Saturday, December 17, 2005

More Malaysian Madness

More disingenuous disinformation from Malaysia's "moderate Muslm" Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi:

" is not justifiable to associate terrorism with any particular race or religion. We need to point out that terrorists who commit crimes in the name of Islam are violators of the tenets of Islam.

"They certainly do not serve the interests of the religion. Islam and Muslim countries should not be made accountable for them," he said.
Not justifiable to associate terrorism with 'any particular religion', is that right, Mr. PM? So, can you explain to me what jihad is? You know, Islam's "holy war" thing ... maybe you've heard of it, since you yourself have completed the Haj. Is Jihad nothing more than a 'peaceful means of spiritual self-improvement', simply misunderstood by us poor infidels? And all those reems of verses in the Quran that praise violent Jihad and call for smiting the infidels, striking terror into the hearts of unbelievers, etc etc. And then there's Islam's bloody history to consider, now stretching back 14 centuries, a tragic story of oppression and destruction of all infidel cultures and societies that the Muslims encountered. How about these tenets of Islam, sir?

Thanks for your sage advice, Mr. PM, but no thanks. But we at Pedestrian Infidel are going to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for its rabid anti-Semetic, anti-Israeli, hatred-filled state-sponsored media, its steadfast financial support of various "Islamic charities", and for serving as the epicenter of Jihad. Fifteen of the nineteen Jihadists from 9-11 came from the Kingdom, Mr. PM, in case you've forgotten that.

We are going to hold Pakistan accountable for its legions of Madrassah-trained Jihadi warriors, thousands of Islamic schools that remain open and operating only with Pakistani government sanction and/or support. These madrassa, Mr. PM, deploy its graduates worldwide to plan and/or commit 'blessed strikes against the kuffirs' (London's 7/7 bombings, 9-11, etc etc). With supposed "allies" like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, who needs enemies?

And we are going to hold Iran's Thug-in-Chief and his theocratic government accountable for their repeated calls for genocide, armageddon, and the destruction of Israel, the US, and the entire Anglo-Saxon world. We will hold Iran responsible for its twenty-year development (and counting) of nuclear weapons. Mr. PM, you might recall Mr. Iranian Thug-in-Chief's "wipe Israel off the face of the map" remarks. It got quite a bit of press in Dar-al-Harb, but you Muslims were unwantonly silent about that, weren't you? Can't be seen to be supportive of Israel in any way, right?

Seems like PM Abdullah has picked his side ... and it isn't ours.


Anonymous said...

I am sure "moderate muslim" has ignored the fact of "JIHAD" and moving on to be success and rich like others rich countries. Mr PM has good point delivering that message. It is up to individual to accept or not.

John Sobieski said...

What 'moderate muslim'? All I see are 'bad' Muslims that choose to ignore the hate of Islam, or taqiyyamasters. That 'bad' Muslim that the infidels seems to like can change and his/her children can be good Muslims and a threat to infidels. The taqiyyamasters were never Moderate muslims, just pretending to deceive the infidel.