Friday, December 16, 2005

The Key to "Terrorism"

Here's a piece from Malaysia's mainstream media, one with a drearily familiar theme.

As long as the festering sore of the Palestinian problem remains, nothing effective can be done to combat the problem of international terrorism, said former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke.

This is the lead paragraph of an article from today's edition of a major Malaysian daily. And it's all utter nonsense, spewed directly from the orifice of Uberdhimmi Bob ("I drank the Islamic Kool-Aid") Hawke. There's so many lies and obfuscations just in this one quoted sentence, it's breathtaking. No sign of the truth at all here, folks. While at least an occasional sign of the truth sometimes leaks out in the American media discourse, here it's all taqiyya, all the time.

“(Palestine) is the breeding ground for despair and worse. While there is no hope among the young for jobs, no constructive development of their talents, there will be no shortage of recruitment for the martyrdom of suicide bombers,” he said.

It did not help either, he added, when US President George W. Bush went into “American adventurism” by bombing and invading Iraq.

So there's the official Malaysian party line, perfectly encapsulated by the treacherous Aussie ex-PM -- America and Israel cause all terrorism and are solely to blame for it. No Malaysian, at least publically, ever dares to contradict the official acknowledged wisdom of blaming Israel and America for everything.

Remember what the real key to 'terrorism' is. "Terrorism", more accurately known as the Great Global Jihad, springs to life from the core teachings of Islam.

Mr. Hawke, your 15 minutes are up... and we know better.


John Sobieski said...

It's ridiculous. Why is Israel, a tiny little state with 6 million Jews, the central cause of the pathetic state the Islamic world is in? I just don't understand the dhimmis. Pathetic ignorant people.

American Crusader said...

Fortunately most Australians are made of much stronger stuff than that ex-pm. John Howard has proven himself time and again to be a strong defender of freedom. He has pledged to keep troops in Iraq until the job is finished. I guess every country has its "Michael Moore".

Ruggedtouch said...

Cripes - this is nothing more than reading form the "worn out excuses" page of the Muslim handbook. Muslims will forever find, invent or create excuses for their own ineptitude and failures.

Israel is an excuse used by Islamists to explain away their failed ideology of hate and exclusion.