Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Meanwhile, Paris Smoulders

The International Herald has an interesting article about the 'yutes', the unhappy Muslims surrounding Paris.

In French suburbs, rage 'is only asleep'

What is really interesting is how cocky these Muslim yutes are. Better speed up that jizya, Frenchie, or they'll burn your precious Louvre to the ground. French elections cannot come soon enough.

BONDY, France "Burn!" A knot of young men join their voices in a battle cry as they edge closer to the silhouette of a parked Mercedes, some of them aiming what look like handguns, others reaching for lighters.

In the harsh light of an underground parking lot in this grim suburb northwest of Paris, the guns and lighters are imaginary - but the sense of aggression is real. As one of the young men films with a digital camera, the others move to the angry beat of music blasting out of an open car door, echoing into the dark December night.


"One thing the riots have shown is that these kids are desperate for attention," said Samir Mihi, a social worker in Clichy-sous-Bois. "We're trying to tell them that you matter most when you vote, that's when politicians have to start listening to you." [I don't think these yutes are interested in voting, they are into looting and terrorizing the Frenchies.]

He said he was concerned that a new outbreak of violence - or even intensified media coverage of burning cars on New Year's Eve - would strengthen parties with anti-immigrant platforms.

In a poll published by the newspaper Le Monde earlier this month, more than one in six respondents felt there were too many immigrants in France. [That's all?]

"The more people are afraid, the more they will demand security policies rather than social policies," Mihi said. "That is precisely what is not in the interest of these kids." [Yes, effective security and deportations would definitely crimp their 'interests.']


"The rage in the suburbs is only asleep," said Balastik, a French youth of Mauritanian origin who has been jobless since dropping out of school seven years ago and is dreaming of a career as a rapper with his band, Styladone. "It wouldn't take much to wake it up again." [Doesn't this have that Palestine 'we had a ceasefire until Israel broke it' ring to it. As you recall, Mohammed had not problem breaking any 'contract' using the most insignificant or fabricated event.]


"We're thugs and we're proud," Balastik quipped, adding that music was "one way of dealing with the frustration of never getting a reply to your job application." [Like this lazy Musulman who dropped out of high school has ever even put together a resume much less filled out an application.]

Others channel their anger differently. Cars have continued to burn every night since the riots ended, including more than 100 across France on Christmas Eve.


dag said...

Paris in April. Wait till it warms up outside, and then things will cook all summer. I can barely contain my laughter.

Wait a minute. Why should I contain my laughter?

Ha ha ha!

American Crusader said...

Craving for attention? The more the violence continues, the more the ratio of people feeling that there are too many immigrants will increase. One out of six now and pretty soon it will start being two out of six. I'm not a friend of France but I believe we need the French to make a stand against Islam. Sometimes it seems the old "domino theory" is back in play.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

As much as I despise France, French 'leadership', French pandering, and strident French anti-Americanism, I don't want France (or the rest of Europe) to fall to the new Barbarians. An Islamified Europe is a much less friendly world for the US and its interests.

Always On Watch said...

From the Mauritanian: "It wouldn't take much to wake it up again."
Such as a ranting imam?

Cars have continued to burn every night since the riots ended, including more than 100 across France on Christmas Eve.
Is there a media blackout on this?