Sunday, December 25, 2005

Malaysia's Myopia on 'Militants'

Malaysia's New Straits Times in a recent article quoted Malaysia's top anti-terrorist official, one Ansyaad Mbai, head of something called the 'anti- terror desk at the Co-ordinating Ministry of Security and Politics.' Gotta hand it to those Malaysians, they do love their long-winded titles and names.

So here's what Mr. Ansyaad had to say about those malingering 'militants' (thou shalt not call them, under any circumstances, Islamic terrorists):

"Hardened militants imbued with the jihadi ideology do not listen to ulama [Islamic clerics] and only follow the words of their leaders."

The Malaysian media is now daring to print the term "jihadi ideology" out in the open. That's the good news.

The bad news? The bad news is that this is not just some pundit's opinion, but the official government stance here. I can see at least two fallacies with this argument.

First, this fellow is insinuating that the ulama, the Muslim clerics, are all really peace-loving sorts, just the sort of folk that would never tolerate the "jihadi ideology". This starkly flies in the face of reality, a reality where the Islamic clerics are leaders of jihadist organizations everywhere, from Indonesia's Abu Bakar Bashir (co-founder of Jemaah Islamiyah) to Sheik Omar Addel-Rahman (one of the chief instigators of the first attack on the WTC in New York in 1993). Every Friday, everywhere in Dar-al-Islam, the ulama are busy indoctrinating hatred of all things infidel. The ulama doesn't tolerate the Ideology of Jihad? Come on, Mr Ansyaad, these folks are at the the very forefront of the global Jihad movement.

The second fallacy? Well gosh, implies this Mr. Ansyaad, if it weren't for these unnamed treacherous renegade leaders of the 'militants', there'd be no other source of this "jihadi ideology." Another bald-faced lie. Jihad is a core element of Islam, clearly enunciated by Mohammed and strongly supported by numerous sura in the Quran and other authentic Islamic teachings. This is reflected by the fact that the terrorists themselves are able to strongly support their own ideological case with frequent Quranic references. The so-called Muslim moderates have no real answer to the terrorist contention that their Jihad is genuinely Islamic.

So, this Mr. Ansyaad, supposedly an expert in his field, is either incompetent beyond belief, or he's lying.

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