Friday, December 30, 2005

Muslims mark New Year's in Indonesia

Muslims are commemorating the imminent New Year on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi this morning. Now, how do you suppose the Muzzies there are marking this occasion? Did they conduct any interfaith meetings with non-Muslims, perhaps? Feed the poor or build homes for the homeless infidels?

Of course not.

A bomb has exploded near a house on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi killing at least seven people and injuring more than 40. Local media say the bombing took place Saturday morning outside a house in the town of Mahesa that was selling pork meat to Christians. Six people died at the scene while the seventh victim died at a nearby hospital. Witnesses said many of the victims were lining up to buy pork from the adjacent kiosk.

Brig. Gen. Oegroseno, Central Sulawesi Police Chief ... refused to identify the perpetrators pending further investigations.

Hey, police chief, grow a brain! As if the perpetrators of yet another outrage could be anyone else other than the jihadists, following their "religion's" teachings. But why would the Jihadists keep killing infidels? Well, maybe the would-be pork buyers were Zionist agents, or perhaps they were CIA operatives. Of course, if Indonesia hadn't supported America's war against Iraq, such tragedies would never occur ... oh wait, they didn't, never mind.

I am not going to hold my breath, waiting for the so-called Muslim moderates in Malaysia (or elsewhere) to lecture their co-religionists on how their view on Islam is distorted. The response I expect from the muzzies? Silence. Same as usual, in other words.

This article continues on, with some background information on the story. The article's word choice reveals a subtle but definite bias, and reflects the MSM view that steadfastly refuses to accurately portray the sheer bloody-mindedness of Islam:

Central Sulawesi has been the center of bloody conflicts between Christians and Muslims in recent years.

No, this is not violence "between Christians and Muslims". In actuality, the Muslims are doing all the killing, and the Christians are doing all the dying. In other words, the violence is all going in one direction, but one would never know it from reading articles like this.

Expect more of the same in 2006. It's going to be a long war.


rocky said...

You've put it right. The Muslims are doing all the killing.
Since Suharto's last years, the Indonesian government has been privileging and promoting the Muslims groups, which include all sorts of hard-liners.
The "moderate" Indonesian Muslims are just willng tools in the hands of the religious fanatics.

pretty girl said...

Indonesia is a big country. Big population and the people can be very fanatic about their religion especially Muslims. These informations about Muslims killed people had make a big impact towards all the muslims. How can we stop this madness?, make Islam dissappear? Would this lead to Final Solution to Muslim People? Think about it?

cheers and Happy New Year.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Pretty Girl:

Very good questions you pose. Indonesia is a country with a huge Muslim population, which makes that country a sort of bellwether for the future. The ongoing jihad being waged there is an ominous portent of the future of Indonesia and elsewhere.

The phrase "a final solution" that Pretty Girl tosses out is a chilling one indeed, and harks back to the days of Hitler and his industrial-scale murder.

I myself abhor genocide. I hate Islam and everything it stands for, but I do not hate Muslims, and I would never call for wholesale murder of Muslims. On the contrary, Muslims are first and foremost victims of this hateful ideology that continues to enslave them all over the world.

If anyone is using the language of genocide, it is the Muslims themselves. As only one example of this, Iran's government uses language that can only be fairly described as hate speech in any civilized country. Iran is but spelling out what has long been its official policy. They are only voicing what many, many people in Dar-al-Islam already believe in their hearts. It is Islam that wants to effect a "Final Solution" on the infidels. They only lack the means, for the moment.

What can stop this madness, you ask? To be honest with you, I do not know. What I do know is that there can be no accommodation, no bargaining, and no negotiations with our enemy, the Muslims. Negotiations can only be entered into when the other side is bargaining in good faith. How can we negotiate with an opponent, who is committed to a doctrine which calls for the breaking of any agreement with infidels, as soon as that would be beneficial to Allah's cause? The Palestinian Arab agreements (Oslo, the 'roadmap'), all broken by the Muslims sooner or later, readily come to mind. The history of Islam is full of such broken truces. The future of Islam will be no different.

"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." So said an American patriot, back in our own Revolutionary War. Those powerful words have never been more true than now, as we find ourselves embroiled in a global religious war.

I never want to submit to Islamic supremacy, Islamic slavery, Islamic rule, or dhimmitude. Even if this means an age of siege with the Mohammadens on a global scale, so be it. Freedom must be protected, or we will all live in Quranic chains. As long as I have the ability to resist, I will resist. I will never relinquish my inalienable rights as a sovereign human being. I will fight for western civilization, for the Anglosphere, and first and foremost for America and its Constitution.

To paraphrase the immortal words of a famous former PM, I will never surrender.

patung said...

"Well, maybe the would-be pork buyers were Zionist agents, or perhaps they were CIA operatives"

Almost on the mark there. According to the leader of the second biggest muslim organisation in Indonesia it was the bombers who were foreign agents. See my write up of it here.

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