somehow be plausibly blamed on Zionists, Bushitlerburton, etc etc. In other words, blame the victim. Remember, it's only war when the infidels do it.

The Perdana Peace Forum--nothing but hypocrisy, bias, and propaganda on a massive scale. Good riddance.


Pastorius said...

Your title is a very good ironic slogan. I'd buy a t-shirt that said that, if I could find one.

dag said...

John, one of the chapters of my work-in-progress is on "anti-war fascism." Your post gives a pretty clear indication of where I'll be going with that one.

It's funny how people sneer when I tell them that there's a history of evil anti-war activity in America going back over two hendred years. But when I finish they aren't sneering anymore. No, I haven't hit them, I just lay out the facts. Oh, I guess that's like a slap in the face after all.

Good for you for the post.

John Sobieski said...

We need leaders who read and understand history. Theee peace forums are just a bunch of little hitlers' stirring the masses to hate the 'others' and believe infidels aren't human, kiling them is no big deal.